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  1. Potential Scam Accounts

    We received an email from CHERYL ABERNATHY <kraee@hotmail.com> that I now know was a scam. I went as far as getting a check for the purchase of an MP5. They DID send pictures of the gun and partial S/N, but they would not give me much info other than they would e file a form 3 once the funds cleared. The whole thing sketched me out so I Googled the email address which led me to this forum. Here is who they wanted the check sent to: Please make out the deposit via cashiers check to NAME - Guepsly Moricette ADDRESS - 2975 47th Ter SW Naples FL 34116 I also did a search of this name which did not get any FFL hits, just this arrest record: https://www.rapsheets.org/florida/naples-jail/MORICETTE_GUEPSLY/0001304834 Once I asked for the sellers SOT, they replied a day later saying they had cancer and were in the hospital so they could not send it over. Please be aware that they DO have a copy of our FFL and SOT unfortunately. PLEASE NOTIFY US IF YOU RECEIVE A FILE COPY FROM WOLFPACK ARMORY! Thank you everyone for making this post and saving us from getting burnt on this one!