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  1. Form 3 eForm is great!

    I finally got around to sign up for the eForm system after tending to another business for the last couple of years and boy am I pleased with how it works! For all of the past (and I'm sure current) gripes about how transfers are processed, this system is nothing short of great. Two Form 3 transfers (different times) were submitted in the evening and both were approved the next day. One Form 3 took came back approved in 2 days. Way to go ATF!
  2. WTS - RDIAS (M16) with 2 hosts $36K

    Sold Pending Funds. Thanks!
  3. M-16 RDIAS (Registered Drop-In Autosear) - This is a fully transferable M-16 drop in autosear. This JCB manufactured, all-steel sear can be installed in any compatible M-16 style "host" gun to legally make it a full automatic machinegun. These are very rare and are highly sought after as the most desirable machine gun conversion component in the NFA world. . This sear comes with a "host" Colt AR-15 9 mm Carbine. The Colt 9 mm Carbine is set up to run as a dedicated 9 mm machine gun. The barrel on this carbine has been professionally cut to a 10" length and the end of the barrel is threaded for a screw-on suppressor. The registered autosear is not "married" to this host and it can be legally installed in other AR-15 style "host" guns. To provide the new owner with another "host" platform I am also including a new stripped AR-15 receiver marked "Property of U.S. GOVT. M4A1 CARBINE". This receiver is perfectly legal to own since it is a semi auto receiver as sold by Palmetto State Armory (PSA). This receiver can be built up as a 5.56 (.223 cal) "host" for the drop in autosear. I am also including a Bushmaster 11.5" barrel machinegun parts kit that can be used with the PSA semi auto receiver and the autosear to provide a 5.56mm machinegun platform. The auto sear essentially makes whatever "host" it is installed into a legal machinegun. Once the autosear is moved from the "host" gun you will need to revert the host back into semi auto configuration (no barrel less than 16" long, no full auto selector, full auto hammer or disconnector parts). This package comes with the Colt 9 mm "host", 5 Colt-marked 9 mm magazines, 5 aftermarket 9 mm magazines, the PSA stripped receiver, the Bushmaster 11.5" machinegun parts kit (5.56) and 2 each 30-round 5.56 magazines (your choice of aluminum or P-Mags). I have personally run the sear in three different hosts in two calibers. I used the 9 mm Colt host shown below, the PSA receiver with the 11.5" Bushmaster upper, and another Bushmaster host gun with a 16" HBAR (heavy barrel). All three "hosts" ran perfectly with the sear installed. I had no issues at all. The autosear is registered "on" a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms. There is no transfer tax to your in-state dealer. I cannot transfer locally so PA sales also must go through your dealer. PA residents owe 6% tax. Shipping (lower 48) and insurance included with asking price. Asking $36K. No trades at this time. Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards! More pictures available at my website: .
  4. Transferable Swedish K - This is a beautiful example of the venerable Carl Gustaf Kulsprutepistol M/45 (Kpist M/45) submachinegun. The Swedes made this design at the end of WW2 and it was used by many countries including covert use by US Navy Seals and special operators in Vietnam. With the Swedish name difficult to pronounce - the shortened "Swedish K" became a common name for the gun. These machineguns are known for being incredibly reliable, controllable and accurate - all features that endeared them to the men whose lives depended on their gear. The gun fires at a controllable 600 rounds per minute. It is very easy to shoot singles and even count the number of rounds you want to shoot with simple trigger control. This example is a "tube gun" manufactured prior to 1986 by Wilson. There are often issues with some of the tube guns so I sent this one to John Andrewski and he completely rebuilt the gun to original specs. All parts on the gun are Swedish manufacture (indicated with crown markings). Most variants use the more common Egyptian made Port Said parts. The Egyptian parts are completely interchangeable with the Swedish parts but it is nice to have the gun set-up with Swedish parts. During the rebuild Mr. Andrewski repainted the gun. I had him also refinish and repaint a full set of spares to match the gun. Many of these spares are original Port Said parts - fully interchangeable on the gun. The gun is sold with the full set of matching spare parts including the "back piece" / buffer and buffer cap, the barrel sleeve / shroud, the removable magazine guide (with wire "hoop" to secure it to the gun), an extra recoil spring, an extra bolt, and an extra barrel. I have personally owned and extensively shot a Swedish K for over 15 years and I have not had ANY parts fail. None. These spares should provide a lifetime of shooting spares for the new owner. The package also includes a total of 5 each 36-round magazines. Two of these magazines are Swedish manufacture. The others are Finnish Suomi made magazines (all work great). You also get a 72-round drum magazine. Note that this gun has been configured to accept drum magazines by removing the magazine guide. The 36-round magazines are very easily loaded by hand (no loader required). I have included a Swedish stripper clip loader with six stripper clips. When 36 rounds are loaded into the stripper clips it takes just a couple of seconds to fill the magazine using this tool. A leather magazine pouch is also included. Other accessories included in the package are a set of night sights in their leather carry case and a brass catcher. The night sights have lost their tritium glow. The brass catcher was refinished to match the gun when the gun was rebuilt. I added moleskin to the contact surfaces on the brass catcher parts to help keep them from possibly scratching the gun finish. All you need to do is add ammo. This gun is being sold only because I still have my personal Swedish K. My personal gun was also rebuilt at the same time as this one and I cannot say enough good things about John Andrewski's work - both of the guns that he did look perfect and they run flawlessly. The gun is "on" a Form 3 and I e-file the transfer to your dealer. A suppressor that I recently sold (during this Covid mess) transferred in one (1) day. There is no transfer tax to your in-state dealer. I cannot transfer locally so PA sales also must go through your dealer. PA residents owe 6% tax. Shipping (lower 48) and insurance included with the asking price. No trades at this time. Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards! Asking $18000. More images at my website:
  5. WTS: Beretta model FS w/AAC M9-QD can

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  6. Machine Guns For Sale E Form

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  8. Interested and curious what is the Remington model number on the box?
  9. Tips for upcoming Tulsa Show

    It has been years since I've been to the show. I used to live in Tulsa so it was easy back then. Based on the past experiences it is definitely worth going. You will likely see stuff there (not necessarily NFA) that you likely won't see again for a while (if ever). I once had a table there about 15 years ago when I was getting rid of a bunch of title 1 guns to buy NFA. I actually bought a Swedish K at that show once. I should have bought the M60 the guy also had (set up as door gunner gun) but I just did not have the money. He also had another Swedish K I wish I could have afforded as well. I would go in knowing what I was looking for and covered lots of tables quickly. Odd mags and such usually turn up there. Parts kits used to be in good supply (probably dried up by now). Lots of other non-gun "neat" things too. Plan on covering lots of ground. Good luck!
  10. Tips for upcoming Tulsa Show

    If you are coming in from out of state you cannot legally buy and take possession of a handgun. It will have to ship to your in state FFL. You CAN buy and take possession of a long gun or shotgun as long as it is legal where you live. There usually is some NFA but not supposed to be there. Lots of cool stuff. Used to do the show every year. It is also fun just to see all the different people - could make one of those national geographic type nature shows just featuring the people that are there. I can hear the narrator in his perfect British accent describing Bubba and his entourage (or me in years past LOL)... Look at car tags from all around the country. Definitely a people show along with the gun show.
  11. WTB H&R Handy Gun

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  12. Lewis Gun Problems

    What ammo are you using / have you tried? 174gr Prvi is good. The HXP Greek surplus is also good. Ammo can cause problems like you describe. As suggested above also try different drums. Right now they are cheap so you should get some extra if you don't have them already. With ammo as listed above and several drums to try then play with the clock spring tension (more and less). Forget exact spring settings - you may need to find the one that works for your gun (sounds like you did some of that already). Make sure that it is not unwinding as you re-seat it into the gun (swing it back up). You checked to make sure that there is no crud built up inside the gas block? You have the pin inserted between the receiver and shroud (I ask since I've seen a missing pin cause the receiver to slightly rotate and the gun would not run correctly)? Load the drum full every time or have you tried loading varying numbers of rounds for different tries (bent drum in one area / out of round drum issues)? Drums, ammo and spring adjustments are usually the main culprits when I am getting a Lewis to work. If you load a live round and get the gun to cycle without the drum then you narrowed the drum as the issue. Try working ammo and spring adjustments without the drum (one shot at a time) to get the gun to cycle and then you've eliminated 2 of the 3 possible issues. I love Lewis guns. Once they are properly set up they generally run very well and are quite accurate. If you tire of the one that you have let me know! Good luck and let us know.