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  1. M2HB Scope Mount for the QD rear sight base

    Have you tried kpmclassicarms.com? I think that is where I got mine.
  2. WTB: 1919A4 prefer C&R

    looking for a C&R 1919A4
  3. WTB - AC556 parts kit

    Thanks T2 Armory. I will contact them.
  4. WTB - AC556 parts kit

    Looking for an AC556 complete parts kit.
  5. WTS: Ruger AC556 Parts Kit

    OK- let me know if the transaction fails.
  6. WTS: Ruger AC556 Parts Kit

    I will take it. Send me an email to arrange payment. Russ
  7. .50 SLAP rounds

    I have one of the early 1990 Gulf War M82A1's (1 of 200, SN listed in the book Death From Afar) and have fired SLAP rounds with no issues. My understanding is that the main issue is the actual chamber dimensions. The SLAP rounds have a different bullet profile than others. The barrel chamber on my rifle is specifically marked "SLAP". I would guess the chamber is larger in the bullet area. I don't know if there is also a difference in the muzzle brake dimensions but can take measurements if someone is interested.