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  1. Entry level 223 transferables

    Another vote for a subgun versus 5.56. Changing calibers and uppers on M16 is possible (and pretty easy). But...I dislike the 9mm M16. Maybe I'm the odd man out who doesn't like it but I don't. Shooting 5.56 in full auto is fun but - again my opinion here - unless you're shooting bursts with the 20" hbar you're not accurate at distances outside 100 yards. Some are much better shots than I am but I'm about minute of cow in full auto at 200 yards with an M16. It all depends on what you like and what you look forward to doing with it. I like the FNC and prefer how it shoots over either the AC556 or the M16. They are very nice shooting guns in my opinion. Parts are hard to find and $$. It is also "what you see is what you get" for configurations. Sure you can have a folder or a fixed stock but I'm not aware of many other variations. Investment? Pony up and get an M16. Just look at the replies on this thread - lots of folks want one. Versatility? Get a Mac variant and available upper options. Fun? For me it's a subgun that I can easily lug to the range, shoot controllably, and spend less on ammo. I think that it is fun to run suppressed too. Another criteria is historical value? Look at tube or c&r historical guns. Best advice is go shoot a bunch of them. Get what YOU like if it's a shooter or wall hanger. A funny thing that i decided long ago is that i don't like guns that use magloaders. It's a personal quirk. Anything that needs a magloader to fill a mag is sold off in my world. Get an M16 or a Mac if you want it to appreciate in value. Have fun and good luck!
  2. WTB: Trilux SUIT Scope for FAL

    PM sent
  3. Shipping ammo ???

    If you are not aware UPS has a very good flate rate pricing by box size (up to 50# per box) My local distribution center had difficulty getting it correct (wanting to charge the standard way - size and weight = $$ for ammo). Go online and do your own labels / pay online then just drop it off. Substantial savings. As stated above go online and Google / print out / attach the new DOT diamond shaped labels. I hope that this helps.
  4. DLO box pending purchase problems since 6/2021

    Is form 3 done with paper submission or electronically ("e-form 3")? Not much that ANYONE can do if ATF delays forms... Not sure that pressuring dealer will do anything since it sounds like it is at ATF. Your dealer can call ATF to verify that the form is pending. If electronic submittal - usually much faster - your dealer can view status online. It is frustrating when ATF delays transfers. There is no rhyme or reason why some transfers with same address go through and others don't. Only suggestion is to have your dealer verify transfer status. If ATF doesn't have record of resubmitted form then resubmit with e-form. ATF loses forms sometimes. Hang in there. Trust but verify. Getting $$ might feel good but likely will not move anything faster. Good luck!
  5. Lewis MG .303

    I'm not sure why? Lewis kicks empties out the side. Nothing underneath will bite you. I can't tell how that mount works. It looks like there's an extension of the mount that goes towards the rear of the gun? It may just be the angle of the picture. Now a DP / DT will whack you if your support hand is forward. You know that you've been whacked before feeling comes back to the hand in the form of pain...
  6. Janda John scammer?

    The topic in the other forum is about sale of a Swedish K...
  7. Janda John scammer?

    Look at machinegunboards under Class 3 forum. Dude - it is a scam. Can he show you a picture of the item ON TOP OF a piece of paper with YOUR NAME and Today's date? I bet you get a slick runaround but no picture. You already answered the question for yourself if you read your original post to this thread. Does none of that raise a flag for you? He sent me a selfie pic of a guy holding up a drivers license and another pic of the same DL with a concealed carry card and passport card. I contacted the guy in the picture (driver's license, etc) on LinkedIn and he stated that his information has been used before and reported. Good luck!
  8. Janda John scammer?

    It's a SCAM. A guy on another board got scammed sending funds to the Billy character.
  9. Janda John scammer?

    Ask for a pic that has the item you are buying laying on top of a piece of paper with your name and today's date. Tell them you can only send USPS Money Orders to a US address and you need the address.
  10. Fraud Alert!!!!

    SCAM ALERT. Here's scammer info. Backstory: a user on Machinegunboards site posted a contact number for a seller with a Swedish K parts kit. MG Board user supposedly bought a barrel from the scammer. I contact and seller has kit for $1200. He sends pics by text. I pass on kit. He has "another kit" for $800. Hard luck story about kids Christmas presents.. Ok I'm interested. Send pics. I get pics by text. Sure, I will buy. He wants payment via PayPal "friends". Ok. I ask for a pic of the kit ON TOP OF a piece of paper with my name and today's date on it. I get story that I'm at my kid's house but here's pics of me and all my license info. I get pics with a selfie of someone holding up a DL and more with pics of a DL, Mass concealed carry and passport card of same person (all probably lifted off the internet or past scams). Hmmm. I Google pics of Swedish K parts kits and find his pics come from a 2019 post by Gorgon selling a kit on the 1919A4 site. The email he wanted for the PayPal payment is: with name (supposedly wife) of Ruth Barasa. Requesting a picture of the item on top of the paper has never failed me. Be careful out there!
  11. With the end of Knob Creek...

    Wouldn't surprise me to see another Knob Creek shoot. Yes I know the last one was the FINAL one. Crowds like that = $$ and someone will step in to make it happen again. Kind of like the FINAL "farewell" tours by musicians. They've figured out that shtick. Ask KISS or Elton John or... We'll see.
  12. HK MP5K, S&H sear, German manufacture

    Date code is "IH" which would indicate 1987 if I'm not mistaken. I believe that the SP89 was introduced in 1989. That would indicate that the host started as an HK94. Nice gun BTW.
  13. Said good by to Bambi

    Very sorry to hear. I had text exchanges and several good phone conversations with Josh back in September. RIP. Ask questions here if you need any help. This is generally a great community and most will step up to help with any needs.