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  1. Is a c&r license worth the headaches?

    Doesn't really make any sense to have both, the FFL+SOT trumps anything the C&R can do.
  2. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Just had one approved on Friday at 24 days from the date they entered it in the system (27 from the day I mailed it).
  3. You can't revoke or void a transfer that's already been completed. When you send in a VOID request to the ATF/NFA dept, you are certifying that the transfer never took place. If you do that after the item actually transferred, you'd be committing a potential felony of knowingly making a false statement.
  4. Giving a mg to a sot for repair

    Bingo, no form required to ship a gun (NFA or not) to a gunsmith to work on it.
  5. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Mike I hate to tell you this but whoever is telling you 9 months is average or normal for a form 4 individual to dealer is lying or doesn't know what they're talking about. I've never had one take longer than 5 months (to the exact day) and most of my incoming form 4s are between 2.5-3 months. These are not exceptions, this is the norm. Feel free to ask around with other SOTs.
  6. Shouldn't be necessary but if you're worried about it you can just ask the seller to fill out a 5320.20 marked permanent and send it in. The .20 will get processed a heck of a lot quicker than the F4.
  7. You can't change from one to the other, it's a brand new FFL application. You can have both at the same time so there's no reason to time the application.
  8. Form 4 times individual to SOT

    Not for a transfer from an individual TO a dealer. Those are averaging 3-4 months, some less, some more.
  9. Reising Question

    Keystone mags? They almost never work right out of the box, very disappointing for the price they charge. Feed lips usually need to be opened up a bit in the front to get the nose of the bullet up at the right angle though it sounds like on yours the mag catch might be keeping the mag a little too low. Finding some factory mags, whether 12s or 20s, is your best bet to avoid frustration.
  10. HK93

    FYI, you've got the wrong video embedded.
  11. Firearms 4 Less,LLC Good to Go

    Brennan has always been good to work with for custom guns and other deals. He's a good guy.
  12. Last recession

    That's not entirely accurate. There were fairly significant price declines from 2007-2010 (even the ever unreliable MGPG shows stagnation and deflation on most categories) after a good increase in prices during the early to mid 2000s. Of course prices rallied and have climbed well past their pre-recession highs. And even with the recent price declines over the past year and a half, prices are still well above those mid 2000 prices.
  13. That's specifically for firearms, not suppressors or AOWs.
  14. 5320.20s are not required for suppressors or AOWs. ETA: I should note that you may still file them for suppressors and AOWs, if you want to notify the ATF of your permanent move, and they will get approved but it's not required.
  15. M10 semi auto random burst

    Had to replace the sear in mine as the disconnector shelf had cracked partially off so the disconnector would slip off causing it to go Semi in FA. For your opposite issue, look to see if your trip is worn or possibly your sear or trigger springs. Macs have very simple fire control parts so buying a whole FC parts kit and replacing things one by one isn't very difficult if you want to self-diagnose.