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  1. Good Afternoon Folks, I'm looking for a new or used Gemtech Aurora first generation. Ideally, I'd like the can to be in a dealer inventory on a F3, but I'll consider one that is on a F4 if need be. I'm willing to purchase a can that already has it's wipes shot out, at the right price. Thanks,
  2. Understood. Thank you again for clarifying. I initially thought that only the obviously proprietary parts were different - turns out not to be the case at all. I'll see if Midwest or HK-parts has a proper hammer in stock; strangely it's the only 416 fire-control part Brownells doesn't seem to have in their catalog. Thank you for all of your assistance.
  3. Thank you for your kind works. It was entirely my pleasure doing business with you. Have fun with your new MPX and Happy New Year!
  4. Thank so much for the response. It has been very difficult to find anyone who has experience with the later 416 FCG. I took out the bridge and was still experiencing the trouble, but I took a look at the disconnector installed and though it is stamped "HK", I know for a fact that it came out of a very early 416 originally. I have a brand new 416 disconnector on hand and it is indeed cut higher above the spring. When I installed the new 416 disconnector, it fixed the problem of the hammer being captured semi-permanently by the disconnector on semi, but now it's dropping the hammer ("firing") a second time upon releasing the trigger. The hammer is also still dropping when the selector is set on "safe" and the trigger is pulled. I now have a brand new current production factory 416 trigger, rocker, disconnector, bridge and springs. The only thing that isn't current factory production is the hammer. It's a HK416 hammer, but out of the same early 416 the original disconnector came from. Is the current production 416 hammer any different from the original? Thanks again for your help.
  5. I'm looking for a recent copy of a HK 416 Armorers / "Maintenance Manual". I've been trying to trouble shoot an issue with the proprietary trigger group in the later HK416s and can't find any documentation on it anywhere - HK customer service is of no help. I'm happy to buy a copy of the manual off of anyone who might have one. Please PM me if you have a copy available. Thanks,
  6. Is that spare four position SAN lower still available? If so, please PM me. Thanks
  7. New Trijicon RMR Sold - Only one New RMR left! Happy New Year!
  8. wts Early Sig 556 with swiss parts

    PM sent. Happy New Year.
  9. Good Afternoon Folks, I'm having some difficulty installing the updated HK416 fire-control group in my postie 416 lower. I've installed countless GI AR trigger groups, but have never worked with the H&K one before. It looks like they broke out the trigger from the sear / disconnector channel (they call this the "rocker") and added a "trigger bridge" to shield the disconnector. There is no longer a trigger spring, but basically a shorter disconnector type spring that tensions the rocker against the receiver floor. Does anyone have any experience with these? I installed everything as best I could from the grainy MR556 exploded diagram on the Brownells website. I know the design is supposed to allow the weapon to go on safe with the hammer down. When the selector is on safe and the trigger is pulled, the hammer is falling. Further and most perplexing, when the selector is on semi and the gun cycles, the disconnector will not reset after releasing the trigger. When this happens, the selector must be rotated to either auto or safe to disengage the disconnector from the hammer. Does anyone have any idea what's is causing the trouble? Does anyone have access to a recent copy of the 416 armorers manual? I have a copy from 2007, but that was before they changed the trigger group. Thanks,
  10. Still Available. Merry Christmas!
  11. Tavor X95 Sold. Merry Christmas!
  12. MPX Sold Merry Christmas!
  13. Aimpoints Sold - rest still available
  14. Yes Sir; two of the shotguns are still available. Please let me know if you would like me to email you additional photos.