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  1. I am looking for a unicorn. Magazine for a bertta 1918-1930 9mm. If anyone has one they are willing to sell or know of someone that does please let me know.
  2. I am putting together a dummy display of a beretta 9mm 1918/1930 mag fed semi auto. I need a magazine for the rifle and am hoping someone on here may have a spare you could sell me. You can contact me here or email me at
  3. I can't seem to send pics thru here. Email me at and I can send some.
  4. I am going to be selling my 1965 vet bring back AK. The rifle was captured at the north end of the Chupong mtn range on Nov 4 1965. It was being brought into the mtns as part of a weapons cache for the NVA VC troops holding up in the mtns that were about to fight in the Idrang valley battle. This rifle was captured by one the the chopper pilots that was a developer of air cav tactics for Vietnam. He fought in the ambush that this rifle came from as well as the Idrang valley. I am interested in some pre may dealer samples as partial trade or cash out. The rifle was registered in the 68 amnesty and was a regd dewatering. I have a form 1 of this rifle and it is ready to go. Fully functional with alot of history. I have the bayonet, mag pouch, cleaning kit as well as a vial of russian water decontamination pills that were in the butt stock. I have the hand written letter from the vet that brought it home as well as a printed letter. If you are interested in this rifle I will give the chopper pilots info and you will be able to look him up on the net. I've been seeing a few of the vietnam spikes going on auction for 120 grand and up but I am interested in getting this in a collector's hands. With the provenance that this rifle has I could probably sell it at one of the auction houses but I don't want to deal with them. The rifle is fully transferable and ready to go. If I don't sell it here I will probably start looking at museums to sell. Not sure how to post pics on here so you will have to email me. The rifle has claymore damage from the ambush, small bb hole in dust cover, frag bb hole three buttplate and into stock, small piece of fragment you can feel just poking out of pistol grip. Proven battlefield pick up. Thanks for reading
  5. Happy New Year 2020 Machine Guns for sale

    I will be selling a AKS that came out of Vietnam in 1965. If you still have the mp34 or mp40 I will try to find this post again as I would be interested in one or both of them if you still have them.
  6. Wts PPSH 41 Post Sample

    Is this still available? Also you have it listed as having a mag adaptor for semi. Is that something that can't shoot in full auto with the adaptor?
  7. I have posted this rifle in the past but couldnt get the pics into my computer files. Up for sale is a German ww2 mp43 full auto rifle. The rifle is all numbers matching and fires great. It is a closed bolt mp43 and was brought home to the united states in 1962. It was registered in the 1968 amnesty. It comes with 2 mp44 magazines. I am asking $28,000.00 but will offer a cash discount if paid in full up front, cash discount will bring the rifle down to $25,000.00. The other option is $20.000.00 paid at paperwork processing and $8,000.00 when paperwork gets thru the ATF. If you are interested and would like some pics please feel free to contact me at Thanks for looking
  8. can you send some pics to If i get my MP43 sold at knob creek and you still have this i would be interested.
  9. I am selling my Romanian AK47 parts kit. It is all matching numbers with underfolder stock. The original barrel and trunnion are complete. The rifling in the barrel looks great. This would make for a easy build and no having to press the barrel. Buyer pays shipping. Any questions please feel free to ask. Asking 575.00
  10. i have a isreali Negev post sample that i am considering taking apart and selling as a parts kit and destroying the receiver. The rifle has been very lightly used and the parts are all in excellent condition. The parts will come with the original transit chest as well as the booklets that are in the chest. The kit also comes with the extra barrel that is in the transit chest. A parts kit less than what this one comes with sold last year for just under 10 grand I am asking $9,000.00 for this kit. message me at for pics
  11. I will be selling two of my form 4 machineguns. One is a german mp43 that was registered in the 1968 amnesty. The airforce vet that brought it home bought it in germany/france in 1962. It has all matching numbers and fires very well. The grips on the rifle are not the original wood that were on the gun but instead a pair of the plastic/bakelite originals (the grip screw broke on the original pair and the grip cracked. The grip screw is a replacement. no cracks in the stock but it does have a chip out. $29,000.00 (2) i also am selling a form 4 Douglas L Oefinger Sten MK2 tube gun. The sten is in great shape and shoots perfectly. It was built on a long branch parts kit and the mag well has chinese stamped on it for import to china during the war, $7,000.00
  12. how do i post in the forums

    I want to post my stuff in the NFA section and in the parts for sale and cant figure out how to post. What do i do????
  13. WTB : MP44 amnesty registered, C&R

    ive got a mp43 that is a amnesty transferable gun. i am going to be selllng as soon as i can locate a grip screw for it.