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  1. German MG08-08/15 Maxim Lock #7893 or #7038

    I have a few people suppose to get back with me about locks, however no one has come through yet. If you have a lock for sale let me how much.
  2. Machine Guns For Sale Form 3 E Form

    do you have a mg08 lock for sale?
  3. WTB Maxim MG 08/15 German Bipod,Steam Cap

    do you have mg08 lock for sale?
  4. WTB Original MG08 15 Plate Transferable

    Do you have a mg08 lock for sale?
  5. WTB: MG08 sled mount tools

    Do you have a extra mg08 lock for sale?
  6. German MG08-08/15 Maxim Lock #7893 or #7038

    Im looking for a lock to fit a mg08 spandau. Let me how much you want for one of yours.
  7. Im looking for a Mg08 lock if you have a extra one laying around
  8. mg08 lock

    Looking for a Mg08 Lock to fit spandau Mg08
  9. Colt M16

    Looking to buy Colt M16. Let me know what you have.