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  1. One last MG thoughts?

    I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t like a sear. Yeah, it’s pretty pricey but man the potential is damn near limitless. It’s a pretty cool feeling to take the sear out and drop it into a brand new HK and let loose. Buy a Fleming sear and you’ll never regret it. I bought my first Fleming sear that came with an original sp89 that was made into the “k” version and it’s a spectacular weapon. It’s sexy, iconic and just badass.
  2. WTB: HK SP5k spec only (4-position)

    All, I am looking for an HK SP5k SPEC ONLY 4-position lower for my host. I had no idea that I would not be able to use my other 4 position with my sear in it but it is what it is. Let me know what you have and how much. respectfully
  3. The first suppressor I bought was delivered to my door. The dealer was a few hours away and once my form 4 was approved, all I had to do was sign a piece of paper and my can was delivered in a matter of days...merica
  4. Processing time for Form 4's

    Does anyone else have a Form 4 currently pending from December 2020? My Form 4 has been pending since December 11, 2020. Item: Transferable HK MP5k with Fleming Sear (4 position). When I called the ATF, the lovely customer service agent tells me that it is pending. When I reached out to an examiner, she told me that it is in "delay status" and that they are awaiting the FBI to finish up background check. She did say that this is normal and that my information was sent to the FBI back in March and that the FBI is currently working on the month of February so hopefully coming in home stretch.
  5. WTS: Broadhead Armory RDIAS W/ Lakeside Machine LM7

    ? Just checked inbox and still no response...
  6. WTS: Broadhead Armory RDIAS W/ Lakeside Machine LM7

    Interested in the Lakeside upper. PM inbound...
  7. Form4 transfer times

    Ain’t that the damn truth...
  8. Form4 transfer times

    NFA branch representative is now saying 7 month wait from the time check is cashed. My check was cashed on 12/14/2020 and isn’t in “their system” yet due to an unprecedented amount of forms rolling in. I guess I chose the wrong time to buy my first HK
  9. WTS - Demro Tac-1 SMG - Excellent Condition $9K

    That is a very cool platform and the combination on the side is very interesting. Would love to get some history on this thing. I would be interested had I not just spent the coin on a HK MP5k. Good luck with the sale, sure it won’t last too much longer!
  10. Is this the same MP5k that was for sale on Gunbroker? Hellbent firearms? I thought this things sold?
  11. Getting fingerprinted in the pandemic

    I know I’m a little late to the party but I guess I lucked out since I’m a county employee and was told that I’m not considered “public” so the sheriff was happy to get me fingerprinted for my most recent MG purchase. If you can find a silencer shop kiosk then you’ve won half the battle. Hell even some dealers have their own digital fingerprint scan set up that will print right off. Just thought I’d share my most recent experience.
  12. WTB: Authentic HK MP5 mags (Restricted/LEO)

    All PM's have been responded to thus far. Thank you to everyone who has sent me offers/pictures!
  13. I bought my first transferable HK MP5k with a Fleming sear and am on the hunt for authentic HK mags. I am interested in the “Restricted/LEO mags too but just about anything besides the Korean made mags will do. Thanks!
  14. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    Hey Jonathan, I’ve reached out to you more than a handful of times and haven’t heard anything back from you. Just wanted to touch base and see how everything is going. Hope everything is alright!

    John, can you change out the lower to a navy?