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  1. Beretta 84

    I have a MINTY Beretta 84...older Italian model...I bought it new like 20+ years ago. .380acp. Blued with wood grips and two (2) high cap mags. This is NOT a ratty police trade in. This gun is 99% with the original box and papers! Looks brand new....I don't think I have fired 12 rounds through it total. $ 550.00. Plus $15.00 shipping. NO trades. Paypal or Venmo accepted, no fees to me. Thanks. Don't snooze on this one....the extra mag and fine wood grips certainly make this an attractive piece at the asking price. Loads of pics available. NO disappointments!
  2. I have a very nice WWII (1943/44) Smith & Wesson .38 special Victory - ser # V 3786XX ...marked: "U.S. Property G.H.D." ....barrel, frame, cylinder and the grips are matching (yes, I said the grips are also matching). *with lanyard loop and crisp markings. Pistol is in great condition, the parkerization is great and I have recently fired it (6 rounds factory ball). priced for a quick and easy sale @ $499.00 plus $15.00 shipping. Can do paypal or venmo no fees to me. *Shoot me a DM/Email for pics and to discuss. No Trades. Note: This is NOT a British 38S&W "victory but a U.S. Property marked .38 SPECIAL 4" barreled gun. Also ask about the mint M1 Garand belt (tan, WW2 marked) and a WWII paratrooper drop bag.
  3. WTS: Emerson Karambit

    I have a really nice Emerson Combat Flipper Karambit - Folder. Black handle, Black Blade. used but in excellent + condition. These sell online with Emerson for $304 plus shipping......MY price on this one is $189.00 OBO plus $5.00 shipping. NO way you can beat that! Why not carry the best? Paypal, no fees to me. Thanks.
  4. Colt pre Trooper .357, made in 1961 (early one). blued. +90%+ condition, wood grips w/ medallions are perfect. ser # 2992X - 6" barrel, target sights. Perfect bore. Non-shrouded ejector rod. $ 850.00 OBO plus $15.00 shipping. Hard to improve on this one. A real collectible. Interesting, quality handgun trades considered. The Trooper was targeted at the entry-level and Law enforcement service-level segment of the firearms market while the highly polished and expensive 357 model revolver was intended to be their premium offering. After the introduction of the more expensive Python in 1955, Colt discontinued the basic .38 Special Trooper in 1961, and to did away with the .357 moniker, so they renamed it Trooper. The new offering retained the .357 magnum chambering and frame-mounted firing pin.
  5. I have a MINT MINT MINT (like unused) M1 Garand cartridge belt, WWII, dated 1943. If you have a Garand. You cannot improve on the condition. Mint Garand cartidge belts sell for well over $200.00 alone and fakes are aplenty. $149.00 + $5.00 shipping, paypal - no fees to me. pics (just copy and paste below): Don't snooze on this...a deal for the New Year!
  6. WTS: Walther Model 8

    Who says you can't get lucky on this Board? Walther Model 8 .25acp. - serial # 71029X functions fine...have not test fired though. black checkered plastic grips but missing the blue medallions. AND needs a screw to secure the grips to the frame. No import marks marked: "Walther Patent Mod. 8." with Walther banner/logo underneath condition is sub 50% but its actually not bad and I think it can be cleaned up....for the asking price is really a no-brainer! comes with 1 magazine Priced well below market even in this about $240.00 plus $10.00 shipping. *Even as a "parts gun" or something to put in a holster and WWII reenact with, makes the price appealing. Minty ones are $1,500-2,500.00 - an "average" one sells for $550.00 - These are actually getting harder to find. Can do easy paypal, no fees to me. PHOTOS:
  7. I have a case (500rds) of Federal Premium LE Hi-Shok SP, 55 grain 223/5.56. All individual boxed in the brown cardboard case. ceapest I see it for sale online is $259.00-$274.00 plus shipping. How about a quick and easy sale @ $199.00 plus $15.50 shipping. Paypal, no fees to me. Can't beat that guys...this is the good stuff! Thanks. Also check out the Sig P226 9mm (no rail) I have for sale on the sale Board. Thanks.
  8. WTS: Sig Sauer P226 9mm

    I have an old school, NO rail'ed Sig P226 9mm. "made in W. Germany" Hernon. VA - ser # U 3670XX (slide & receiver match of course) JK coded - w/ 1 "LE restricted" mag. - black signature grips. Carried more than fired. Been in my safe for atleast 15 years. These have been steadily going up. Thought about sending this one to Robar and putting some good sights on her. Priced for a quick and easy sale $599.00 plus $10.00 shipping to your FFL (w/ my LA DL). *Paypal, no fees to me.
  9. WTB: Bawidamann Skraelin

    Want to purchase a new or used Bawidamann Skraelin knife. Shoot me an email with pics & price. Thank You.
  10. For sale: I have a complete HK416 10.4" upper...includes everything as removed from a D Model smg. This is a REAL factory German built HK416 upper with the HK marked barrel - not a chop job or replacement/pieced together parts or a HK "replacement" kit (NOT a MR556 clone). All markings are present and correct - barrel, BCG, receiver, etc. *The upper has the date code (AF), all proof marks, and the serial # on the bottom of the receiver (correct for this date code). It is used but in excellent condition. The bore looks perfect. This package includes: Complete upper w/barrel, gas system, charging handle, BCG, handguard, 3 HK Marked/LE Maritime Magazines, BUIS set (front and rear, HK diopter) and a black HK416 battle pistol grip (with storage). This upper came from a LE Agency HK416D and when talking with the Agency armorer, it has less than -400rds through it. The price is set for a quick and easy sale at $3,350.00 for everything as described. A real gem and really a "grail piece." Shipping will be $20.00. No way you can beat that guys!! photos: No trades. Thank You. *New Sturm member but I have over 950 positive posts on *I have been asked would I sell the upper and the bcg/charging handle seperately...shoot me a PM/Email to discuss.