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  1. PM sent I'll take it.
  2. I'll take it PM sent.
  3. Has any one run this stuff through a mg34 or mg42?
  4. WTB f2000 bayonet

    Looking for a bayonet for a fn f2000. I want to turn my tuna into a swordfish. Thanks, MIke
  5. WTS: No letter postie's

    I never heard anything from him.
  6. Additional receiver pictures as requested.
  7. C&R MG-34 - $40,000

    Live fire demo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfijqohdurjfm2n/IMG_0153.3gp?dl=0
  8. Nice American Arms AM-180 M2. On form 4 in South Dakota, first tax paid.
  9. Very clean RIA / Sendra XM15-A1 on form 3 in South Dakota.
  10. C&R MG-34 - $40,000

    Nice, CNR MG-34. All numbers matching, but receiver. On form 4 in South Dakota, first tax paid. Germany listed as manufacture on form 4.
  11. WTB TIPPMANN F/A 1919 or 1917

    Found one thanks Buddy!
  12. WTS: 2 American 180's transferable & sequential serial #'s

    Any drums or winders ?