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  1. WTB: M10 .22LR adapter/upper

    Doesnt seem like they're made anymore. If someone has one for the MAC-10/45 that they are looking to sell I'd love to buy it!
  2. Where to buy / WTB .22lr upper for M10/45

    Hello, im looking to get a 22lr kit for my PS M10/45. but i do not know where to get a kit or if they even still exist. they used to be made but it looks like theyve been discontinued. anyone have one for sale or know where to get one? Thanks!
  3. WTB Gemtech Viper 45

    Title. Tell me what you got.
  4. WTB: M11 or M10 in .45 or 9MM

    Emailed You!
  5. WTB: M11 or M10 in .45 or 9MM

    Offering $6,500. Tell me what you got!
  6. WTS, STEN II, ERB, Transferable

    Would you take $6,000?
  7. WTB: Original MP-40 Bakelite grips

  8. WTB: Original MP-40 Bakelite grips

    I had a semi auto mp-40 built but during shipping the grips got all smashed up. Since I would like to keep it as original as possible I'm in search of a pair of bakelite grips. Thank you
  9. MK760 with Integral SCRC Suppressor

    PM sent
  10. Sten MK2 - Ozark Mountain Armory - $6600

    PM sent
  11. Sten MK2 - Ozark Mountain Armory - $6600

    Any interest in trade?
  12. Please Delete

    Interested in trades?
  13. WTS/WTT: Stemple 76/45 Transferable

    i would be willing to go part cash and trade for some title 1 guns, including a semi Open Bolt M10 with an extremely low serial number, also a semi auto MP-40 made from a BNZ-43 parts kit. If you arent interested, understandable! whoever sees this should know this is a good deal.
  14. WTB: Registered DEWAT

    don't care what it is, as long as it's registered. Thanks.
  15. WTB / WTT: Low end subgun (anything but .22 Cal)