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  1. Pre-May Hk33/13

    No PM....did get your e-mail. Same thing?
  2. Pre-May Hk33/13

    Bump....lowered to 8000.00
  3. Pre-May Hk33/13

    Pre-May dealer sample HK 33 converted to a 13 (quick change barrel). Work done by Michaels Machines. Comes as pictured with Navy lower and NEW Beta C-Mag. Runs beautifully and is very accurate. I usually run Silver Bear 223 through it. Cyclic rate is very controllable and can squeeze off a 4rd burst, hitting a steel gong at 200yds with all 4rds. As you can see I do not run the standard HK bipod, but instead have a custom adapter with a section of picatinny rail welded on and use an Atlas bipod. This allows for a lower shooting position and is very comfortable sitting at the bench. Priced at 9000.00 shipped.
  4. Machine Guns For Sale Thomas Stewart E Form

    Any chance of getting a pic of the nomenclature side on the M-16 A1? Specifically mag well area? You can email me at kaboom63021@att.net. Steve
  5. Qualified Mfg AUG trigger pack

    Got it and responded to...
  6. Qualified Mfg AUG trigger pack

    Transferable Qualified Manufacturing Drop in AUG trigger pack for sale. Priced at 20,000.00 plus shipping. Will ship out on form 3 to dealer.
  7. Two excellent condition MG-34 bolts for sale. One bolt complete, one complete minus one roller, which is readily available through Apex Gun Parts. These are being offered as a pair. Both have excellent ejector rods and firing pins. These are getting harder to find and getting more and more expensive. Priced at 450.00 shipped.
  8. WTS Pre-May HK33/13

    Lowered to 8500.00
  9. WTS Pre-May HK33/13

    Beautiful pre-May HK33 that has been built into a 13 by Michaels Machines. The 13 is the magazine fed version of the 23 (quick change barrels). Gun has picatinny rail welded to top for optics, 1200 meter rear sight, navy lower, heavy profile nitrided barrel, re-enforcement rails welded to receiver as the 21’s have, and front bipod swivel has been modified to accept picatinny mount bipod. Currently run an Atlas bipod (included) on the gun as pictured, which allows for VERY comfortable shooting from a seated position at the table....no more standing behind like the original HK bipod. Gun runs great and is a blast to shoot! I can squeeze off 2rd bursts and double steel gong @ 100yds with ease. Gun comes with 2 C-mags. FFL/SOT only purchase, but can keep upon dropping license. Priced at 9000.00 plus shipping.
  10. Try Short Action Customs, GA Precisioin. Both do excellent work.
  11. Three Pre86 Dealer Samples for sale MP5 Sterling HK33

    What’s the date code on the MP-5?
  12. WTS: Collection of Transferables

    Do you have a close up photo of the XM-15 left side receiver showing markings? Never seen one of these and am kicking around idea of purchasing a conversion.