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  1. TommyBoy is a great seller. Buy with confidence, A+
  2. Future of NFA items

    I often think about this very topic; therefore, I personally think if the Gov/atf wants to really hurt the NFA MG market, they could simply increase the $200 tax stamp to the current inflation from 1934. That would be approximately 4K per tax stamp. That would severely hurt The market. It would kill the suppressor industry. Who knows maybe, just maybe they’ll remove suppressors from the nfa (highly doubt it though). They could also target Trusts and Corporations. I’m waiting for a trustee to use one in a crime (I hope that doesn’t happen but when you have one item that any trustee can take somewhere, something bad will eventually will happen). Trusts are the cats meow but I think they’ll end up causing problems. Corps, would be less likely but they could go after them as well. Who really knows but I know one Thing, if a transferable is ever used is a mass shooting, they’ll be GONE.
  3. WTB Lightning Link RLL

    WTB registered Lightning Link. I'm currently looking for a lightning link in Florida. I prefer instate form 4 but will buy an out of state form 3. No (Florida) instate dealers. Please Message me if you have one for sale.