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  1. I could use some Israeli 7.62 308 ammo links, Do you have any to part with. Thanks
  2. Aimpoint CompM2 red dot sight 4 MOA dot $265

    Don: I think that aimpoint says M2 4moa on the side. Thanks
  3. value of links

    Thanks very much for the information. I have no need for the links so will just keep the ammo. Thank again and best to you all.
  4. value of links

    I picked up a 250rd can of linked HP 7.62x51/308 ammo with I think are G43 links. I have no need of the links and would like the value if anyone knows. Links seem to be as new. Thanks for your help. I think I made a mistake on the links. I now think they are for the G42 mach. gun. These are the links with the little springs that hold them together. Thanks again. Grapenut