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  1. Do you have any pictures?
  2. 100% complete M79 parts kit $4,400

    Price lowered once more
  3. This is every part needed to build your own M79 40mm grenade launcher. It's comes with a receiver casting and blueprints. All components for receiver, both a wood and fiberglass stock, complete sight assembly, and a repaired barrel. The barrel was demilled with a hole at some point but professionally repaired. Beautiful parts will make a gorgeous DD at some point. Asking $4,400. As some of you may know, tracking down all the components is nearly an impossible task these days and has gotten to be incredibly expensive. It is all here. Http://
  4. m79 receiver machining

    Does anybody know someone willing to take my receiver casting and turn it into a working M79 receiver? I have finally gathered all the parts to build one but I have no machining capabilities. I am having a difficult time finding someone local and am starting to lose hope.