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  1. MAC ammunition

    Anyone own or seen any military armament corp ammunition for the MAC guns?
  2. Raufoos .50 BMG ammo

    From what I understand the ammunition is fine? There are rounds for sale on Gunbroker all the time.
  3. Tec-9

    I would be afraid to shoot the KG9. The plastic for those firearms has an expiration date, and the buffer for the KG9s are so thin. In FA I would be afraid the receiver would crack from stress towards the back. Then, I would have a registered paperweight.
  4. Tec-9

    What’s the word on the full auto Tec-9 registered bolts? I was trying to find one and couldn’t find one anywhere. OTB has a couple RR KG9s for sale that are converted to blank guns right now, how hard is it to convert those back to being able to fire standard ammunition? Thanks!
  5. FOIA

    Oh wow, I did not expect this haha. Great, thank you so much for the template. I am sure it is interesting to get to see all that. What does a FOIA with the ATF like this usually cost? How much do you usually put for the amount you will pay up to? Thanks
  6. FOIA

    Does anyone know if the ATF may allow me to file a FOIA request to get all the previous tax stamps for my machine gun? Or if I even need one? (I firmly assume that I do). I hadn't called them yet and thought some of you guys may know. The reasoning behind it, is I just thought it might be pretty cool to have the ownership history stamps to add to the 'collection' Thanks
  7. L7A1

    Has anyone ever used any UZI ammo in a Sten? I have a few boxes of L7A1 laying around and was curious. Thanks!
  8. Thats insane, sorry to hear about your situation. I had that happen to me on an SBR one time but the guy cancelled it before it could transfer to me. Involving the ATF and letting them know someone is in illegal possession of YOUR machine gun that you purchased from him legally and the local ATF branch out there will have someone out there probably that day. They will send someone out there at ten at night if they want and that person will not be in a good mood. Good luck with everything, keep us updated!
  9. Sten machine guns

    So ive been looking at buying a Sten MKii. The MKIII and the MKV are out of the price range at the moment. I have been seeing most MKIIs that are not C&Rs going for about 7k-8k. The C&Rs are going for about 10k at least. Anyways, i know the DLOs are great, and from what I have been reading I should try to stay away from the CATCOs and one main reason is that the tubes were made thinner? I have seen some made by Specialty Arms, XRing, and even Pearl Manufacturing but I cant find really any information about them out there. I am hoping to come across a good deal on a DLO soon. Anyone have any tips or know anything about those manufacturers? What are the main problems to occur in a Sten? Thanks!
  10. Romanian Romak ii

    Hey guys, What does everyone think of the Romanian Romak ii? I dont really know a lot about them and just want some general information. I just bought it and its being sent to my dealer so I should get it in a couple days. As far as I know its a pre ban AK imported from Romania during the Clinton Administration in 1997. I am going to pick up a Dead Air Wolverine for it, and as I understand the ak74 variants all have the threads cut onto the sight and not the barrel? Does anyone know why they decided to do that? Also if I change anything on it or "deban" it do I have to change anything else for 922r compliance? Thanks!