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  1. WTB: Steyr TMP/SPP Magazines

    Last I checked he was OOS, but I could give him a ring.
  2. WTB: Steyr TMP/SPP Magazines

    Looking to buy some Austrian-made Steyr TMP/SPP magazines. Preferably 30 round mags, but would also be interested in 15 round mags as well. Thanks!
  3. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still Looking, Added a picture of one of the parts I'm looking for specifically
  4. Looking to buy a speed-loader for a SITES Spectre HC pistol made for the Quad-stack magazines. They came standard with the American Arms Imports. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
  5. WTB: Green Hensoldt 6x42 BL Scope with SIG 550 QD Mount.

    BTT still looking for one.
  6. Looking to buy an MK Arms MK-760 Semi-Auto Carbine copy of the S&W M76. I know MK Arms made full-auto S&W 76 copies, but I'm only interested in one of the Semi-auto Carbines they made. Preferably with the original box, but not a deal breaker. Thanks!
  7. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  8. Just a heads up to anyone who gets a message from a user who goes by "alora ben" and the email "" They were a new user who contacted me about an M16A1 upper and when I asked for pictures of it initially, he sent me stock photos from the Zib-Militaria website. When I called him out on it, he then proceeded to send me the "real" pictures which came from a WTS ad on the 1919A4 website from 2010... These scammers aren't even trying anymore.
  9. Looking to buy a stripped USGI Surplus Colt M16A1 Upper receiver in good overall condition. Preferably with the teardrop forward assist and USGI rear sight still installed. I'd prefer one that has an XM Grey finish, but I'd also consider one with a black finish. Let me know if you've got one you'd be willing to part with. Thanks!
  10. WTB: M231 Port-Firing Weapon Small Parts

    BTT Still looking.
  11. Hi all, Recently acquired an FN FNC and am looking to buy some hard-to-find accessories and parts for it. I already have a small supply of some spare parts for it, but I'm specifically looking for some of the rarer FNC accessories. Here's a list of some of what I'm looking for: - FNC Bipod - FNC Blank-Fire Adapter - Mecar Telgren M93BG Practice Rifle Grenade - Hensoldt Scope with Factory FNC mount, either the FN-marked one or ZF-24 FERO with the FNC mount - FNC Bayonet Lug This might be a long shot for some of these items, but anyone that has one of these and is willing to part with it, or any help finding some of these accessories would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. WTB: Ironwood Designs SG2000 10/22 Kit

    BTT Still looking.
  13. WTB: Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot .223 Pistol

    A Patriot has been found! However, it is a railed version and I would still be interested in finding one with a carry handle upper.
  14. WTB: Short FN FNC Flash HIder

    Looking to buy a factory FN FNC Flash Hider, specifically the short version. Any help finding one would be appreciated. Thanks!