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  1. For the Bren: Len at Historic Arms (striker fired) was doing semi builds, he did offer builds using your parts. Also Dennis at midwest metal creations (hammer fired) can build your kit, or he did offer welding jigs, and does batches of semi parts when there is enough to run a batch. Dennis is active on the 1919a4 forum. Both vendor options are A+ top notch to deal with M60- Desert Ord did a run of (stripped) semi m60 receivers, all semi parts were installed you just needed barrel, top cover etc. To make it run, it was about 8k, they might would do another run of them if enough $$ their conversion is more durable then the jrw design. I would like to find completed semi parts for a rpd, but havent been able to find completed conversion parts alone.
  2. New in wrap HK P30 10rd 9mm mag #229750S. 6 mags available. $30.00 ea buy all 6 for $150.00. Plus shipping. Payments USPS money order. Email me at springvalleyarmament@(nospam) Remove (nospam) Thanks for looking
  3. BTT More Zinc pushers in stock
  4. My thoughts also. Ive seen HK's shot so much new barrels had to be installed, new rollers, bolts etc.... But never a front shelf issue. Its welded onto the receiver. But I guess its possible, very, very slim chance though.
  5. .223 M60 Parts - A closer look

    The .308/7.62x51 is the parent case for the 6.5 Creedmoor. Price is not as affordable as the .308. Really the MAIN thing on a conversion to 6.5 would be the barrel. The m60 links, feedtray, top cover, bolt etc would all work. Other than working out the round feeding into the chamber. .
  6. Receiver/Breech (Only) for the MK19 MOD3 barrel. To fire the 40mm High Velocity Mk19 ammo (only). These were designed to make a single shot launcher to enjoy the 40mm. They are manufactured similar to the way the MK19 bolt works, capitive firing pin, vents etc... No Barrel included and are title 1 non NFA. All BATF rules apply when attaching a barrel. It will be considered a DD. Pictured is a mag58 tripod with a barrel in a mount (NOT INCLUDED) These have been proven a good/reliable platform. They are Highly accuturate for precision 40mm shots and are tons of fun at the range lobbing M385's at targets. Several barrel sources and training ammo sources provided to buyer. Receiver/Breech Only $750.00 Plus shipping Email is best: springvalleyarmament(nospam) Trades are considered. Thanks for looking
  7. M781 40mm zinc pushers unfired $4.50/ea 100 available All Sold, email me if you need some and I will see availability on more. Thanks MK19 Mod3 Muzzle break $50.00 All prices are plus(+) actual shipping Email is best: springvalleyarmament(no spam) Payment USPS money order prefered