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  1. Looking to buy Geissele Super Select-Fire SOPMOD (SSF®) Trigger
  2. WTS CMMG Banshee SBR

    PM SENT regarding M249 SAW
  3. WTS NIB Preban SPAS-12 Shotgun

  4. WTS- Semi Autos for sale

    As per our conversation I will take the zenith 5K. Thanks
  5. WTS- Semi Autos for sale

    PM sent
  6. After colt announced that they will no longer make ar15's for civilian, I decided to buy a colt socom 14.5 upper. So I did a quick search on google end up on charlies custom clones.That was my first mistake that I should have read reviews before ordering. Anyways So, i placed the order and it said 4-6 days. Order was placed on Sept 18 and I contacted them on September 30 to find out about the order status, Somebody named Jonathan said we been soo busy blah blah and it will take few more weeks. So, I told him I will take a refund, waited another 10 days, Oct 10, called again to find out about my refund. Same guy telling similar stories how they must have overlook the refund it will get it done but it will another 4-5 business days. I called my bank and opened a dispute, as charlies custom clones has no ethics, don't even know how they are still in business. I would recommend everyone stay away from these scam artists.
  7. Email Sent ( I will take it )
  8. Semi Autos for sale.

    PM sent again regarding mini uzi
  9. Rare pre89 Semi's

    As per our email conversation. I will take the PS90. Funds on way. Thanks
  10. Rare pre89 Semi's

    MESSAGE SENT ! Regarding PS90
  11. Semi Autos for sale.

    Pm sent on mini uzi