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  1. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    yours looks more correct that the canoe on the bottom.
  2. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    dont fucking do that until you know whats wrong. That guide is hardened and if you bend/grind it you'll fuck it up
  3. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Go read this https://www.hkpro.com/threads/bpp23ek-2-5-year-range-report.215419/ see if you have any of the same problems. I probably have more time fixing/breaking parts than most people. I've also help a lot of people with theirs, Im not a expert but I can make it work. before any says anymore about wolf/steel, it will run just fine in a 23eK, saw or 21e with 23e feed mech. The MM feed mech and BPP gun are prob the worst 2 combos to use. Since its was without a BPP mech, I bet somebody has already been fucking with this gun,and just got rid of it. I have found MM feed mech wont run/fit in a real 23e but BPPs do. I also know that a BPP will runa a HK feed mech both 21 and 23 Are you running f/a? If so was the bolt/carrier fitted to the trip? if not the trip will bind. What bolt carrier/bolt? look at the top of the feed mech/bullet feed on the right side, is it hitting the carrier? My BPP cartridge guide had to be taken down/ sanded to clear the carrier- couple thousanths. Look at the 4-5th picture right under the calipers on the right side you can see the shiny metal. See if it will charge w/o the feed mech but with the trigger pack. if it binds it could be the 23e ejector on the left with not enough clearance (trigger pack not fitted correclty) or the trip if using f/a. if it charges with the trigger pack and w/o the mech see if it will close w/o ammo. If not see where its hanging up. Is there any damage to the rounds being fed, or is it not getting that far. IM me and we can talk.
  4. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    He will blame everything on the BBP gun, doubtfull he'll help u
  5. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    Thats because he feed mech sucks, he will blame ammo, links, etc
  6. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    To be more clean, if the SOT is a "sole proprietor", then they can transfer personal guns on form 3s. The name is irrelevant as you can have a FFL DBA as something different from the SP
  7. Form 4 gun to SOT?

    A 07 could have let his SOT lapse and them had to pay for the F4. The form used doesn't matter how it will be transferred in the future, only who has possession of it now. If the 01/07 has it in their inventory, and they have a current SOT, it can go out on a form 3. It might not be able to go out on a EFORM 3, depends if the ATF added it to the SOTs electronic inventory since it was 30 yag.
  8. What did you do? I had to rebuild it to take the FN semi parts.
  9. I have used parts from a semi MGA. MGA no long exist, so now is the time to get spare parts. These a parts are for the normal HK packs, not the long hammer type The most important parts are the transfer bars and the extra bolt carrier. 2x trasfer bars trigger housing semi oprod bushing for oprod AR stock adapter. there is a bolt slide if you have there new type of setup
  10. I've had this gun for a few years, Mike built it for me from FMP parts. It has all the HK21 "E" upgrades he does. It was run full auto, but last few years its been sitting. Has recently been refreshed with new midnight broze cerokote, new bolt (less than100 rds), and more importantly a new HK21E cocking tube. You can see the bcg is smaller in diameter and the cocking lever has the cammed end. It's one of a kind since Mike will never do this upgrade again and as far as I know has never been done to a 21. Mike inspected this and said the Trunion looks good and bolt gap was GTG last time it was in for the cocking tube upgrade. It has a welded rail on top/bottom. BCG has the correctly welded in insert for full auto, bolt has less than 100 rds on it, comes with a couple belts, can add more if needed, will come with the grip pod unless you want a bipod- can be negotiated. 13K zelle/bank trasfer/certified check/
  11. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    It works just fine, and you don't have a huge chuck of metal flap getting snagged. That picture is deceiving as I'm holding the catch "up" when I let it down it has enough room to work
  12. Ill take the 249 feed tray
  13. Current eForms transfer times?

    yep form 5 into inventory, eform 3 out.
  14. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    I heated/ bent the original catch out and snaded it down, then I did this a long time ago to my ARs: simple cut with a mill (or dremmel in my case). weld a piece of 1/8 rod and bend it.= Ambi bolt catch So much better than the BADs and other mods