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  1. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    I ended up with an HK21. That thing is a beast!!! Mike will make you get out of them 'short pants' :)
  2. Where do you all buy your ammo?

    I do better local but buy from here now and then. Free shipping on bulk and used to be a better deal before they started charging tax.
  3. AR-15 Lower not a receiver?

    THUMPER, KNEW IT JUST COULDNT RESIST. these days I just cant wait to see what you dug up to learn. I love it mike Thumpy be careful Mike schooled me and still is. The next thing I know I had a belt feed And I LOVE it!!!!
  4. Wow I got approved fast

    Well don't keep us in suspense.............What are they? :)
  5. WTS: Sendra M16

    My first M16 was a Sendra. Sure brings back memories. Nice price also! That was about 30 years ago. Should have kept it!!GLWS
  6. Already had both my eye's done and it is amazing! R.L. that's sound advice!!!!
  7. Mac11 gunsmith

    Mike off the top of my head I don't remember, My brother works for Duke Energy and they are out on storm repair at the Outer Banks. As soon as I talk to him I will let you know for sure. I was standing right beside him when it broke and fell off.
  8. It was sold even before the post above. Not sure why its not marked sold.
  9. Mac11 gunsmith

    The same thing happened to my brothers M10/9mm. Dang thing was new still in the box and the rear of the receiver broke off in less than 100 rounds. You could tell the welds were crappy. He sent it to Mike Woodward at TSC and he did a great job of fixing it. Beautiful welds, refinish and I don't think it will ever happen again .
  10. Damn RL THAT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Im happy for you and envious at the same time! Congrats and it better have internet Im used to reading your post!!!!!
  11. Approved at Last!

  12. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    For some reason I cant message you. Can you try and send me a message? Maybe I can reply to it. Thanks Tommy
  13. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    Where are you located?