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  1. Is the subguns boards down

    MGC is ending soon! As you probably know, is going to be the new home for Machine Gun Central. The old Machine Gun Central site is being pulled down THIS SUNDAY, JULY 14TH AT MIDNIGHT, and from there will be the new MGC listing site. GunSpot will be the one spot for internet shoppers to come to view everything the gun world has to offer, and the new Machine Gun Central will be a huge part. This site is better in every way! It has a better design, with more features, higher security, a broader audience, and much, much more. Plus it will only get better as we will be adding new features all the time. _____________________________________________________________ We would advise you to not list anymore items on the old Machine Gun Central site. If you recently created a listing, get registered on and email us at and we will give you a free listing so you can re-create it on the new site. If you need any help learning how to use GunSpot visit our tutorials page, live chat with us or email us at Thank you, The GunSpot Support Team (417)-850-1649 Copyright © 2019 Midwest Tactical, All rights reserved. Hey there! Thank you for being a valued Machine Gun Central user! Our mailing address is: Midwest Tactical PO Box 330 Alba, MO 64830-0330 Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  2. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    E-mail sent
  3. WTB - HK Auto sear

    Frank had one or two for sale a couple days ago. If I remember correctly one was in an SEF pack. The other was not in a pack. At least one was an S&H... I have a couple of them and have never had an issue. After checking David Spiwak has the S&H sear that is not in a pack
  4. SOLD: Fleming Sear in Ambi Pack, $30k

    Click on his user profile, then click the message box.
  5. Next mg

    If there is anyway you can muster up enough for an HK Sear I think that would be the way to go. I think the Mac's are cool(My brother just bought 2). I think if nothing happens they are really below the cost they will be in a couple years. Gook luck and if its a MG you are living in a very small group of people as im sure 95% of the population has no idea you can and how you can own one. I feel really privileged to own the few I have.
  6. Looking for a PTR-100 GI in South Carolina

    You go by Dalegribble2009 on some of the other boards correct?
  7. Looking for a PTR-100 GI in South Carolina

    There was one on Carolinas Firearms forum. Not sure if it sold yet but was like $850.
  8. MG's as an investment

    Could not have said any of it any better!!!!
  9. MG's as an investment

    Everybody has different interest. For me it was a bucket list thing. I have been interested in cars and guns all my life. Had 7 Corvettes and lots of guns and 1 Sendra M16(paid around $3k for the M16 if I remember correctly) before I/we had kids. We had one birth child and adopted 3 other children. After the children started coming along it was by by to the M16, most of the guns and hello mimi van. Right before I turned 60 and the financial burden(not really what I would call a burden because I love all my children) I thought man I would like to check off some bucket list stuff. I looked at a new vette but it was hard getting in and out of that thing as I was not as agile as I was when I was younger , bad knees ect. There was other stuff I thought about but was still very interested in MG's so I went that route and am very pleased. If I had more interest in the Corvettes I would have went that direction knowing full well in 5 years it would be worth about half what I paid for it. The $ gain/loss never played really into the decision. I really enjoy the MG's I have. Just got my first beltfed (HK21) and not sure if I can stop without an M60 though the ATF wait time really puts me on the fence. So in the end Im very happy with the choices I made, my wife is ok with it so I guess it all worked out well. Even though I feel the country is really in a bad place, in the end Im glad I live in a country where I am able to get the things I want. We get to own MG's at least for the time being so how cool it that! I hope my sons will be able own them during their lifetime if they so choose.
  10. MG's as an investment

    WHAT GIVES YOU THE MOST JOY TO LOOK AT? That one is easy(for the moment) Mike-My HK 21, does that count for getting out of my short pants Nice to see you posting lately always enjoy your prospective and knowledge!! Thanks Tommy
  11. MG's as an investment

    Well I have spent more than that but have no objection to them being removed from NFA. I don't think that will happen at least in my lifetime but if it did I would be ok with taking the hit I would and buying some really cool toys that are out of my price range. More $200 sears, Cheap HK receiver guns, HK21's, M60's and SAWS. Where do I sign up :) As you said and im 100% with you "I think we can both agree that regardless of our reasons, machine guns are freakin' cool.!!!!!!
  12. MG's as an investment

    PS worked for my brother too!
  13. MG's as an investment

    I was able to get my wife to go along with that thinking. I was able to get a couple of HK Sears and an M16 out of the deal. I told her I was 60(couple years ago) and I would like to enjoy myself for a bit before the end (raised 4 kids and got them thru school). Was able to put everything in a spread sheet and she can sell the stuff when I pass(She is 11 years younger). Told her I could always buy a Vette or other sports car but good luck getting anything near what I paid for it after I was gone. She was OK with that so Im all good
  14. FS: 7.62x51 on MG34 & M60 links

    Thanks for the reply. You can see that in the picture Not sure why I didn't notice it :(