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  1. Recent demo letter for Post '86 transfer

    My experience has been they now want to see the phrase "for possible purchase". The below letter was approved recently. On department letterhead: The _______ Sheriff’s Office is requesting a firearms demonstration by _______________. This demonstration will evaluate the firearms listed below for possible future purchase and use by our officers in the performance of their official duties. 2x FN Herstal 5.7x28mm P90 Tactical submachine guns The number of sworn full time officers, including reserves, in our department is __. These officers are authorized by law to make arrests and carry firearms in the performance of their official duties. These firearms are particularly suitable for law enforcement use. They are compact and lightweight which also make them ideal for close quarter police operations. They are also in current production through reputable manufacturers/importers so support for these units will be available should it be needed. We are requesting two units of this firearm system. We believe that no less than two can feasibly test the performance and longevity of this firearm, for the following reasons: First, this firearm is believed to work exceptionally in a team environment. So deputies would benefit from a demonstration of how this firearm operates in a coordinated team environment, and how to operate the firearm simultaneously with a partner. Next, longevity testing will consist of firing thousands of rounds through a firearm, and having a second firearm as a control group, comparing their respective performances to see if it is affected by longevity testing, and also to show how well they function right out of the box without modification or tuning and that a single firearm functioning flawlessly is the status quo of this firearm system, not an anomaly. Finally, a back-up firearm is always beneficial should one break down, get damaged in transit, or be required for spare parts to support the other unit during the demonstration. If there are any questions please contact our office. Sincerely, (NAME) Sheriff
  2. Good Afternoon Folks, I have some Sales Sample Impuls IIAs that I acquired and can't for the life of me figure out what thread pitch they have. I would have thought the 9mm cans would be either M13.5 LH or 1/2 x 28, but they fit neither. I'm trying to track down some replacement pistons for the can if anyone knows if and where they would be available? Thank you and have a great weekend.
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm looking for additional pistons / booster assemblies for the Brugger & Thomet Impuls IIA Suppressor. I'm particularly interested in parts for the 9mm model, though am open to any caliber. If anyone has the part available or can point me in the right direction please PM me. Thank you and have a wonderful Memorial Day!
  4. Hi Sleepy, Welcome. I'm sorry to say that all the 716s are sold; it's my fault for not marking it sold earlier. I have an RMR and an Eotech left.
  5. Good Afternoon Folks, I have one brand new B&T QD 3-Lug MP5 suppressor for sale. I special ordered one of these and ended up with two - so take advantage of the price. SOLD
  6. Good Morning Folks, I'm looking for a B&T MP9 / TP9 Suppressor - preferably a used or demo can. I'm happy to take either a restricted import or a US made unit.
  7. I have one 10 inch Sig 516 machine gun upper available. This upper came off a factory Sig machine gun as a LE trade-in. The upper is complete with its full auto 516 bolt carrier group, charging handle and set of Sig factory flip up iron sights. These are exceedingly difficult to get a hold of with the full auto carrier as Sig refuses to sell the FA carrier to the general public or dealers. They will only sell select fire parts / guns on an agency purchase order to my knowledge. $750 shipped with factory FA carrier $600 shipped with factory SA carrier Payment by F&F PayPal or USPS money order. Please PM me if you would like more detailed photographs. The upper is in very good condition with only minor cosmetic wear/handling from agency use.
  8. One of my for sale ads closed?

    The ad had posts as recent as January and was originally put up, a couple of months before. The ad was for three shotguns - two of which are sold and one still available. I know my customer had said something to me about being contracted by another user requesting money, who was either claiming to be me or claiming to have the same gun for sale - I'm not sure. I thought that's why the ad may have been locked - because the board moderators thought it may be fraudulent? I'm happy to post a new ad, if that what I need to do. I just thought it might be faster to have the existing one unlocked, if that can be done easily. The name of the ad was "Benelli M1 Super 90 Entry (14in) SBS Police Trade Ins".
  9. Good Evening Folks, I noticed one of my ads for some Benelli SBSs looks like it's been "locked". It reads "topic closed" at the bottom, but I did not mark the ad sold. I know that there was some funny business a while ago with someone of a different username posing as the seller, but my customer never sent him any funds and completed the transaction with me without incident. There is still one shotgun left. Whom would I speak with about having the ad opened again? Thanks,
  10. WTS: Sig Sauer 556 10" SBR

    Thank you Sir! PM Sent
  11. WTS: Sig Sauer 556 10" SBR

    Hi Roger, I'll take one.
  12. Good Afternoon Folks, I'm looking for a new or used Gemtech Aurora first generation. Ideally, I'd like the can to be in a dealer inventory on a F3, but I'll consider one that is on a F4 if need be. I'm willing to purchase a can that already has it's wipes shot out, at the right price. Thanks,
  13. Understood. Thank you again for clarifying. I initially thought that only the obviously proprietary parts were different - turns out not to be the case at all. I'll see if Midwest or HK-parts has a proper hammer in stock; strangely it's the only 416 fire-control part Brownells doesn't seem to have in their catalog. Thank you for all of your assistance.
  14. Thank you for your kind works. It was entirely my pleasure doing business with you. Have fun with your new MPX and Happy New Year!