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  1. Thompson, MP40

    Is the MP40 still available? Thaks
  2. Remington USMC M40 Reproduction

    I have an M40-A1 as shown on the M40-66 site..this one was built by Bill O'Rourke at USSS and is in a very early original Marine M40-A1 McMillian appears to be as close to the original as can be..if interested please contact. Thanks, STW
  3. WTB: Gemtech MK9K

    I have a Raptor II for an MP5 if you cannot find a Mk9K. Thanks, STW
  4. WTB: HK MP5 Burst Trigger Group

    JackO..I have a HK MP5 3-round burst lower (0,1,3,F) that I had on one of my one of my MP-5' is factory original and condition is literally as new..It is for sale for $725.00 plus shipping. Thanks, STW