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  1. We have a large lot of PD Trade in Remington 870 14" Barrel SBS. The pictures attached are of a typical gun. Most will look better than this one, I grabbed one of the worse looking ones for pictures. These are in our inventory and ready to eform 3 to your dealer immediately. Dealers, email me for pricing on 3+ units. $200 per gun plus actual shipping. No CC fees. You can purchase through my website here - Remington 870 SBS Jake 6786147129 jake@quietriotfirearms.com
  2. Ruger KAC556

    BEAUTIFUL Factory Ruger KAC556 Transferable Machinegun. This firearm was purchased new from Ruger by a local PD. The department chief claims that ONE 10 round mag was fired from the gun, and it was put in the safe and never shot again. The condition of the bore and chamber area appear to substantiate this claim. This firearm is in immaculate condition. The wood is in beautiful shape as well. Included is the pictured sling and one magazine. This firearm has already been transferred to me, is in my possession and will transfer to your dealer on a form 3. Please email info@quietriotfirearms.com for more info or questions. $10,500.00 Shipped to your dealer Jake Hinton QRF 678-614-7129
  3. 1000 M13 links delivered to your door in the CONUS for $40. These are used links that have been tumbled. An example picture of what you will receive is below. These have run excellent for us in our 240 and 60. Most boxes will have closer to 1200 links in them, be we will call it 1000 to be safe. USE THIS LINK TO PURCHASE Jake QRF
  4. Frankford Arsenal / SGW Oly M16 - $21K

  5. Vollmer/Qualified HK MP5

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  6. 4 Post86 MP5 needed

  7. Vollmer/Qualified HK MP5

  8. Frankford Arsenal / SGW Oly M16 - $21K

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  9. Vollmer/Qualified HK MP5

  10. Vollmer/Qualified HK MP5

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  11. Vollmer/Qualified HK MP5

    Fantastic Transferable HK MP5. Shoots and runs perfect, excellent condition. Qualified Mfg. Sear Registered in 9mm, 223 and 308 in a SEF trigger pack. Vollmer conversion HK94 in excellent shape, remarked to MP5, IG date code, great barrel. A3 stock, Surefire lighted foreend, HK sling, 5-30rd HK and 1-15 round HK magazines included In stock in our inventory, ready to transfer. $37,500.00 Jake QRF 678-614-7129 jake@quietriotfirearms.com
  12. Frankford Arsenal / SGW Oly M16 - $21K

    Beautiful Frankford Arsenal / SGW OLY M16. This gun is in excellent condition and runs great. Ready to go out of the box or pop your upper on and go. $21K plus shipping. We efile form 3's to your dealer so it will be in their possession within a week of full payment being received. Jake Hinton QRF 678-614-7129
  13. 4 Post86 MP5 needed

    I am doing some horse trading with a department and need to provide 4 MP5s for them. Need post86, don't have time to wait on or deal with HK direct. Let me know if a local department has any or you know of someone needing to get rid of some. I will take 1-4 ASAP. Please email jake@quietriotfirearms.com with what you have. Jake Hinton QRF
  14. Sig MPX FACTORY Machineguns

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  15. Sig MPX FACTORY Machineguns

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