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  1. WTB / WTT: Low end subgun (anything but .22 Cal)

  2. WTB: StG 44 / MP44 / MP43 Parts kit

  3. WTB: StG 44 / MP44 / MP43 Parts kit

    looking for a parts kit for an StG / MP. Trying to build a Semi-auto StG in original caliber. Thanks.
  4. Wanting to buy any sub gun. Im active military so i dont have alot of money but im willing to go partial trade with my collectible Title 1 firearms (they arent all collectible). Im offering $4000 + any combination of the following of your choice: Pre-ban Norinco 84S .223 REM - Collectors grade Daniel Defense DDM4V7 .223 REM Springfield Armory M1A .308 1981 mfg. Semi Auto Open Bolt MAC-10 in .45ACP - Low serial number, Less than 400 1913-1915 produced Mauser C96 + Wood stock (repro stock) Semi-Auto MP-40 (NOT GSG) made with an original BNZ 43 Parts kit. only non original parts are the Barrel, Tube, and FCG. SBR Conversion takes a dremel and 5 minutes. Thank you for looking.
  5. SOLD $7K - Powder Springs M10/45 - All Lage - New

    $3500 + trade of a SAP M-10/45 made in 1981 for lower receiver only Edit: SAP M-10/45 is grandfathered in as a Title 1 Pistol.
  6. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    Ok, well if you change your mind I'm very intersted
  7. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    Woah, didn't realize I put a 9MM picture on there. My MAC is at home in NH (where main trustee is), I just pulled a picture of one off the internet. The one I have is an M-10/45 SAP, not 9MM
  8. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    Any interest?
  9. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    I am Active duty in Idaho, but I am on a trust with a family member in NH. It would go to the main trustee in New Hampshire.
  10. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    $4000 cash, I pay stamp, with trade of Semi Auto Open Bolt MAC-10. Longshot, I know.
  11. WTB Full auto w/ trade

    ok so yes, i understand this is a longshot. Dont got alot of dough, but it doesnt hurt to try and make a dream happen. i want to buy an MG. Dont care what it is as long as it goes boom. Offering $4,000 + trade of my Open Bolt pre-ban mac 10 with magazine and barrel extension, have very low serial number, in the 300's. 81-00003XX indicating it was made in 1981. here's a picture. thank you all for looking and have a wonderful memorial day. edit: looking for some sort of tube gun or something really low end.
  12. WTB Spitfire SMG

    title. HMU two locations due to being active duty military. Idaho is my Duty location, and New Hampshire is my home state. (on a trust with someone in NH) offering $3,500
  13. WTB Full auto MG. Dont care what it is

    Title. honestly dont care what the firearm is as long as when you pull the trigger it goes boom until empty. i would really like either a chauchat or a spitfire, but honestly dont care what it is. im offering $3,500. Thanks all!