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  1. WTB: Yugo M84 PKM Parts Kit

    Looking to buy Yugo PKM M84 parts kit
  2. No Letter HK UMP 45 for sale. All NFA rules apply

    Trying to PM, won't send. Do you have a number I can reach you at ?
  3. WTB: Kriss Vector SMGs 9 and 45

    +1 for Kriss Vector SMG
  4. No law letter M249

    I have feeling if you install a shorter barrel, it might sell faster.
  5. WTB: B&T MP9 & APC9SD

    Looking to buy Post-86 Dealer Sample B&T MP9 and B&T APC9SD for LE demo.
  6. WTB: POST-86 CZ Bren 2, 5.56x45mm

    Still Looking !!
  7. Wa State banned law enforcement agencies from having machine guns but what's stopping them from have a SBR ?
  8. Looking to buy Factory SIG 553 post dealer sample.
  9. WTS: B&T APC 9 Lower

    ALL SOLD !
  10. WTS: B&T APC 9 Lower

    We have (2) New B&T APC 9 Gen 1 lowers for sale. Sold These are only available to FFL/SOT's, copy of FFL/SOT is required before shipping.
  11. PM & Email sent regarding PKM Vltor New
  12. WTB: POST-86 CZ Bren 2, 5.56x45mm

  13. For your consideration, we have CZ Scorpion EVO Full Auto Drop in Sear. Free Shipping. Law Letter Required. Feel free to contact me via PM.
  14. Interested in #25 Ohio Ordnance Works 240B. Pending pics & more details. PM sent.
  15. WTB: POST-86 CZ Bren 2, 5.56x45mm

    Still looking !!