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  1. WTS: 50 CAL BMG

    Pm sent I’ll take it
  2. WTS: German DAG 308 7.62 NATO Blanks 5000 Rounds $149.99

    How many cases do you have?
  3. WTB looking for Puteaux ammunition

  4. WTB Ww2 German MG42 Receiver

    I don’t have one, but may know someone that has one. PM me.
  5. WTB 8mm MG42/53 Barrel

    I have a few.
  6. WTB looking for Puteaux ammunition

    Anyone have or know where to get Puteaux brass, projectiles or live ammunition?
  7. WTB mg3 barrels

    I have some if your still looking.
  8. Semi Autos for sale.

    Is the FS 2000 still available?
  9. Ultimax bolt

    I’m looking for an Ultimax 100 bolt. If you have one or know where to get one let me know.
  10. Do you still have this post sample?
  11. What are you looking to get for everything?
  12. I’m looking to build a minigun. What parts do you have? What would I need to complete the gun? What cost would I be looking at to complete the build? How well does your minigun run? I know 2 people that built them and they always have issues with theirs. thanks Jason CSO Tactical