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  1. A total of four USGI NIW grease gun mags for your consideration. Two were removed from the sealed wrap, but are still wrapped in the grease paper. I peeked in the top and those two are nicely blued. All mags came from the same lot, so all four should be blued. New USGI mags are becoming increasingly difficult to find. $160 for all four magazines delivered where allowed. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is included with the price. Checks, Credit cards ok. Questions? 702-763-1269 after 8:00AM Pacific time. Email to
  2. Sold the gun and I still have the Austen loader and one 50+ round FrankenSten magazine. Don't confuse the superior Austen loader with the steel and brass ring loaders. Bar none, this is the absolute best Sten mag loader available. The magazine construction was very nicely done by joining two good condition Sten mags and not some cobbled together piece of junk. Finish is very good! Sorry, no other mags are available. Both pieces sold together as a package. $165 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Credit cards ok. Questions? 702-763-1269.
  3. SOLD pending funds! Great condition Lage MAX-31A. This complete upper receiver is for the small frame M-11 or M11-A1 and allows you to shoot 9mm using surplus 72 round Suomi drums or 50 round coffin mags. Full length top rail for optics and bottom rail for k-grip. Well less than 1,000 rounds total, and so the barrel condition is great. This upper functions perfectly and needs nothing but a new home. Owners manual and extra grip included depicted are included. No surprises, no BS. Sold! shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Credit cards ok. Questions? Call 702-763-1269.
  5. The new CF-W "A" bolt is finally here! This direct drop in replacement bolt for the large magwell SWD M-11A1 allows the use of cheaper, easier to find, and harder hitting, 9mm ammo in their small frame gun with only a barrel swap. This heavy tungsten alloy bolt drops the ROF 40% as compared to .380acp ammo, and clocks an average ROF of just under 1,000 rounds per minutes. Price for a complete, ready to run CF-W "A" bolt is $750.00 plus 4.99 shipping via insured USPS Priotiry Mail. Please call 702-763-1269 Monday - Saturday between 9:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific time to order. All major credit cards cheerfully accepted with a 3.5% up-charge. Heavy tungsten alloy bolt for the M-11/9 are also available. Chops the ROF by over half!
  6. Alamo W-MAX Mk2 adapters are now being sold. These allow the use of your CF-W bolt or your original "high speed" bolt in a Lage MAX-11 Mk2 or MAX-11k upper receiver. Want another host for your heavy tungsten alloy CF-W bolt? This adapter gives you that option! No modification to your bolt or upper. Simple, no tool installation. One year limited warranty. Free USPS Priority Mail shipping same or next day. No CC up-charge. M/C, Discover, Visa, American Express are all OK. Free SS, (Super Slow), recoil spring for a limited time! $50 delivered. To order, please call 1-702-763-1269 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. For additional information please email Personal checks are welcome. *Sorry, we do not accept PayPal.
  7. WTS; Alamo V-MAX Mk2 adapters for the Lage MAX-11 MK2 And mAX-11k uppers
  8. Just released. Alamo W-MAX adapters for the 2nd generation Lage MAX-11 and MAX-11k uppers. These allow for the use of your existing Lage upper with your OEM or heavy tungsten alloy CF-W bolt.
  9. WTS; Alamo W-MAX Mk2 adapters for the CF-W bolt
  10. Additional photos and information available on FaceBook.
  11. Opinions on selection. First time purchase.

    Late to the party, but... the M-11/9 fits your requirement of a 9mm and .22LR shooter for your family. More accessories and support for the gun are available than anything else except the M-16 platform. It really is a great choice in a subgun. Lage Mfg. sells a variety of uppers that change the look and function of the little buzz gun. Your requirement of .22 rimfire capability is also filled by Lage, and you have a couple of host upper choices there. *Shameless plug. I sell a tungsten alloy bolt for the M-11/9 that creates the smallest, slowest, 9mm subgun in the world. It provides a great slow fire option while retaining the small OEM size. Here a video review.
  12. Heavy tungsten alloy bolts for the M-11/9 are in stock and ready to ship! Drop in installation of the CF-W bolt in your SWD M-11/9 creates the smallest 9mm subgun with the lowest ROF available anywhere in the world. Call 702-763-1269 to order.
  13. M-11 .380 bolt testing continues, but a few of you might be interested in seeing video.
  14. Shipping CF-W tungsten bolts and all supporting bolt parts for the M-11/9. Absolutely no waiting. We ship via insured USPS Priority Mail for just $9.99. For updates, please follow us on Facebook.
  15. Now selling the heavy tungsten alloy CF-W 9mm bolt for the SWD M-11A1. Yes, you can shoot 9mm in your small frame .380 gun! A simple barrel swap is all that's required.