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  1. SWD M11/9 NIB

    sold pending
  2. SWD M11/9 NIB

  3. These are new made marking rounds for 60mm mortars. Rounds emit a pressurized spray of brightly colored marking chalk upon impact. Each round also comes with a reloadable lift charge. Just add Bullseye smokless powder and a #209 shotgun primer, then hand thread into the fin section. Total cost to fire a single round very cheap. Reload kits are sold in packs of 3. Price $200.00 ea. Load kits extra
  4. WTB Beretta 38-42/44 kit

    bump for still looking
  5. WTB M11 Nine or M11 A1

    i just listed an M11/9 in the nfa for sale section
  6. SWD M11/9 NIB

    This is a new in the factory box M11/9 with all accessories. We do efile, on Form 3. new, lower price $7800.00
  7. WTB Beretta 38-42/44 kit

    I'm looking for a complete parts kit of the later style Beretta smg. Best condition TIA
  8. MAT 49 parts kit

    No longer available.
  9. If I had a rocket launcher.......

    Live Fire video, inert round. see it at
  10. MAT 49 parts kit

    Super excellent condition early import parts kit with rear sight. Complete,all parts included ;1 magazine. $2900.00 plus shipping. Pictures available for serious inquiries.
  11. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    Still available on Form 3 in WI. Dealer, we E file to your dealer. This is new in the box.
  12. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    Yes, still available.
  13. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    Oops forgot that little bit.. Its on F3 in WI
  14. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    New in the box SWD M11/9 for sale. Never fired $8500.00 New Price $8000.00