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  1. Looking to buy a Pre-Ban Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 AR pistol. I know they came in both black and green from the factory as well as with or without a fixed carry handle. Preferably looking to buy one in black with a carry handle. Would also be interested in just the barreled upper itself. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with, thanks!
  2. WTB Steyr AUG 24" Barrel and KCB-77 Bayonet.

    I was actually doing some research and looking up some examples of original Austrian-made HBAR assemblies that had sold online in the past to gauge how much they usually go for before someone on a different forum offered me an original Austrian-made 24" Heavy Barrel with the bipod and flash-hider for $1500 (It took me a few days before I saw his offer), which seems to be the average price for one of them. I've only managed to find a handful of examples of other original HBAR assemblies that have sold in the past like one that sold for $1775 back in 2015, while another sold for $1500 back in 2012. The only other example I could find was someone sold a complete Pre-ban AUG/SA with a 16" barrel and an original 24" HBAR assembly for a little over $4000 at Rock Island Auction, this was within the past year. If you factor in the price of the AUG, the average price for the 24" barrel is around $1500.
  3. WTB Steyr AUG 24" Barrel and KCB-77 Bayonet.

    A Steyr AUG barrel has been bought, still looking for a KCB-77 Bayonet.
  4. WTB Steyr AUG 24" Barrel and KCB-77 Bayonet.

    I guess I didn't bother to check since he didn't have any pricing listed for the 24" Barrels. I noticed that Steyr took them off of their website a few months ago too so I was under the impression that you can't special order them from Steyr anymore either. I'll shoot PJ a message and see what he has to say, I do actually have a few things that I ordered from him already on the way. If he doesn't come up with one I might be interested in one of those 24" units you've got. - John
  5. Hello all, I'm looking to find some Steyr AUG parts and accessories for my Pre-Ban AUG/SA. First, I was looking to see if I could find an AUG 24" barrel, I know the original 24" Heavy Barrels are pretty hard to come by, but I'd be interested in both the original 24" barrels with the bipod, as well as the newly manufactured FN-made 24" barrels with or without the new Rat-Worx Bipod. Second, I'm looking for a bayonet for the Steyr AUG, specifically the Eickhorn KCB-77 bayonet, preferably with the OD green handle and scabbard. Also if anyone happens to have an original factory AUG A1/A2 manual I'd be interested in one of those as well. Thanks!