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  1. WTB : MP44 amnesty registered, C&R

    ive got a mp43 that is a amnesty transferable gun. i am going to be selllng as soon as i can locate a grip screw for it.
  2. I have a amnesty MP43 i would like to sell. I am asking 30,000.00 for the rifle. the 43 was purchased from a french officer in 1962 by the airfoce officer i bought it from. He paid 15.00 for it. I cant figure how to post pics on this site and for some reason cant get this on the nfa board. any help is appreciated.
  3. MP40, 9mm, Wilson

    i am bringing a 1965 captured Chicom AKS to knob creek to sell. after that i may be checking to see if you still have this still. i need one for a auto rental.
  4. Chi Com AK47 registered dewat.

    dont need help on a rewqat just need to know what the value you be on the rifle. Its quite early being that it was captured in 1965.
  5. I have a Chi Com AK47 dewat that I recently purchased. It is a registered dewat and I have a copy of the amnesty paper from when it was registered. I also have a paper written out from the vet that brough it home. It was captured in the I Drang valley and the man I purchased from was a helicopter pilot. Not sure how pics here. My.understanding is that only a very small amount of these rifles have been registered in the United states. This one was captured in 1965. appre.ciated