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  1. WTB: Original MP-40 Bakelite grips

  2. WTB: Original MP-40 Bakelite grips

    I had a semi auto mp-40 built but during shipping the grips got all smashed up. Since I would like to keep it as original as possible I'm in search of a pair of bakelite grips. Thank you
  3. MK760 with Integral SCRC Suppressor

    PM sent
  4. Sten MK2 - Ozark Mountain Armory - $6600

    PM sent
  5. Sten MK2 - Ozark Mountain Armory - $6600

    Any interest in trade?
  6. Please Delete

    Interested in trades?
  7. WTS/WTT: Stemple 76/45 Transferable

    i would be willing to go part cash and trade for some title 1 guns, including a semi Open Bolt M10 with an extremely low serial number, also a semi auto MP-40 made from a BNZ-43 parts kit. If you arent interested, understandable! whoever sees this should know this is a good deal.
  8. WTB: Registered DEWAT

    don't care what it is, as long as it's registered. Thanks.
  9. WTB / WTT: Low end subgun (anything but .22 Cal)

  10. WTB: StG 44 / MP44 / MP43 Parts kit

  11. WTB: StG 44 / MP44 / MP43 Parts kit

    looking for a parts kit for an StG / MP. Trying to build a Semi-auto StG in original caliber. Thanks.
  12. Wanting to buy any sub gun. Im active military so i dont have alot of money but im willing to go partial trade with my collectible Title 1 firearms (they arent all collectible). Im offering $4000 + any combination of the following of your choice: Pre-ban Norinco 84S .223 REM - Collectors grade Daniel Defense DDM4V7 .223 REM Springfield Armory M1A .308 1981 mfg. Semi Auto Open Bolt MAC-10 in .45ACP - Low serial number, Less than 400 1913-1915 produced Mauser C96 + Wood stock (repro stock) Semi-Auto MP-40 (NOT GSG) made with an original BNZ 43 Parts kit. only non original parts are the Barrel, Tube, and FCG. SBR Conversion takes a dremel and 5 minutes. Thank you for looking.
  13. SOLD $7K - Powder Springs M10/45 - All Lage - New

    $3500 + trade of a SAP M-10/45 made in 1981 for lower receiver only Edit: SAP M-10/45 is grandfathered in as a Title 1 Pistol.
  14. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    Ok, well if you change your mind I'm very intersted
  15. SPF,,MAC10 .45 ACP MAC/RPB Transition ,,, $6500 ,

    Woah, didn't realize I put a 9MM picture on there. My MAC is at home in NH (where main trustee is), I just pulled a picture of one off the internet. The one I have is an M-10/45 SAP, not 9MM