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  1. trying to renew lt.

    Buy the next level up...
  2. Half of my pre-samples are missing the red "sales sample only" stamp on the bottom, they're still restricted from being transferred to non-licensees.
  3. Has anyone actually figured out why these SBRs require a demo letter yet?
  4. Yes, they don't always respond and if they do, you may get the letter 2 years later.
  5. All yours, didn't get the PM but I sent you one for payment info. Thanks.
  6. I have 20 15 Madsen M-50 magazines available in excellent to unissued condition at a very reasonable $45/ea shipped. If you want to bundle, I'll do 5x for $215, 10x for $420 or the remaining 15 for $620 shipped. Regards JC
  7. Looks like an HK93 A3 stock to me... Edit: Nvm, missed that cutout on my phone... I thought the early universals had 3 notches though.
  8. Gunbroker Jail

    Im not going to read your state's law but it's likely that it's written so that it covers the Marketplace facilitator (GB, eBay, etc) who likely has much more than 100k in total transactions in that state and thus all transactions which use the facilitator that terminate in the state in question are covered by the limit, or it could be that there is no minimum sales limit on facilitators in the 1st place, regardless of the company that's selling the items through the facilitator. Your business sales on your own website would be separately covered by the minimum limits though so if you only have a few sales in the state in question you would not need a tax id there nor would you be required to submit sales tax on behalf of your own business. With regards to your Lowes doors, they will get a 1099-K from their CC processors for all CC transactions at the end of the year. Additionally yes any garage saler who uses Venmo or similar will now get a 1099-K at the end of the year if any of their transactions during the year exceed $600 with no minimal number of transactions, thanks to the Infrastructure bill. What you wont get is a 1099-K for any PayPal F&F or Zelle transactions as they are personal money transfers and not intended to be used for commercial payments.
  9. American 180 S&S

    Have your FFL send it out now while you're waiting.
  10. Gunbroker Jail

    Gunbroker does not file 1099-Ks for your sales, the law requires payment processors to file it not marketplaces.
  11. Gunbroker Jail

    Any attempt to circumvent their rules is going to end in an account lock, not really sure what you're complaining about other than you got caught. They are not charging an "illegal" sales tax btw, yes it sucks but unfortunately the SCOTUS ruled in SD v Wayfair that states are legally allowed to require marketplace facilitators to collect sales tax on their behalf from sales transacted from their networks. GB is required to collect and remit the sales tax in those states which in their wisdom have passed marketplace facilitator tax laws. It's the same with eBay and Amazon, etc. If you don't like it you can try to get around it with the please contact with questions trick and either set a stupid high reserve or initial bid price so you get offline offers but IMO you're losing money and time in the end. Guys like Babb and Mitchell still make out like bandits with their no-reserve penny auctions even with the sales tax on top.
  12. One last MG thoughts?

    I've owned all of the pre-samples, IMO there's no reason to own any of them other than the MP5. If I were a non-SOT, I'd own a transferable double push pin MP5 over any sear combo. If you want a beltfed, the 1919A4 is the way to go, as mentioned though it is a bit of a pain to lug all that crap out to the range for a quick blast.
  13. The joys of the 50/50 deal re- NFA's

    In a market like this, why would you do that? There's no reason for a buyer to take less money now than the MG would be worth 6-12 months from now for the disincentive to accept 50% down.
  14. The joys of the 50/50 deal re- NFA's

    Dealers don't pay you 50% for your gun, at least I don't maybe Im doing it wrong... lol. After they've already paid the current owner in full and submitted the F4 to dealer transfer paperwork, they offer it to the next buyer for 50% down as an incentive to purchase before the first transfer is approved. Nothing shady in that.
  15. SOT Renewal Notification Change

    I mean, all SOTs will get or already have received this notice from the ATF, do you really need to post an "alert" on a forum about it?