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  1. Bump stock ban

    Answer: After the Ban is Codified. Its a known fact that Anti-2A Groups monitor boards like this. This board has probable the most collective experience of NFA use, application and processes than any other. Posting Opinions or Legal Positions regarding what is possibly deficient in any pending Anti-2A Ban/Action, (including ways to defeat it), MIGHT cause a pending Ban to be shored up and modified before the finial filing. Btw, IT IS A HUGH ISSUE, Banning BStocks today will open the door to banning similar firearms related items in the future. I do NOT support ANY proposed Ban, (especially when the Technologies Branch already formally decided the device WAS NOT A MG AND WAS LEGAL).
  2. Bump stock ban

    Lets all refrain from commenting as; 1) Any pending changes HAVE NOT SOLIDIFIED AND ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND: 2) Anti-2A groups monitor the boards for our Poker Hands. We don't want them to close any potential deficiencies they might have. They'll be a time and a place to voice our opinions. Now is not the time.
  3. HK94 Unconverted on Form 1

    Agreed with Piney, I've UPS'd NFA MG's across state lines with a Repair Workorder and Copy of Form 4 with the Gunsmith's info in the TO: line. (Just make sure to buy enough insurance) Here the scoop right from the Cow's mouth (IT IS SUGGESTED BY ATF, NOT MANDATED TO HAVE AN APPROVED Form 5); May a licensed gunsmith receive an NFA firearm for purposes of repair? Yes, a licensed gunsmith may receive a National Firearms Act firearm for the sole purpose of repair and subsequent return to its owner. It is suggested that the owner obtain permission from ATF for the transfer by submitting an ATF Form 5, Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm, to the NFA Branch and receive approval prior to the delivery. The gunsmith should do the same prior to returning the firearm. Last Reviewed September 11, 2015 If you need to hear it for yourself just call the receiving NFA Gunsmith as he's done this before and has to put your gun on his books(His FFL). Good Luck C
  4. I agree with the above comments and with Mr Todd. Why isn't the investment aspect of gun collecting mentioned anywhere? The other asinine thing is that 3 Contiguous bordering States are still Free and allow legal gun collecting.
  5. Is the MG one of Norrells registered Trigger Packs? Thanks