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  1. HK21E Parts Lot

    Perfect buyer and transaction. Thanks Geoff.
  2. HK21E Parts Lot

    Box included in original ad removed from sale and price lowered to $7250 on lot. See pics and description above.
  3. HK21E Parts Lot

    Bump with price reduction
  4. HK21e Parts Lot ALL SOLD I have the following 21e parts for sale. All are new in wrap. I have added a bunch of pics but let me know if you would like to see others. Price for the lot is $7,250 and not looking to split these up at this time. I am told that both Ralph at RDTS and Mike at TSC will build off these parts using a Beltfed Precision shroud and trunion but please call them to confirm. 222755 - bipod 228374 - complete assault grip 222522 - bolt carrier (complete carrier but no bolt head included) 222555 - carry handle 222603n - Buffer assembly 215089 - Feed mech 222600 - club foot stock 221100 - cocking handle 221137 - 1200 meter rear sight
  5. Hk 21k barrel

    Edited to include the price
  6. FMP HK21k barrel. Will not fit a 21e because it is too short. It is a little over 13” with the flash hider. Very little use. Please send your email for pics. $450.
  7. Looking for an economical loading device for 5.56 (primarily) and 7.62 M27 and M13 links. Recommendations also appreciated
  8. WTB BPP23E or HK23E

    Looking for a gently used BPP23E, preferably with accessories. Would also be open to a 23E semi sear ready.
  9. KAC MP5SD Suppressor

    Still looking. Thanks all
  10. KAC MP5SD Suppressor

    Email sent
  11. KAC MP5SD Suppressor

    Looking to find a KAC MP5SD Can. Please let me know. Thanks Will
  12. Sold pending funds
  13. Yes. Please email me at wrg404 at gmail or pm me. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your interest. Still available.