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  1. Suppressors- new and used

    BUMP- list updated and price drops
  2. Suppressors- new and used

    PRICE DROP for #6. $3100 shipped
  3. Suppressors- new and used

    I am closing business and have several suppressors that need new homes. I am a 07/02 currently. I use eforms so these will be approved quickly. NO FORM 4s in Texas. Form 3s only, even instate. I will not post dealer prices of the cans so make an offer on new items. I will put a price on the demo/used cans, again just make an offer. Pics of individual USED cans upon request. I will not respond to "whats the lowest you will take" offers, please make sure you have your partners permission and funds before making a deal. Worst thing i can say is "no to an offer." I do NOT accept credit cards. Certified check,cash or MO only. New 2. Degrote NANO titanium wet can, has been professionally blackened before shipping from DTA. not cerakoated but dyed blackened.- 500 shipped 3. Tactical suppressed weapons 22TMA- $200 4.Tactical solutions Casscade- $200 5. HTA guardian 9- new with 1/2x28 mounting booster-$300 USED/demo 11. HTA 308 with 1/2x28 and 5/8x24 mounts- has approx 200 rounds through it.- $400shipped 13. remington Police 870 SBS- 14" shotgun- Fresh cerakote typical police trade in stock scratches- $350 shipped Please text or call 254-715-6289. Robert Prause
  4. SWD MAC11

    price drop....
  5. SWD MAC11

    I am shutting business down and i have several items I am selling. I am an 07/02. 1. Swd Mac 11- no box, titanium cocking knob and one mag. What you see in the pic is what you get. Customer transferred it in and lower was not to their liking. It was scratched. They insisted it be ceracoated black. The gun has had 2 mags through it after cera coating to ensure function. It has been shot before the cera coating but its in good condition. He now wants to sell it. The gun is very clean, I cant rate excellent because its been shot before. $7500 shipped <SOLD PENDING FUNDS> 2. Tactical solutions Cascade TSS12 Suppressor- make offer 3. Tactical suppressed Weapons 22TMA suppressor- Make Offer All items are in my position and will transfer out on a form 3 from Texas. My license is up in November and and will not be renewing. Robert Prause 254-715-6289 sales@rparms.com