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  1. WTB Minimi presample

    I would love to sell it to you, but we can’t sell it for less than we paid for. Before you know it it’ll be worth what I paid, then I guess I’ll sell it. Thanks
  2. WTB Minimi presample

    CC Armory Thanks for the insight oh my Purchase price so long ago. The past two days it’s been feeling like I’ve been beat up by 20 midgets. When we bought it, there were none like it.
  3. WTB Minimi presample

    What was the value of the FN 249 Pre sample in 2003 ?
  4. WTB Minimi presample

    You’re saying today a FN 249 pre-sample is worth $45,000 ?
  5. WTB Minimi presample

    Sorry for the delay, I was having a terrible time getting these pictures Downloaded. As far as the price goes I’m willing to Consider Reasonable offers. We paid $65,000 for this gun 20 years ago. It’s in excellent condition, fired very little. I’m happy to answer any questions, and add more photos as necessary. This is a pre-May dealer sample, On a form 3 in Maryland. We e-file and it’s been taking about a week to get the approval. Thanks
  6. WTB Minimi presample

    We have a FN 249 Pre 1986 Dealer sample that is about to go on Gun Broker. Bought it new years ago, low miles in excellent condition.
  7. WTB; MG3 Belt loaded

    Still looking for the belt loader?
  8. Will this work on a registered receiver open bolt Group industries/Vector Mini Uzi?