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  1. Been listening to him since 90 and a charter subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter... I remember when I told my mom I was listening to him back then, she started asking all of her friends if he was safe and no one knew anything about him. She ended up one of his biggest fans. He leaves a huge hole in the conservative movement that likely will never be filled.
  2. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    Beauty of a F4 to SOT is only the 1st page needs to be filled out and no signature or pics and prints are required from the SOT so you can fill everything out, put a check in the envelope and mail it off without waiting for any of that other stuff.
  3. Unknown Manufacture Form 2

    Form 2 is just a notification of manufacture not an application for permission to manufacture so who cares how long it takes.
  4. A couple of pics for the people who asked.
  5. Form 1 Caliber designation

    Nope, pick one for the "initial build" and list it. It doesn't make one bit of difference if he runs any and all other calibers on it in the future.
  6. Sold is a very nice Pre-sample Guide Lamp US marked M3A1 Grease Gun, excellent function. Pics on request, price is $12k. Sold I have an AWC MK9OSS 45ACP integral barrel Grease Gun suppressor available for $1500 to the buyer. Will only offer for separate sale after Grease Gun sells. Both in my online inventory available for immediate eForm F3 transfer. Shipping at actual cost or on your tag.
  7. form 3 cancel

    Technically if the transfer never took place you and the other SOT have committed perjury by filing a F3 back to you on a gun you still had possession of. That's why they have the cancellation instructions spelled out in the Form. You can both pretend the transfer took place and log it out and back in but you're now compounding your illegality.
  8. Current eForms transfer times?

    Nope, there is no "submachine gun" firearms type, machine gun is the correct type for any full auto firearm or conversion device. Previously, forms were approved with incorrect descriptions, calibers and other issues that are now more closely scrutinized for accuracy. These are the definitions that matter for NFA: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/26/5845
  9. form 3 cancel

    From the Form 3 Instructions. Cancellation of Approved Application. The transferor may cancel an approved application only if the physical transfer of the firearm has not been completed. The transferor must return the approved application with a written request for cancellation, citing the need and that the physical transfer of the firearm did not take place. nfafax@atf.gov
  10. Current eForms transfer times?

    Yes, if you call the ATF they'll tell you to file a tax free Form 5, check Other and note add to online inventory. I have also had luck sending an Ask the Experts question in eForms and then emailing the respondent my F4, YMMV on that.
  11. Yep, thank goodness! They actually price their inventory to sell.
  12. GTG. I've had many transactions with Frank, Mike and Chris and have always been satisfied. They're easy to work with and stand behind their sales with a return or repair if you do have any issues.
  13. It's up, it's just getting hammered with new users. They've been adding over 500,000 new users a day since "the troubles".
  14. Ammo for Sten MKII

    C&R or tube, some tube guns can have different specs that may cause issues, also have you changed out your recoil spring? I've never had any issues running any S&B, Am Eagle, Blazer, PMC or WWB 124gr through any of my MGs, Sten included.