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  1. Thank you Sir. I know he was doing them, but thought he closed up shop a while ago. That said, the website is still up so I'll give him a call.
  2. I have for sale a Factory Brand New in the box Heckler & Koch MR762 A1. The gun comes with all of it's accessories, paperwork and box / case. These are hard guns to get right now. Heckler & Koch MR762 A1 - $4495
  3. No Law Letter Post Sample Sale

    I'll also take the L1A1 FAL Enterprise Arms/STG58C build
  4. No Law Letter Post Sample Sale

    PM Sent. I'll take both UZIs and the Mpi81.
  5. WTB: pre-sample H&K 53

    Good Afternoon, I'm looking to buy a Pre-May HK53. PM me if you have one you'd like to sell.
  6. Good Evening, We brought in a couple of PD Trade Bushmaster ACRs and of course, rather than take great profits on them, I want to eviscerate the collectable value of one by making it into a Postie. Don't tell my wife. Does anyone have any information on doing a conversion of these or a lead on a smith doing ACR auto builds? I'd very much appreciate any info folks can pass my way. Thanks,
  7. WTB: Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun

    Text message sent
  8. I have a few Tornado Defense - now known as "Torrent Suppressors" - rimfire suppressors. These are all on Form 3 in my inventory and ready to Eform. From what I can tell from the literature, these are 17-4 stainless baffles in an aluminum tube. The suppressors are rated for full auto .22LR and bolt action .22 mag / 17 HMR. These units are brand new with box and paperwork. Payment by discreet Venmo, PayPal F&F or Certified Check. Tornado Defense F22 Rimfire Suppressor - $195
  9. WTB: B&T SPR300

    Pm sent
  10. POST SAMPLES FOR SALE No Letter Needed

    PM Sent
  11. WTB: Pre 2004 H&K Mark 23 Pistol

    Thank you Tony; I appreciate you clarifying that.