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  1. Galil Serial Number question

    I've read that info and Its good information. I've pretty much figured its a Pre-1989 weapon, no "s" anywhere on the rifle except the S.Auto portion, even thought my prefix is 208. its an AAL SN to start and handguards are wood instead of plastic.
  2. Galil Serial Number question

    Ya kind of what I figured since the galil was only invented in the late 60's. I didn't pay over $2k for the rifle so I'm not out that much money. Any idea on when the rifle was made? I know it was imported by Action Arms (out of business in 1989) so I know its from the Pre-90's.
  3. i have an IMI Galil in .223/5.56, the place where I got it from stated this rifle was made in 1969, however I have my doubts. I've read as much as I could on the forum and on other forums about the SN and model. Can anyone help about the info on my rifle? IMI Galil S.Auto, Model 392 SN: AAL-208XXXX, Wood hand guard, bipod, no bayonet lug, has the wire cutter, and folding stock. no S in the serial number and no box either. all the markings are in english, no hebrew any info will help