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  1. Looking to buy an Ohio Ordnance Works 1918A3 Semi-Auto BAR SLR. I'm mainly interested in one of the models with a wood stock over the Bakelite, but I'm still interested in both. Let me know if you've got one or know someone who's got one they'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
  2. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  3. Looking for some M231 Port-Firing Weapon parts, specifically looking for a complete buffer tube end cap with the recoil spring guide still attached to it. Here's a diagram picture of said part: Also looking for the back-plate to hold the selector spring in, I've seen some reproductions floating around, would be interested in one if you happen to have one. Lastly, would be interested in a set of M231 FCG pins. Thanks!
  4. WTB: Robinson Armament M96 Expeditionary Rifle

    An M96 has been found! Thanks
  5. Hey y'all, Looking to buy a Robinson Armament M96 Expeditionary Rifle. Preferably looking for the full size model with the longer 21" barrel instead of the "Recon" model with the shorter carbine-length barrel. While I'm mainly just looking for the standard M96, I would also be potentially interested in one with the "Bren" kit. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
  6. Closing the listing because it has been posted to gunbroker.
  7. Full Album Here: For sale is a Pre-Ban IMI MINI UZI 9mm Carbine that was imported by Action Arms in unfired condition. This is NOT one of the Vector Arms clones, this one was 100% made in Israel. These were only produced from 1987 to 1989, after which they were banned from import. It isn't exactly known how many made it into the US before the import ban, but the rough estimate I've seen is somewhere around 1500 total. I purchased this one off consignment from the original owner who bought it new in the late 80's. He claims to have never fired it and it appears to have been kept in storage for all this time collecting dust. I personally don't have the heart to shoot it, which is why I'd like to part ways with it. Overall it is in excellent condition with only some light handling marks and storage wear. The bore is absolutely pristine and mirror-bright. The folding stock lock-up is extremely tight with absolutely no play at all. The bolt has some very light wear from being racked a few times, but is in fantastic condition. The Magazines have some minor wear from being inserted and taken out. Barrel is stamped with number matching the receiver. Included with the Mini Uzi Carbine is: - (1) 32rd Magazine - (1) 20rd Magazine - Dummy Barrel - Sight adjustment tool - Factory sling - Original black plastic case - Original manual - Factory Action Arms Letter and order form - Action Arms 1989 brochure - Action Arms Warranty card and NRA card I will be selling the Mini Uzi for $3550 shipped OBO to CONUS only. Payment must be made by either USPS Money Order or a Certified Check only (Certified check will require a 3-day wait before shipping to allow it to clear). Not currently interested in trades unless you have an OOW 1918A3 BAR SLR or other unique Pre-Bans. It will ship via Fedex from my FFL to your FFL. Please know your state laws as I will only be shipping where legal to. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have or if you'd like some more pictures. Thanks!
  8. Hey ya'll, Looking to buy one of the old 6x40 "Nimrod" scopes with the Off-set mount for the Galil. I'm also interested in finding one of the Magnum Research brand cheek risers for the Galil folding stocks. Here's a reference picture of the type of scope and mount I'm looking for (Courtesy of Buddy Hinton): Alternatively, I'd also be interested in the Galil mount made for the Hensoldt Fero with the partial weaver rails on it. If you happen to have any of these parts or know somebody who does, I would be very interested. Thanks!
  9. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  10. Looking to buy a Pre-Ban Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 AR pistol. I know they came in both black and green from the factory as well as with or without a fixed carry handle. Preferably looking to buy one in black with a carry handle. Would also be interested in just the barreled upper itself. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with, thanks!
  11. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  12. Hey ya'll, I'm looking around to see if anyone has a Pre-Ban IMI Galil ARM Model they would be willing to part with. I'm specifically looking for the Model 372 that Action Arms imported back in the 80's with an 18" barrel, bayonet lug, wooden handguard, carry handle, and bipod. Not interested in any Galil clones or parts kit builds. Doesn't need to be a NIB safe queen, but I'm looking for one in overall decent condition. Thanks!
  13. WTB- HK91/G3 mag dated 8/62

    I've got a 7/62 marked steel mag, close but not quite.
  14. Hi all, Looking to buy a B&T-made speed loader for the TP9, GHM9, and APC9-style magazines. HKparts used to sell them a while back, but they no longer carry them. However, I've seen that some new GHM9's have shipped with them. If you've got one you'd be willing to part with, let me know. Thanks!
  15. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  16. WTB: Green Hensoldt 6x42 BL Scope with SIG 550 QD Mount.

    Scope and cheek riser have been found. Thanks RW!
  17. Looking for a Hensoldt/Wetzlar 6x42 BL Scope with a green finish and with the SIG SG 550 QD Mount. Preferably looking for one with the eye-cup piece still attached. Thanks!
  18. WTB: Steyr TMP/SPP Magazines

    Last I checked he was OOS, but I could give him a ring.
  19. WTB: Steyr TMP/SPP Magazines

    Looking to buy some Austrian-made Steyr TMP/SPP magazines. Preferably 30 round mags, but would also be interested in 15 round mags as well. Thanks!
  20. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still Looking, Added a picture of one of the parts I'm looking for specifically
  21. Looking to buy a speed-loader for a SITES Spectre HC pistol made for the Quad-stack magazines. They came standard with the American Arms Imports. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, Recently acquired an FN FNC and am looking to buy some hard-to-find accessories and parts for it. I already have a small supply of some spare parts for it, but I'm specifically looking for some of the rarer FNC accessories. Here's a list of some of what I'm looking for: - FNC Bipod - FNC Blank-Fire Adapter - Mecar Telgren M93BG Practice Rifle Grenade - Hensoldt Scope with Factory FNC mount, either the FN-marked one or ZF-24 FERO with the FNC mount - FNC Bayonet Lug This might be a long shot for some of these items, but anyone that has one of these and is willing to part with it, or any help finding some of these accessories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!