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  1. Hi all, Recently acquired an FN FNC and am looking to buy some hard-to-find accessories and parts for it. I already have a small supply of some spare parts for it, but I'm specifically looking for some of the rarer FNC accessories. Here's a list of some of what I'm looking for: - FNC Bipod - FNC Blank-Fire Adapter - Mecar Telgren M93BG Practice Rifle Grenade - Hensoldt Scope with Factory FNC mount, either the FN-marked one or ZF-24 FERO with the FNC mount - FNC Bayonet Lug This might be a long shot for some of these items, but anyone that has one of these and is willing to part with it, or any help finding some of these accessories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. WTB: Ironwood Designs SG2000 10/22 Kit

    BTT Still looking.
  3. WTB: Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Pistol

    A Patriot has been found! However, it is a railed version and I would still be interested in finding one with a carry handle upper.
  4. WTB: Short FN FNC Flash HIder

    Looking to buy a factory FN FNC Flash Hider, specifically the short version. Any help finding one would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Looking to buy a buttstock for a Winchester 1897 Trench Gun. Specifically looking for one with a squared-off grip, not the rounded kind. I don't care if it has the proof marks or not as long as it either has the sling swivel installed, or has the cutout for the sling swivel already. Thanks!
  6. WTB: Pre-Ban IMI Galil ARM Model 332 in .308

    BTT Still looking.
  7. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Yes, that shouldn't be a problem at all. Most European countries test their barrels and chambers to CIP standards which are able to withstand higher pressures compared to the SAAMI standards used in the U.S. (62,000 PSI vs. 55,000 PSI). I have an old Steyr AUG that is marked .223 and it is able to handle 5.56 just fine. I've even heard of some foreign gun manufacturers marking them .223 even though they are really chambered in 5.56 NATO just so they would have a better chance of being imported into the U.S. to prove they are rifles used for a "sporting purpose." Not sure how true that is though.
  8. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Considering you would be taking what I assume is an all matching gun and swapping the barrel out with one that doesn't match, yeah that would probably devalue it to some extent. If you really want a long barreled 551, JDI has a 551 Long Barrel "conversion kit" made by Swiss Arms Neuhausen (SAN) that is basically a barreled receiver without the bolt assembly. That way you could save your original barreled receiver, and just swap out the bolt assembly and your 551 Lower assembly. It will need to be shipped to an FFL though.
  9. WTB: Green Hensoldt 6x42 BL Scope with SIG 550 QD Mount.

    Yeah I know it's a long shot since there's only a few floating around here in the states. I'll maybe see if I can get in contact with them, thanks.
  10. Looking for a Hensoldt/Wetzlar 6x42 BL Scope with a green finish and with the SIG SG 550 QD Mount. Preferably looking for one with the eye-cup piece still attached. Thanks!
  11. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    I'd highly recommend checking out JDI (John Doe Investigations) Firearms who imports new SG550/551/552/553 firearms, parts, and accessories directly from Switzerland. He's got a lot of the parts you're looking for like cheek risers, bayonet lugs, and slings, but some of the parts are on a backorder so you may have to wait a month or two to get them. Dave is a great guy to deal with though, I just recently bought some SG550 parts from him. Also, if you're desperate for LEO marked SG55X mags, has them in stock, I've bought lots of HK stuff from Benjamin the guy who runs it and have never had any issues whatsoever.
  12. WTB: Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Pistol

    BTT Still looking.
  13. WTB: Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Pistol

    BTT Still looking, will pay a premium for an early one with an A1/C7 style upper and if it has the single chamber muzzle brake.
  14. Looking for some M231 Port-Firing Weapon parts, specifically looking for a buffer tube end cap. Also looking for the back-plate to hold the selector spring in, I've seen some reproductions floating around, would be interested in one if you happen to have one. Lastly, would be interested in a set of M231 FCG pins. Thanks!