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  1. Mac11 gunsmith

    Mike off the top of my head I don't remember, My brother works for Duke Energy and they are out on storm repair at the Outer Banks. As soon as I talk to him I will let you know for sure. I was standing right beside him when it broke and fell off.
  2. It was sold even before the post above. Not sure why its not marked sold.
  3. Mac11 gunsmith

    The same thing happened to my brothers M10/9mm. Dang thing was new still in the box and the rear of the receiver broke off in less than 100 rounds. You could tell the welds were crappy. He sent it to Mike Woodward at TSC and he did a great job of fixing it. Beautiful welds, refinish and I don't think it will ever happen again .
  4. Damn RL THAT IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Im happy for you and envious at the same time! Congrats and it better have internet Im used to reading your post!!!!!
  5. Approved at Last!

  6. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    For some reason I cant message you. Can you try and send me a message? Maybe I can reply to it. Thanks Tommy
  7. WTS: HK 93, add retracted.

    Where are you located?
  8. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    Dang caf that is scary looking I should have known if there was a report or pic you would know where it was ChristopherAbbott sorry for hijacking your thread. Good luck with the sale!!! Wish I had the scratch!
  9. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    Just curious does anyone know of/heard of an HK sear like say an S&H wearing out or breaking from normal use?
  10. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    You cant beat an M-16.
  11. Is the subguns boards down

    MGC is ending soon! As you probably know, is going to be the new home for Machine Gun Central. The old Machine Gun Central site is being pulled down THIS SUNDAY, JULY 14TH AT MIDNIGHT, and from there will be the new MGC listing site. GunSpot will be the one spot for internet shoppers to come to view everything the gun world has to offer, and the new Machine Gun Central will be a huge part. This site is better in every way! It has a better design, with more features, higher security, a broader audience, and much, much more. Plus it will only get better as we will be adding new features all the time. _____________________________________________________________ We would advise you to not list anymore items on the old Machine Gun Central site. If you recently created a listing, get registered on and email us at and we will give you a free listing so you can re-create it on the new site. If you need any help learning how to use GunSpot visit our tutorials page, live chat with us or email us at Thank you, The GunSpot Support Team (417)-850-1649 Copyright © 2019 Midwest Tactical, All rights reserved. Hey there! Thank you for being a valued Machine Gun Central user! Our mailing address is: Midwest Tactical PO Box 330 Alba, MO 64830-0330 Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  12. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    E-mail sent
  13. WTB - HK Auto sear

    Frank had one or two for sale a couple days ago. If I remember correctly one was in an SEF pack. The other was not in a pack. At least one was an S&H... I have a couple of them and have never had an issue. After checking David Spiwak has the S&H sear that is not in a pack
  14. SOLD: Fleming Sear in Ambi Pack, $30k

    Click on his user profile, then click the message box.