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  1. M11/nine new in box

    you selling this on gun broker too?
  2. WTS Colt M16A1/M4 transferable

    how many rounds?
  3. WTS: Surefire SOCOM SB 5.56 Suppressor - Used

    sold out or not? I would like one if not
  4. Transferrable M16/38A/MAC11/BM59/M2 carbine packs

    pics aren't loading for me either
  5. WTS: AK74SU Krink SOLD

    pm sent
  6. I have a transferable valmet the one in the photo has a galil mag in it. The mags for this specific gun cost around $300-$400 each. Tapco makes a mag that works better than the gallil mag and has a better feed angle then the galil mag. and only costs $15.00 You can't really compare the m16 to the valmet. They are (2) different guns and shoot differently The Valmet is a 1 in 12 barrel and eats any 55 grain I have shot out of it. It is a well made AK, and the trigger on mine is fantastic That being said, the replacement parts are few and far between, but it is still one of the best NFA weapons I own
  7. Transferable Polytech AK-47 7.62x39

    Still available?
  8. WTS: Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1

    still available?
  9. M11/9 with Lage Drum Upper off the market

    do ou have factory upper too?
  10. WTT: Springfield m1a for lightning link or ar15 shooter

    Is the stock Black or FDE? Looks Black to me
  11. WTB Colt M16A1 Gov Marked

    did you ever find your gun?
  12. Machine Guns are in, Prices listed

    who converted the hungarian AK, pm me a price range?
  13. SWD M11/nine

    Do I get a commission