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  1. WTS: Colt M16A1 Lower $25K

    Also located in Michigan. If you dont get a sale - hit me up, maybe we can work something out.
  2. 36k last 3 characters in his post.
  3. WTS: Fleming sear in SEF pack

    PM Incoming
  4. Thats fantastic - I didnt realize they were going that fast.
  5. I apologize - I got lost in the shuffle. A form 4 would be the form it transfers to an individual on. I am asking if its on a Form 4, or a Form 3. An out of state Form 4 is a year for the first stamp, then a year for the second stamp. An out of state Form 3 is a few days/weeks from the dealer to my dealer, then a year for the Form 4. An extra year of wait is relevant to purchasing decisions.
  6. Your friend has had this for sale for a while, is he firm at 15?
  7. HK auto sear by Fleming

    Posted boss!
  8. HK auto sear by Fleming

    Messaged - SAS - I need this for the HK 51 you sold me
  9. Pre-May NESA 1918A2 BAR $11k delivered Form3

    Question on the Pre may - if the business that has the license is a partnership, which part would be eligible to keep the pre samples?
  10. Beautiful weapon - it should be sold by now.
  11. Lol - he said make an offer.
  12. Navy - I weren't actively seeking an HK Sear, Id be all over this. Want to do a payment plan? lol
  13. WTS: Power Springs Mac 10, 45acp, on F3 $7000

    Can we just skip to mid Jan?