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  1. L2A3+ March Sale10% Off

    Price reduced 10% for March 2022. Take 10% off the below listed price. Newly made L2A3 on DLO tube. Test fired and sighted in. Comes with (4) NOS magazines, MOD refurbished No. 5 Bayonet, Certificate of Authenticity written and signed by David Howroyd. Mr. Howroyd was the Works Director of Sterling Armament in Dagenham. Also included are (2)British MOD training and use manuals and sling. All are fitted inside an exquisitely made, heirloom quality walnut & birch custom case. The only Sterling bit missing from this package is a new copy of the Guns of Dagenham by authors David Howroyd and Peter Laidler. We have those too- only ours are autographed by each author! (book not included with this offer) This is the same gun package we introduced over 10 years ago that quickly sold out. Due to an ongoing medical condition production had to stop. Hera it is again now. Get yours while you can as only a small few are available. Gun is on a Form 3 in WI. Ships directly to your dealer. Price is $ 22,500.00 plus shipping

    i just got a table so i'll be there.
  3. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    Varminter, when saying, "vaunted" C&R status , I was being sarcastic. The price I am asking is not in the stratosphere of "vaunted C&R" prices. Also, WI is not C&R only but we do have an oddball reg on "pistol caliber" only. Fortunately for us, all calibers do seem to transfer. RJ, did the M2 or RIA 1917 have additional manufacturer markings?? I assume they didn't. All I can say is an examiner, an examiner specialist and the Technology branch were provided the serial number when I made the inquiries. Is there some kind of dusty ledger in a hidden vault at NFA that has to be cracked open to research the history of a firearm or something? You really think they do more than check the data base(s) using a serial number search for a simple transfer? Then you know more than I do. How can anyone claim C&R "status" then? Where is it written when it comes time to buy? Do all these guns have FOIA papers? I'm getting the sense from you and a few others everybody is a liar when it comes to claiming C&R- unless they have the all important FOIA papers that each and every C&R owner supposedly has. And that 2 branches at ATF are lying to me because they want to mess with me. This is ridiculous.
  4. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    This came in this mornings' email from the Technology branch of ATF. I had previously inquired about the C&R status of this gun, (ref: pg90 of the attached C&R list, excerpt below) Section IV — NFA firearms classified as curios or relics, still subject to the provisions of 26 U.S.C. Chapter 53, the National Firearms Act, and 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, the Gun Control Act of 1968. U.S. M2 Browning, cal. .30, machineguns (AN-M2), as mfd. by various U.S. Government contractors prior to and during World War II. So, I have no doubt this gun would transfer as a C&R with no problems. That makes 2 divisions within the NFA branch saying that yes, it is a C&R gun.Unless it could be proven otherwise, it is a C&R firearm. What would the costs to prove otherwise? Lets see, since the Technology and examiner divisions already say it is but you need to see original registration we'll have a legal inquiry. This will involve firearm experts as professional witnesses (paid of course), and a subpoena of ATF for their records. ATF will supply someone from the Technology Branch. IF you even get them to cooperate, opening their records is another matter. As we all know the records are likely a mess and they sure don't want to supply more evidence of that. What are the costs so far? I would posit thousands upon thousands of dollars from both parties. Far exceeding the guns value. Only a fool would pursue this matter further. Tubegunner
  5. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    What written documentation is given from ATF declaring a firearm as C&R? Would it be indicated on a transfer form? Do you receive a special certificate stating that it is C&R? How is it proven other than someone claiming that it is? Does everyone with a so called C&R firearm have a FOIA historical investigation letter proving it meets all the requirements that you have laid out? Why exactly does this "vaunted" C&R status make a gun more valuable than on without?
  6. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    BB, my brain is exploding talking about this. I totally get what you are saying. Let's agree to drop it, OK? The whole point of C&R is allow it to be transferred into a C&R state and/ or a C&R license holder. Right? I have been told by 2 sources in the NFA Branch that this particular firearm WILL TRANSFER under either condition. It would only hold up if it were contested due to its age. At that point, the Tech division would want to look at it for a complete investigation and make a determination. IMHO, who the fook cares as long as will actually transfer to the limited C&R only areas of the good ol USA? Rick, OUT, end of the road, finished, had enough
  7. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    I spoke with a specialist at the NFA division this morning regarding transfer of this M2 into a C&R only state. The specialist informed me if the firearm is at least 50 years old and most certainly if listed on the C&R list, it would qualify to transfer into a C&R state directly to a C&R license holder. He added that C&R status is only contested where the firearm is not 50 years old. Of course, this M2 (all makers) is on the C&R list. It is also his suggestion to include a copy of the pertinent section of their C&R list (page 52). For all practical purposes, by that I mean ability to transfer into a C&R only state, this particular gun WOULD qualify as C&R.
  8. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    BB, the gun came to me for a repair of a crack that developed in the side plate extending out from a lower rivet. A close inspection showed previous welding in the same spot. So for me,there was no slag, missing areas, pieces added etc indicative of a torch cut. The gun was fully assembled. Matter of fact all, receiver plates aside from the top rear one (riveted) have the identical serial number marking as on the rs plate. My purchase was from the estate of the previous owner. He dayd. And so is the owner before him. So, if this was put together post 68 why is there no manufacturer marking besides GM engraved on the receiver? Secondly, if this transfers directly to a C&R in a C&R state that certainly is good enough and verifies it as a C&R. Therefore, I guarantee it will transfer as C&R. Payment is due in full prior to the paperwork submission. The funds will be held in escrow until xfer is approved. Should it not be approved for reasons of not being a C&R, The money will be cheerfully refunded. How's that? Rick
  9. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    I can find no solid reason mandating this gun is not a C&R. It has the original right side plate which was torch cut. There are no manufacturers' markings aside from General Motors on the right side plate or anywhere else. The registration paperwork lists GM/BLC as the maker. It was manufactured during WWII (or before) qualifying it as such in age. The last transfer was to myself a couple years ago. Then and now BATFE is in overdrive verifying the original registration status of new transfers before approval in an effort to clean up the registry. IF this were not an original (C&R) ATF would undoubtedly illustrate that discrepancy upon verification of the serial number. Transfer would have been held up until the paperwork matched their record and I would have had to make the change and resubmit the application. The change, of course, would involve the manufacturer. Instead it flew thru approval using the same information as used in the previous (to me) registration paperwork of 1991. The original manufacturer is listed as Browning Lipe Chapman Div. of General Motors on both the paperwork and the firearm. BigBore, other than you say so, how can you claim it is not C&R? Based on what? Rick W CPS Co, 07/SOT Monticello, WI
  10. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    BTT This premium condition .30 cal needs a new home. You will not be disappointed
  11. WTS: General Motors, div. (BLC) ANM2 .30, C&R

    Hi Michael, I just found your post. The weld repair is on the right side plate only. It can be seen between trunion rivets 2 & 3 which run along the bottom edge of the plate. The inside area of the trunion was also in bad shape. it came to me this way so I replaced the trunion and had everything re-riveted. The rt side plate repair was already done. I'll see about getting picture if you are seriously interested. Thanks for looking Rick CPS Co 07/SOT Monticello, WI
  12. Here is an excellent condition ANM2 in 30.06. R & L sideplates, top cover and bottom cover have matching numbers. Gun was torch cut 1x near trunion end for import back in the day.The cut ran from the bottom to about 2/3 up the side Trunion was replaced and the side plate rewelded. Will consider high quality trades as partial payments. Note: cradle in pic is not included and not available for sale. .303 caliber conversion available. Priced for quick sale. $19,000.00 . Gun is on F4 in WI. Can ship on F3 with $200 tax fee extra. Price is reduced to 16,500. Gun is in excellent condition and refinished with manganese park.. I really want to sell this one. Great opportunity to add to your collection. Made with great attention to detail. functions perfectly, proper timing, headspace, just needs sights. Spare parts and cal conversion available. This is a beauty. Rick Winters CPS Co 07/SOT Monticello, WI 53570
  13. 60mm ROADS mortar rounds

    yes they are. Unfortunately, the price has changed from introduction. They are 249 ea. reload kits are 8.95, which contain 3 loads.