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  1. I'm selling a used Irvine, CA MK760 with a package of extras. The gun has its trigger bar repaired by Richard at BWE and it runs great. I have run several hundred rounds since the trigger bar repair with no malfunctions. This MK uses standard Suomi stick mags with no modifications (first one I have had that does so). The package includes a complete spare bolt, two extra extractors with springs and pins, a spare barrel, a spare recoil spring guide, 5 parkerized Suomi mags, a Swedish K mag pouch, and a Swedish K speed loader with total 5 stripper clips. The gun will transfer to your dealer via tax-free E-file Form 3 (takes only a couple of days). Asking $8450 + shipping and insurance for everything. I test fired the extra barrel and it worked fine - it has some grinding marks (?) on the side (see pictures). The parkerized mags were leftovers from a previous SW76 that I sold. The prior owner had the mags parkerized to match his SW76. I thought that they look good with the MK - if you want blued Suomi mags instead then just let me know. The extra bolt fired but it did have stovepipes (ejected rounds hanging up in the ejection port). I believe that this is an extractor issue but never made time to mess with it. The two extra extractors come with a write-up (instructions) for how to tune the extractor to your gun. Other receipts that came with the spares (which were acquired separately from the gun) have a 1994 date and are from "La France Specialties". I cannot confirm that the extractors and tuning instructions came from La France Specialties. Gun condition is used and the receiver shows some discoloration in the parkerized finish (see pictures). The trigger group has some surface blemishes around the takedown pin. The stock has the usual MK760 / SW76 slight wobble. I feel that this could be shimmed to reduce play. The spare bolt is a rare item for these guns (SW76, MK760). The trigger bar has been fixed (common issue) and the gun runs well. Using standard Suomi mags is a nice feature. This complete package will transfer quickly to your dealer and is ready for the range. PA residents will owe an additional 6% tax. Payment is via cashiers check or USPS Money Orders. Full payment starts transfer paperwork. Lots of references. Local sales (PA) must go through your FFL / SOT. I am a licensed FFL / SOT but I do not do transfers of any kind to the public (ATF requirement due to my local zoning). I am not interested in splitting up the package for now but will entertain offers for gun + specified adders. Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards!
  2. All NFA 07/Sot 02 questions

    Why not get an FFL where you are now? Do you have a homeowners association stipulation against home based businesses? If it is zoning you may be able to get a waiver to do a non-impact home based business. Usually that means no signage and limited (if any) foot traffic. Sounds like a lot of work and money the way you are thinking unless you just want to start a business on a specific plot of land. Zone as a business. Premise just needs to have secure storage as far as I know. If you have not done so already just read the ATF regulations. By themselves they provide enough info for you to follow directions and do everything yourself.
  3. The general answer to your question is "yes". The buyer will need to fill out all required forms (in duplicate), get any locally required state paperwork done (don't think it is an issue with Florida - you should know what you went through to get your Form 4), fingerprint cards, etc. You sign off as Seller on the paperwork, the $200 check is included and everything is submitted as directed on the ATF forms. Approved form will come back to you. You then call the Buyer and tell them to come get their NFA item. Keep a copy for your records. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  4. m79 thumper 40mm barrel

    I'll take it if Frank doesn't want it.

    Still waiting for answer asked a couple days ago. See PM. Thx!
  6. Carrier as a MG?

    I wouldn't waste too much thought on this until someone sees said registered carrier. 99.99% chance that whoever ORIGINALLY relayed the info really doesn't know what they're talking about and it is something else. That's usually how these topics play out. I'm thinking lightning link. Will be interesting if it actually IS something else.
  7. Value of m14 transferable?

    I think an unfired M1A bushmaster folder sold in the past 2-3 years about the same time a nice unfired BM59 sold. I remember being happy that they sold so I did not buy them. If I remember they sold between $14k and $16k each. Maybe closer to $14k because I was very tempted (still couldn't "pull the trigger"...). From that time SOME guns have gone up but most others seem to have stagnated or even come down in price. If my memory was correct on pricing for the ones that I'm referencing (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) then the $15k range may be a good guess at selling price. Seeing how they ARE uncommon it could go for quite a bit more? It just takes one interested buyer (two if at auction). Auction houses seem to bring stupid high prices sometimes but it is a crap shoot. The recent Morphy sale had some "good" buyer prices (my opinion) on HK host / sear gun combos under $30k (including buyer premiums). If I was a seller I would be disappointed. If you know what you would take and be happy then list it here. If you don't know then list it with a reserve on Gunchoker. Remember that you'll pay a fee on Gunbroker. In today's market (here I sound like Antiques Roadshow TV program...) I would value it at $17.5k. Use $22k for insurance purposes. Form 3 or 4 would make a difference to an out of state buyer. Good luck! I usually try to sell unfired MGs quickly (I've had 4 that I recall over the years - FNC, Uzi, MK760, AC556 stainless folder). The reason is that they probably would not stay unfired around me for too long.. There are folks that look specifically for unfired guns and WILL pay a premium to get them.
  8. Let me offer a suggestion. I think the correct reply is "parts were sent back today, here's the tracking number, I apologize for the hassle...". End of discussion. The only reasons to not send that reply is that you a) already sold the good stuff and don't have the money, b) you really have no intention of paying or sending back any parts. Everyone makes mistakes. How you decide to move forward is what defines your character. This one is a "no-brainer"...
  9. Best First MG for Under 15k

    $15k? Get a pre-sample Uzi and a Ruger shorty AC556 with the Ciener .22 conversion. There's your $15k. More than 1 gun (because you will want more than one) and you have a rifle caliber, a sub gun, and a .22. Back when I had a AC556 it ALWAYS ran and the .22 kit worked very well. The .22s shoot very fast but still cheap fun. You can dress up the Uzi in various stock configurations, mess with the cyclic rate, add suppressor, etc. You can add a full stock to the AC556. Buy parts kits for each. Buy ammo. Have fun. I'm not a big fan with the 9mm conversion on the M16. M16s are very versatile and some owners really use that to create lots of different platforms. The Shrike beltfed upper is cool and you can spend $ on extra barrels, ammo, optics, ammo... and ammo. Lots of options. Get something and then if your tastes evolve sell it and change up your stable. I've been fortunate to own and try MANY over the years. There were many times that I said "I'm keeping this one" and they are gone when opportunity or tastes changed. My trusty Swedish K has survived with me over many years. Beltfeds, LMG, etc are all fun and they've had their moments, but they are all gone today. Don't think about it as getting your "forever" gun. Test the water with one and change it out later if you get lust for another. Unlike marriage, you won't lose half of everything you own when you swap out later.
  10. Form 3 eForm is great!

    I finally got around to sign up for the eForm system after tending to another business for the last couple of years and boy am I pleased with how it works! For all of the past (and I'm sure current) gripes about how transfers are processed, this system is nothing short of great. Two Form 3 transfers (different times) were submitted in the evening and both were approved the next day. One Form 3 took came back approved in 2 days. Way to go ATF!
  11. WTS - RDIAS (M16) with 2 hosts $36K

    Sold Pending Funds. Thanks!
  12. M-16 RDIAS (Registered Drop-In Autosear) - This is a fully transferable M-16 drop in autosear. This JCB manufactured, all-steel sear can be installed in any compatible M-16 style "host" gun to legally make it a full automatic machinegun. These are very rare and are highly sought after as the most desirable machine gun conversion component in the NFA world. . This sear comes with a "host" Colt AR-15 9 mm Carbine. The Colt 9 mm Carbine is set up to run as a dedicated 9 mm machine gun. The barrel on this carbine has been professionally cut to a 10" length and the end of the barrel is threaded for a screw-on suppressor. The registered autosear is not "married" to this host and it can be legally installed in other AR-15 style "host" guns. To provide the new owner with another "host" platform I am also including a new stripped AR-15 receiver marked "Property of U.S. GOVT. M4A1 CARBINE". This receiver is perfectly legal to own since it is a semi auto receiver as sold by Palmetto State Armory (PSA). This receiver can be built up as a 5.56 (.223 cal) "host" for the drop in autosear. I am also including a Bushmaster 11.5" barrel machinegun parts kit that can be used with the PSA semi auto receiver and the autosear to provide a 5.56mm machinegun platform. The auto sear essentially makes whatever "host" it is installed into a legal machinegun. Once the autosear is moved from the "host" gun you will need to revert the host back into semi auto configuration (no barrel less than 16" long, no full auto selector, full auto hammer or disconnector parts). This package comes with the Colt 9 mm "host", 5 Colt-marked 9 mm magazines, 5 aftermarket 9 mm magazines, the PSA stripped receiver, the Bushmaster 11.5" machinegun parts kit (5.56) and 2 each 30-round 5.56 magazines (your choice of aluminum or P-Mags). I have personally run the sear in three different hosts in two calibers. I used the 9 mm Colt host shown below, the PSA receiver with the 11.5" Bushmaster upper, and another Bushmaster host gun with a 16" HBAR (heavy barrel). All three "hosts" ran perfectly with the sear installed. I had no issues at all. The autosear is registered "on" a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms. There is no transfer tax to your in-state dealer. I cannot transfer locally so PA sales also must go through your dealer. PA residents owe 6% tax. Shipping (lower 48) and insurance included with asking price. Asking $36K. No trades at this time. Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards! More pictures available at my website: .