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  1. Up for sale is Full auto ACR Lower + Full auto Bolt ( semi auto bolt with sear trip wielded on ) registered as machine gun. Will drop into any Bushmaster / Remington ACR with minor modification. Can offer the service to buyer for Free. Law Letter is Required. SOLD !
  2. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Excellent Seller. Firearm was as described. Did took a long time to get the firearm, as seller has to wait 10 -15 days for the check to clear.
  3. WTB: MP7A1 40 round magazines

    Looking to buy 40 round magazines for MP7A1. Please let me know how many you have. Feel free to contact me via PM ( Not interested in 15 or 30 round magazines ). Thank you !
  4. Looking to buy Factory Post-86 Dealer Sample Machine Guns. In some cases we can buy all your inventory if you are interested in closing your SOT. Will pay market price $$$$ + Please let me know what you have. Feel free to contact me via PM or Text 425-418-9569
  5. WTB: IMI MINI UZI Parts / Kit

    Looking to buy full auto mini uzi parts kit or parts
  6. WTS Beretta AR70 pre ban

  7. WTB CZ BREN 805 / 806 PARTS KIT

    I am looking for CZ Bren 805 / 806 parts kit. Updated the Title and Text, so there is no confusion.
  8. WTB : NO DEMO LETTER Post-86 Machine Guns, $$$$

    Still Looking !
  9. WTB CZ BREN 805 / 806 PARTS KIT

    Still Looking !
  10. Pre86 Dealer Samples for sale

    PM SENT on Mini Uzi
  11. WTB Famas Post 86 Dealer Sample. 25K+
  12. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Will take the IMI Galil as per our conversation
  13. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Pm sent regarding IMI mini Uzi and Galil
  14. SIG 552 machine gun parts kit

    Looking for SIG 552 Machine Gun Parts Kit