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  1. WTS - PD Trade in Gemtech UMP .45 Silencers - $650

    Someone bought both almost immediately, they must have just barely typed faster. Sorry. All sold.
  2. PD Trade in used Gemtech UMP QD Silencer with .45 mount. This will fit .40 and .45 caliber UMP's. It will not fit the UMP9. Some wear. Sold AS IS. These are in our possession and will transfer to your dealer on an eForm 3. Please use the link below to order. Shipping is FREE. TWO available, if the link shows sold out then they are all gone. ORDER HERE
  3. WTS - MP5 and MP5-40 Parts Kits

    PD Trade in HK MP5 and MP540 Parts kits. All have typical PD wear. See different options below, please use the links to purchase. Free shipping. MP5 A2 4 position kit $1899.99- https://www.quietriotfirearms.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SCSOMP5A2kit MP5 A2 SEF kit $1799.99- https://www.quietriotfirearms.com/product_p/scsomp5a2sefkit.htm MP5 4 position Choate stock kit $1799.99- https://www.quietriotfirearms.com/product_p/scsomp5choatekit.htm MP5-40 A3 F kit $2599.99- https://www.quietriotfirearms.com/product_p/scsomp540kit.htm
  4. WTS - M14 Parts Kit

    Sold last night sorry.
  5. WTS - M14 Parts Kit

    PD Trade in parts kits. One of each. For more info and to order, use the links below. Free shipping to the lower 48 where legal to ship. HK MP5-40 A2 Kit with SF light - $1750 - SOLD Norinco M14 - $450 - Link to buy

  7. SOLD - PD Trade in 556 Silencers Dobbs Defense ARC223 - $150 Shipped

    All sold last night.
  8. PD Trade IN Penn Arms SL6-37mm Flare Launcher Smooth Bore, 6 shot rotary drum, Rifle style sights, M4 type stock Price does not include shipping. PURCHASE HERE
  9. WTS - Penn Arms SL65-37 DD - $1500.00

    PD Trade In Penn Arms SL65-37 37mm rifled 6-shot launcher Because this is rifled, it is registered as a Destructive Device Comes as pictured with flip up sights, adjustable cheek rest and sling attachments. Price does not include shipping or NFA taxes PURCHASE HERE
  10. USED PD Trade In Silencer - $150.00 shipped Dobbs Defense ARC223 PD used silencers. Monocore baffle stack. Round Count unknown. Baffle stack in good condition with no known baffle strikes and no blast baffle erosion. Picture shown is of the worst condition silencer, most look better. Weight: 1lb 9oz Length: 7" Diameter: 1.5" Material: Stainless Steel Mounting: Direct Thread 1/2-28tpi Finish: Cerakote Black (Rough and some melted off from use under a suppressor cover) Pictures at the link below. Use the link below to order - PURCHASE HERE
  11. WTS Powder Springs Ingram M10 45 - $7500.00

  12. WTS Powder Springs Ingram M10 45 - $7500.00

    Transferable Powder Springs Ingram Mac-10 .45ACP Submachinegun - $7500.00 The gun runs great, we thoroughly inspected it after purchase. This is a transferable machinegun and will transfer to your dealer on an eform 3. 3 magazines are included as well as a barrel shroud. Currently in our inventory and ready to go. Please email jake@quietriotfirearms.com to purchase Jake Hinton QRF
  13. HK UMP40 Parts Kits - $1,200.00

  14. HK UMP40 Parts Kits - $1,200.00

    Factory German HK UMP40 Machinegun Parts Kit. These are PD trade in parts kits that have been demilled per ATF regulations. These are USED kits with unknown round counts, but appear to be in good condition. They are complete with all parts included except the serial numbered trunnion. ONE Factory HK German 25 round magazine is included. TWO rails and screws are included as shown. ****If you are in a magazine restricted state, these will ship with NO MAGAZINE. Order here $1,200.00 - https://www.quietriotfirearms.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=hpdump40kit