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  1. Looking for HK21E Feed Mech. Also looking for HK23E Feed Mech. Must be German.
  2. Looking for some HK21E or HK23E (same thing) trigger housings. Just the outer grip plastic. Prefer the 4 position Ambi or if there's any of those Mexican SEF's out there. Ralph Smith RDTS MFG 480-384-0616 (voice or text) or
  3. I have small pistol primers but need large rifle magnum. Anybody want to do a trade? Can only do face to face in the Phoenix AZ area due to HazMat shipping. Email me at or call 480-384-0616 and ask for Ralph.
  4. WTS Russian 5.45x39 1080 Round Ham Cans. I have a few of these ham cans that I would like to sell for $450 a ham can or trade for good 308/7.62x51, will go 2 for 1! 2160 rounds of 5.45 for 1080 rounds of 308. I'll pay ship to you, you pay ship to me.For some reason won't upload pics. Call 480-384-0616 or email ask for Ralph
  5. I had a customer with a HK21A1 and swapped out the 21A1 mech for a 21E one and it worked fine. So I'm guessing a 21E carrier or 21 carrier would work depending on your build cocking tube.
  6. So it looks like this is an A1 feed mech
  7. How do I private message on this?
  8. Is this a German HK 21E Feed Mech? Don't see the date code or belt funnel at the left side? Very interested if it is German.
  9. Looking to get my first beltfed, any advice is welcome…

    Looks like Erics place.