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  1. WTB..M3 M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor...

    I am having Mike Kloss from American Manufacturing make one for me. It will be an integral suppressor. That might be your best bet.
  2. WTB M11 .380 Receiver

    I have a bunch of parts including an M11A1 upper. If you are looking for a lower try here.
  3. It’s still all for sale
  4. RPD TRIPOD MOUNT Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum and designed to fit in the standard Pintle. This mount clamps in the area where the Bipod Legs rest when closed. So unless you remove the Bipod they will hang free while the mount is installed as you can see in the photos. $350.00 delivered.
  5. looking into my First Transferable Machine gun

    Personally I would save for the M16. But a Mac would not be a mistake. I would get the M11/9. Several uppers available out there that make it very versatile and turn it into a good shooter. And with the Lage M16 upper while not a real M16 is at least a viable option. Where will you find a full auto fully user serviceable .223 for under 11k.
  6. I need a lawyer - please read and recommend

    I know this is no help but I had a customer that had the same problem. He bought a high end collectable M16. After transferring the gun 7 times (5 of them tax paid) I got a letter ordering me to surrender the gun because it was a post 86 gun. I had to inform them that the gun was already transferred to the customer, please check your records and contact them. My customer worked it out with the seller. In any case it is a problem caused by the NFA. They are the ones who are supposed to catch these problems. This is in no uncertain terms a failure of the NFA branch not doing their job. I just re read the original post and I can’t believe I missed the part where it does say the seller admitted to knowing its status as a sample. I removed the text that said it might not have been the sellers fault. Because it seems that it is.
  7. Lifespan of an M-11? (First Post)

    There is not much that can go wrong with a Mac. They will last a life time. You can fix them whenever needed which will not be much. No you can not cut out the serial number and weld it to anything without facing jail time. That is one spot that can not be touched.
  8. I am looking for info on these uppers. How do they work in semi and full auto? Are they comfortable to shoot. Are the controls easy to use? Whatever you can tell me helps.
  9. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    I just sent an email. If you don't get it my email is
  10. WTB M11 Nine or M11 A1

    I have one posted here.
  11. shipping a subgun

    USPS is the best way to ship that M11. Wrap it in a Flat rate box. Send it registered and insured. It will not cost an arm and leg like it would if you use UPS. The seller is just entering the gun into interstate shipping and you are just part of the process. It is not a transfer so there is no problem. Go ahead and set her at the post office. Bring the postal form and get it done.
  12. WTS M11A1 Converted to 9MM W/ Lage Upper Form 3

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