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  1. Advice on next FA wanted please!

    The 1919A4 is great advice from Mike. I had a M37 for awhile and it was great fun before I eventually traded it to a buddy.
  2. Shipping Ammo?

    Meh, I've dropped plenty of ORM-D marked packages off at the local UPS pack and ship without issue.
  3. First MG Purchase

    I actually prefer 45 in my UZI with the conversion kit to the Reising or Mac10, the only drawback is 16 round expensive mags but Grease Gun UZI lowers occasionally pop-up if you watch GB and forums. The M3A1 Grease Gun bests them all, though, especially with an AWC MK9 OSS integral barrel suppressor. If we're talking 9mm, again the UZI is hard to beat, put an over the barrel Gemtech Mossad II (GSL is remaking them as the Jericho) on it and clack away. I'm just not a Mac fan (and the less said of the Reising the better...) regardless of the uppers and like the UZI with caliber kits (22lr available too but some tweaking required) for a 1st or only SMG. In the end, though, not many people end up only owning a single machine gun.
  4. I assumed this post was his way of backdoor advertising his gunbroker keychain auctions.
  5. Looks like Frank has one at $23k - https://www.gunspot.com/listings/detail/3669/chinese-ak47-underfolder/
  6. I open the pdf link on their website in Chrome and all of the fields are fillable, downloaded and tested on my pc and all fields are fillable. Set up your signature in Acrobat too so you can e-sign it and email without needing to print and scan it back in.
  7. This one works just fine - https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/form/application-transport-interstate-or-temporarily-export-certain-national-firearms Email to NFAFax@atf.gov for quickest results.
  8. WTB: Post-86 Dealer Samples $$$$

    At above market prices like the OP? Lol
  9. It's not "the law of course" to always have your paperwork with you. Ryo explained it pretty well, the way the law is written in many states NFA items are illegal UNLESS properly registered with the federal government so, as he said, keeping proof (I'd suggest a picture of your stamps in a folder on your phone) with you would be a good way to diffuse any over-zealous LEO from confiscating them. I don't carry anything with me and I've also never been asked to show any paperwork, not even when I was back in MN where most of what I was shooting was only legal for licensees. I have had many LEOs come up and start talking about how cool the guns I'm shooting are and I usually encourage them empty a mag. Everyone has a good time and parts friends.
  10. I don't think there's any point to owning a machine gun that you don't shoot. The main value MGs have over other firearms is the legal ability to fire more than 1 round per trigger pull so, for me, not shooting one you own makes no sense and "never fired"/"NIB" machine guns hold no extra value for me either. I've seen some MGs that looked beat to hell that ran like a top and some supposedly pristine ones that didn't run worth a piss, so looks don't always follow function either.
  11. SOT dealer moved during transfer

    If you are moving out of state, contact the NFA division and they will work with you to expedite any outstanding Form 4 transfers. Any that are not approved and transferred to the non-licensed buyer on the date you move out of state will need to be transferred to another dealer in your old state (the one in which the buyer resides) and a new Form 4 will need to be submitted by that dealer. Your FFL will transfer to your new state and you will be issued a new FFL number once you submit a form 5300.38 and bare approved for business in your new state, which may require zoning/business documentation and another interview just like your original application. They ask that you submit it not less than 30 days before your planned move but I took almost exactly 4 months from the day I Priority Mailed the COA to receive mine so plan accordingly. Unfortunately the SOT is not automatically updated, so after receiving your new FFL, you will need to send a copy along with your current (but now no longer valid) SOT and an updated 5630.7 SOT application (no new payment required) to the NFA division or email it to the NFAfax email address, subject: SOT Specialist - Change of Address/State. You should receive an updated SOT license in around 7-10 business days.
  12. Transfer question

    It's technically not and I never used to but I had one sent back on the new form without it asking for me to fix. The wording on the newest form makes it sound like it's required regardless so I just sign it now to avoid corrections.
  13. Transfer question

    Fill out page 1 and include your FFL/SOT in box 5/6, get the seller's signature in box 9, don't fill out anything on page 2 but do sign page 3 at the top, don't send a copy to the local CLEO, and don't include pics or prints. Send 2 copies with your $200 check and expect it back in 4-6 weeks.
  14. SOT dealer moved during transfer

    As long as the FFL/SOT is still in the same state there is nothing you need to do. Your transfer will continue as previously expected. Also, it takes more than 4 days for the ATF to actually send out the paperwork after approval, sometimes as long as a month, so don't get nervous if your dealer doesn't have it yet.
  15. The presamples are coming out in desperation OR

    The one from the guy in Hastings? Not really a deal unless you talked him down quite a bit.