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  1. ISO gun kit assembler

    Midwest Metals Creation LLC does excellent work he has ATF semi approvals for bren, dshk etc
  2. Its the email I will have to log in to be sure but its in the efile system or submit it as a question and load the forms showing its in your inventory. Im guessing they are backlogged, I havent gotten a reply back from my question I sent a couple weeks ago.
  3. You will have to send the approved form (3) to you that you have to the nfa branch by mail, fax or email or attach a pdf of it to the e-file email address and they will add it so you will be able to select it to transfer out.
  4. Pro's and con's They both are fun to shoot, ammo and mags are the only concern on how they function. Stick with the 15rd mags, on ammo surplus lc and even some modern 30 carbine I pickup up at CMP runs very well, (its a little dirty but functions great) are what Im using right now.
  5. Lightning link tfr on hold

    They are basing it off of how it was worded when it was origanally regestired, Ive run into this several times on transfers. Once you make the changes sent it back to the examiner and they will approve and process it quickly.
  6. Looking for a semi RPD and semi Dp28 receivers pm me if you have one to sell. Thanks
  7. WTB Used PSA15 A2 GI clone

    Found one.
  8. Looking for a budget priced lower end AR15 A2 Government variant PSA, Anderson, etc..... Unless you got a cheap (Will be a rental gun) let me know what you have. Email is best at SpringValleyArmament(nospam) Thanks
  9. For the Bren: Len at Historic Arms (striker fired) was doing semi builds, he did offer builds using your parts. Also Dennis at midwest metal creations (hammer fired) can build your kit, or he did offer welding jigs, and does batches of semi parts when there is enough to run a batch. Dennis is active on the 1919a4 forum. Both vendor options are A+ top notch to deal with M60- Desert Ord did a run of (stripped) semi m60 receivers, all semi parts were installed you just needed barrel, top cover etc. To make it run, it was about 8k, they might would do another run of them if enough $$ their conversion is more durable then the jrw design. I would like to find completed semi parts for a rpd, but havent been able to find completed conversion parts alone.