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  1. WTS: Fully transferable FN M240b (MAG58)

    Please let me know when you will accept the following: my soul, kidneys, children, etc. (kidding) How did you even have the opportunity to come across this piece if you don’t mind me asking?
  2. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    But we are part of a very small percentage of Americans who own MG’s, it’s OK!
  3. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    Just came across an article where NBA player Hassan Whiteside purchased a “$50,000 Colt M16” along with a suppressor and ammo. Dude left the M16 in his unlocked Rolls-Royce and it was snatched up by some individuals at either the dealer he picked it up from or the University of Miami. Either way, must be nice to leave a $500,000 luxury car unlocked with a MG inside. I drive a $50,000 car and would NEVER imagine leaving my M16 unattended in this day and age, specially unlocked. The M16 and suppressor was later discovered in a stolen vehicle sometime after, not sure the time line though.How about that privileged life, eh?
  4. That blows man. Sounds like someone needs to be kicked in the throat! This has always been a fear of mine but have always been lucky enough to deal with good folks. Good luck with the situation brother!
  5. SOLD $7K - Powder Springs M10/45 - All Lage - New

    @AirForceActiveDuty Hey man, I have seen your cash + SAP Mac-10/45 for trade on other forums. I guess I applaude you for trying but even for entry level MG’s, you will NEVER make a deal with ANYONE. You are going to have to fork up more than $3500 bones plus a semi auto pistol. I don’t mean to be rude, but you are wasting your time. MG’s are investments and having two of them (MAC-10/45 & an M16) they are only going up in value and someone would have to offer something very interesting or rare to even consider a trade of some sort. Not sure if funding is an issue but there is no cutting corners in this market unless you happen to find someone who is in a very very generous mood...

    What RIGHT? just kiddin it is extremely frustrating and the way things are going our Constitution is slowly being chipped away and degraded faster than ever...geez

    Finally some relief! Submitted my Form 4 for an AAC Ti-Rant .45 back in December of 2016. Called the NFA branch and spoke with Melissa who seemed absolutely thrilled to speak with me. I was approved on 4/25/2018 and was told it could take another week or two for the examiner to send off approved forms. There is hope gents but patience is a must and is easier said than done. Sorry if this is a repost or if there is already a thread on this but damn I’m excited!!
  8. WTB: M60

    My dad bought me a brand new Ford F-150 Platinum 4x4 for my college graduation. Now that I think about it, I’d love to take a transferable M60 over a beautiful truck that will depreciate once I drove it off the lot. I plan to do the same for my 4 year old daughter and child that my wife and I have on the way. When it’s my time to go, my MG’s are going to my children and not my wife who would probably sell them!!!
  9. WTS: Several Post-86 Dealer Samples, Exotics, Rarities

    Buy with confidence. Have personally known Sienna Armory for quite some time. Introduced me to my first transferable M16 4 or so years ago and has been nothing but extremely helpful throughout the years. This is a good guy who knows his stuff! Keep up the good work man!!
  10. WTS: Several Post-86 Dealer Samples, Exotics, Rarities

    PM sent.
  11. Pending FBI Background Check

    Thanks for posting this. So from mailbox to mailbox it only took 9 months?
  12. I must remove my tin foil hat for this statement. Yesterday, CCTV footage of Stephen Paddock was released from the MGM of Paddock actually carrying 21 bags over the course of a week or two and doing bizarre things. Tell me what you guys think, shouldn’t be hard to find, but still strange that authorities waited 5 months and some change to release the video...
  13. Couldn't say it better ......

    Ever since the controversial “Florida shooting” took place, idiots all over have been trashing their guns along with a little speech about how they don’t want to contribute to the killings taking place...WTF? Anyway some woman who is a new found Democrat thought she would post a video of herself sawing the barrel off her AR-15 and in turn made herself a nice illegal SBR. She is now being investigated for procuring an illegal NFA item ON CAMERA by yours truly, the ATF!!!
  14. I wondered what had happened with Subguns... didn’t know Frank purchased the website. No wonder quality has declined, I stopped looking at subguns after the fact it was in new ownership and could tell something was off. Oh well, nothing good ever last for ever, unlike herpes.