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  1. madsen 50 mags

    Quick google search shows these in stock - https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/86330 or https://otbfirearms.com/madsen-m50-9mm-30-round-magazine/ if you want to pay more.
  2. Going to bump this up, still looking. Especially for a couple of original 20 round Reising and original S&W 76 mags. Thanks.
  3. No dog in the fight but the original listing for $80 was posted Jan 8 2017 and the 2nd ad for $60 was posted Jun 27 2017, why would he not expect that the newer ad had the correct price? Any PM/email history on this transaction to clarify? Thanks.
  4. Mike's right about the transfers which require tax paid. Many dealers sell NFA items that are personally owned or brokered which will transfer on a Form 4. In the case of a personally owned item, it may be owned in the dealers name or a trust, etc. but the FFL is under a corp or llc which would preclude transferring it under the FFL/SOT tax free, ie. Form 4 shows John Smith as the owner but the FFL is Smith Firearms LLC. If it's brokered, then of course it's transferring on a Form 4 from the private party non-FFL but the dealer is handing the payment and shipping, this is also common. Not sure why anyone is arguing with him as we have no idea from the OP how the gun is currently papered and how that relates to the selling FFL/SOT licensee. IMO all purchases of MGs should begin with a look at the current owner's paperwork so you know who owns it and how it will transfer.
  5. Looking for some original factory S&W 76 mags, original Reising 20rnd and Christie 30 rnd Mags. If anyone has a modified C&S style suomi drum for the 76, UZI or MP5 they're interested in selling feel free to PM with that as well. Thanks
  6. License Number: 1-54-XXX-XX-XX-16619 Expiration Date: 09/01/2021 License Name: SHEPHERD, JOHN J Trade Name: SADDLE RIDGE ARMORY Premise Address: 7910 N SADDLE RIDGE CT CATLETT, VA 20119-1740 (540) 878-8663
  7. Woodstock 50.....WTF??

    Hmm, your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter...
  8. tbrci.com looks like it's offline and the domain name is now parked at GoDaddy. Also from some internet searching the company looks to be out of business - https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/a3do9c/texas_black_rifle_company_out_of_business/ - https://www.ar15.com/forums/Handguns/Texas-Black-Rifle-Company-Glock-Comp-/13-186135/ Doesn't look good but I'll be hoping it wasn't all just a scam to get $$ out of you before he went bankrupt, fled the country or whatever happened to him.
  9. Recommended dealer request

    It's shocking to hear that an NFA dealer would use a customer's NFA items for personal or demo purposes without express permission of the customer while they were in storage awaiting transfer approval. I wouldn't even think of doing such a thing with a customer's gun/suppressor. Absolutely disgraceful.
  10. Assuming the FFL you're buying the business from is still a licensed FFL/SOT then they likely would. The current owner informs his IOI that he intends to sell you his business, then you would apply for your own FFL at the same location as the current owner's FFL (assuming you're keeping the same location or at the new location if you're not). Once your FFL is approved you get the SOT paid and you can then file tax free transfers on all of the NFA items in the previous owner's inventory. In an acquaintance's case, the previous owner's FFL was scheduled to run out while he was waiting for his new FFL to be approved and the ATF issued a 6 month temporary license to the selling owner to continue his business while the ownership transfer/FFL application was in process. They then allowed all items to transfer tax free. I can't speak of any other cases but that's one I'm familiar with that worked out without issue.
  11. Not sure what happened to all of his ads, but wanted to confirm that I just received the Suomi coffin mags and pouch that were ordered and paid on Nov 14 and he even included a free loader tool in the package. According to the postmark, he shipped them out on the 15th so that's exactly 3 weeks door to door from Poland, condition is excellent and I'd have no worries ordering anything else from Darek. Thanks.