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  1. That sounds great to me. I am also a veteran and prefer to do business with other vets. So, it sounds like a match made in heaven, or for our enemies, both foreign and domestic, a match made in Hell. My e-mail addy is: Drop me an e-mail giving me the details and your address. The rifle is on the way to me and should be here some time next week. Thanks a lot for your response. I am very pleased that I located you. You sound very knowledgeable about this topic. Charles Tatum
  2. I am a Class III Dealer. I have a Ruger Mini14 with the factory folding stock. I want to turn it into a semi-auto AC556 configured SBR. I would like to have a Class II register it and also shorten the barrel to 13 inches and fine tune the gas system. I already have the sight to go on top of the gas block like the AC556 does, and I have a flash suppressor with 1/2 X 28 threads. If all I can get the Class II to do is register it and transfer it back to me, I will get a gunsmith to shorten the barrel. Let me know who can do this. Charles Tatum Alamo Professional Arms Helotes, TX