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  1. Full Auto & Squib

    Will shooting full auto in a full auto gun, when encountering a squib load, be enough power to cycle the action and load another round? I've asked this question in another forum and got good info, but I wanted ya'll's take on it. Traditional squib load avoidance procedures was if you 'felt' something different after pulling the trigger, don't pull the trigger again. That doesn't apply to full autos. I've heard S&B is good and safe, but to stick to 'subgun' ammo and avoid 'range' ammo. What is considered 'subgun' ammo and avoid 'range' ammo? Should I stick with top manufactures of ammo (Federal, Winchester, etc.), or is it safe to source 'cheaper' brands (Aguila, S&B, etc.)? Or am I overthinking it, and there's really no risk?
  2. I'm looking for a Steyr MPi 81 magazine loader.
  3. WTB: Beater HK 91

  4. WTB: Beater HK 91

    Looking for a HK 91 to use as a project gun. Doesn't need to be in perfect condition.
  5. WTB: HK MP5K Briefcase

    I'm looking to buy a HK MP5K Operational Briefcase. Please contact me with any leads.
  6. Glock 17 Gen 5 Stock Recommendations

    What about for a Gen 4?
  7. Does anyone have any Glock 17 Gen 5 stock recommendations? I'm building a full auto Glock 17 (I have a SOT), and am looking for stocks that will fit a Gen 5 Glock 17. The stocks I've seen out there (such as the FAB Defense ones) state that they're for Gen 3s.
  8. Do Factory Full Auto AKs Exist?

    What about factory post-samples? What country are the majority from?
  9. Do Factory Full Auto AKs Exist?

    What company/country do they mostly come from? Are there a lot of Chinese, Russian, Hungary examples?
  10. Do factory full auto made post-86 samples of AK type rifles exist? Or are they all semi to auto conversions?
  11. I have a PolyTech AKS 762 that was converted to full auto. It looks like the conversion was done correctly. I read somewhere that the 'rate reducer' on AKMs was more of a safety feature, delaying the hammer by milliseconds to ensure the bolt was fully into battery. Since mine is a Type 56 copy (I think), mine doesn't have a rate reducer. It just relies on that auto sear that's on the bolt rail. Is the 'rate reducer' really a safety device? Is my gun less safe because I don't have it? Thanks, Matthew
  12. NFA / Full Auto Gunsmith Needed

    Thanks! I have a few coming in: HK MP5K-PDW CZ 805 Bren A2 HK UMP45 Polytech AK-47 Colt M4/M16E2
  13. I'm receive my first full autos. I'm looking for any gunsmith recommendations that work on full autos. With my non-NFA collection, I have my local gunsmith perform a complete DCOR on each firearm every 5 years. That way he can tell me what needs replacing, how the barrel's wearing, etc. I'm hoping to find a NFA gunsmith who can do the same. Any help is appreciated.