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  1. Used MP5 surefire 628 momentary light and handguard. Working condition. New lamp and batteries. $150 plus shipping.
  2. Price drop. $100 for 1 $175 for both receivers sequential serials
  3. Price drop. $150 free shipping for the AR15 upper. $100 for HK receiver.
  4. 5.56 1:8 twist 16 inch AR15 upper for sale. CBC Industries with unmarked Hera Arms 15” Keymod Handgaurd. Barely shot. Has slight superficial wear on the rail. $150 No BCG or charging handle And MP5/40 large center saw-cut receiver piece. HK markings. Same dimensions as 9mm MP5. Looks like a brand new rifle when cut. $100
  5. This large center receiver piece looks to have come from a brand new HK MP5/40. HK markings present. The piece missing from most parts kits. Same dimension as 9mm MP5. I have 2 of these cut identical. They look to be sequential serial numbers. $70 each
  6. Sorry this item was just purchased
  7. Correct. USR barrel. Still a good Austrian made barrel.
  8. Austrian made 20” AUG bull barrel. Complete with gas system and grey foregrip. Almost brand new condition. $250
  9. Original Swiss made Sig 551 steel 4 position lower. Excellent working condition. Gray.Original black stock, handguards, grip and cheekrest. $800 for the whole package. Front foregrip not included with handguards.