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  1. shrike upper insert

    I load open bolt, but I wouldn't care about the crushed neck area. It happens sometimes when beltfeds are acting up or twist a belt.
  2. shrike upper insert

    thumbs up
  3. death during transfer?

    I know its not bad, Ive done them before, what I haven't done is cancel one that's not on my books. I did get a reply: In order to process the withdrawal of the form that you are referring to, we will need a few documents. A signed letter stating the serial number(s) you are requesting to withdraw (must be hand-signed; digital signatures not accepted). You may print your original request below, add your signature and/or serial number to it, and scan/email it back to us (rather than typing a new letter). Please provide us with the names of the current transferee and transferor on the application you are wanting to withdraw, or a control number, in your letter. You may send these documents via email to NFAFAX@atf.gov. Once these documents are received, we will start the withdrawal process for you. Have a great day!
  4. Rdias & KS47 troubleshooting , need help

    Yep He also needs to use a 3/32 drill bit and close it between the chamber and bcg. If the trip is not touching the BCG at that point, then its still not timed correctly. I tried looking at the video to see how far the trip pivots, but its impossible. If its only 95%, then more than likely it not timed perfectly, and the loose pocket are it allowing it to move around, not tripping the sear. OP most lowers will need to be relived in the rear, unless the dias has been cut appropriately. I just sanded down my dias to fit vs mess with each lower
  5. Rdias & KS47 troubleshooting , need help

    All of this, you don't need the lower to time it. This is also where QB drill bit comes into play. Put in between the BCG and barrel. Push the bcg forward. Adjust the sear until it just barely touches the BCG. Wherever that happens to be on the lug, is where the correct timing is. If it doesn't touch the bcg at that point, you need a new trip It really is simple.
  6. Its how the LE letter is worded. There was a post about this, but it has to include certain things
  7. shrike upper insert

    It was sand paper, that you supposed to use it, to fit it. I just slammed min in there and now it wont come out.
  8. NOPE you can turn it in or destroy iaw the atf guide lines
  9. shrike upper insert

    LOOKS AWESOME does yours have the cooling fins, that was gen 5
  10. Money Saving USPO Mailing Info

    thanks for this, I need to order the padded envelopes. Hell Ive had guys send me old gun in padded envelopes, no extra padding.
  11. death during transfer?

    Im just going to get it canxeld if I can then form 3 back to me. There is no one to form 5 it to.
  12. death during transfer?

    I've had a FFL go out of business during a transfer that was a clusterfuck, now this. I sent a can to my FIL in July last year from my ffl/sot to his ffl, he died today. I don't know if the form 4 was approved ( doubt it), BUT if it's still pending, CAN you get it canceled OR does the form 4 have to be approved, then the executor pick it up then do the form 5? I'm just worried the FFL I sent it to will sit on it, try to keep it. Since I have all the info I will call and see the status, I doubt the atf will GAF. Anyone dealt with this? I've had some serious stupid shit happen in the NFA transfer process, but any precedent will help.
  13. WTS: Knight KAC HK Navy Suppressors for sale

    are those baffle strikes?
  14. Because reloading Sucks …….

    that dudes head was taking a beating
  15. Change FFL business hours?

    its in the atf FAQ If your business address, business phone number, and/or business hours of operation have changed, the FFL must contact the ATF Licensing Center in writing by e-mail at fflc@atf.gov, by fax at 1-866-257-2749, or by U.S. Mail at 244 Needy Road, Martinsburg, WV 25405.