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  1. Molot Vepr 12ga SBS for sale. Excellent plus condition. Comes with several metal mags, not the cheap plastic. These need to be fit to the gun which requires some minor filing. 2 have been done, others need to be done. Also have 25rd drum….never been used. Kvar is listing these at over 2 grand. Selling this with mags for 1800.00. Pics upon request. Form 3 transfer. Post sample AK-105 w/side folding polymer stock. Excellent condition and shoots great! Comes with 4 Bulgarian polymer mags. Love letter from PD required. Pics upon request. 1200.00 Form 3 transfer. Shipping on above additional…..
  2. Powder Springs M10 9mm 7000.00

    Offer accepted. I’ll email you.
  3. Powder Springs M10 9mm 7000.00

  4. Powder Springs M10 9mm 7000.00

    Form 3
  5. Powder Springs M10 9mm 7000.00

    Exceptional condition Powder Springs M10 chambered in 9mm. Comes with one mag and front strap. VERY clean example! Priced at 7000.00 plus shipping. Had it listed above and tried to edit, and somehow managed to mark it as sold and couldn’t figure out how to delete ad.
  6. Exceptional condition Powder Springs Mac-10 chambered in 9mm. Comes with from strap and one magazine. On form 3 and will e-file for fast transfer. Priced at 7000.00 plus shipping.
  7. WTS - Swedish K package Form 3 e-File $18K

    Nice package. Thinking about having John refinish mine. Have a pre-May DS all matching. It’s the later version without the cheek sleeve, which I wish it had. John said he’s out of them too. Will come up with something. As far as shooting, I agree completely! Favorite SMG to shoot....enjoy it more than my MP-5! Good luck with your sale...whom ever buys it is getting a treasure!
  8. WTB: Pre Sample HK MP5, Steyr AUG, Sig 551 SBR

    Sent you a PM a while back...did you receive?
  9. WTS: Pre-May DS MP-5 LOWERED to 13K

    Bump...lowered to 13K!
  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Have a gorgeous pre-May MP-5 with B&T Navy barrel and 4 position 3rd burst pack.
  11. WTS: Pre-May DS MP-5 LOWERED to 13K

    Bump....lowered to 13.5k delivered!
  12. WTS: Pre-May DS MP-5 LOWERED to 13K

  13. Listing an exceptional pre-May dealer sample MP-5 for sale. IE date code, has B&T threaded 3 lug barrel installed. B&T is an OEM supplier for H&K, and their barrels are held to the highest of quality and manufacturing standards. Other accoutrements include 4 position 3rd burst trigger pack, Knights Armament rail system with panels, Magpul vertical grip, Michaels Machines A2 stock with rubber buffer as opposed to factory metal one, HK Parts extended charging handle (much nicer than factory), and lastly finished in HK black Durakote. You would be challenged to find a finer example of an MP-5 out there. Comes with 3 mags. Lowered to 13K shipped.
  14. Pre-May Hk33/13

    No PM....did get your e-mail. Same thing?
  15. Pre-May Hk33/13

    Bump....lowered to 8000.00