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  1. Looking for a PS90 as a Birthday present for my son. He is not much of a gun person but has said on multiple occasions he would like one of these. Looking for a decent priced one, will pay fair value. Not an SBR to much wait time. If you have one or know the location of one please let me know by PM. Does not have to be new as long as it functions correctly. If we decide to SBR it I will do it on an e-mailed F1. Looking to deal with someone that has a history on here, HKpro, ect. Please PM me with cost, location and pics if possible. Again if you don't have history don't send me a PM as I will not deal with you. I have lost money to a scammer in the past and I don't plan on doing it again. Thanks for your time Tommy
  2. I had this happen to me several years ago. It is sad but now I will only deal with known dealers(even for the extra $'s) and known members on here and HKPro. It is very sad that people have no honor in todays world!! The extra $'s are worth the piece of mind for me. A couple months ago a guy was trying to sell a HKG3K and had nice pictures(They were all my pics :() Sorry this happened to you! Tommy
  3. Maples 50 M2HB 38,500.00

    Thanks for the pics and someday maybe I can afford one of these also. At present Im working on getting an HK21 as my first belt feed thanks much for the pics that is one nice looking gun! I could most likely get the gun but the ammo would break me!!! Thanks again for your time Tom. Tommy
  4. Maples 50 M2HB 38,500.00

    Not being disrespectful but $38,500 and no pics?
  5. WTK EFile 5320 Form

    I just got mine back last week that I mailed the first week of January.
  6. AR-15 A2 Full Auto Price? Colt Conversion

    I paid 18k for mine last year.
  7. AMMO TAX?

    I buy ammo here on a regular basis never had a box with a tax stamp on it I can recall.
  8. Merry Christmas to ya'll

    Merry Christmas to you too Sir. I enjoy your post and hope your here for a long time! I keep you in my thoughts! Tommy
  9. Hassan Whiteside stolen M16

    My M16 is worth more than my car :(
  10. WTS: LE Trade-In Sig 556 and 516 SBR's

    My wife thanks you Sir! Of course if you did happen to get a few more in We don't have to tell her. LOL
  11. Keep them coming!!!! You should do a book of these stories Ill buy a copy!!!! Not sure if you do request but if so how about some of the old M-16 stories? If I ever get a chance to meet you Ill drop a dollar in your beer mug!!!!!!
  12. I meant the old stories not the fact you had to destroy a receiver :(
  13. I love reading these stories! Keep them coming!!!!!
  14. Musings of an old reloader

    Im pretty old but missed the good ole days of MG's. Had kids and family I had to take care of. Have bought a few now to fill the bucket list but R.L. and mike todd I LOVE reading these old stories! Keep them coming!!!!!!