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  1. WTT: Saiga SGL31-61

  2. WTT: Saiga SGL31-61

    I have an excellent condition SGL31 that I would like to trade for a Beretta AR70. It comes in the original box with manuals and a 10rd magazine. Box does have some damage because it's so thin. You really can't even call it cardboard. Approximately 100 rds fired through it. I have 2 of these rifles and would much rather have some diversity rather than 2 of the same. I've been on this site for a while but have never posted anything. I have bought a few guns on here but the seller never left me any feedback. I'm on AK files mostly and the FAL files along with GunBroker and several local gun forums in different states that I've lived in. Lots of feedback on the files and GB. I have the same username on every forum. At this time I have no interest in selling. Just trying to get some must have guns. I'm also interested in an FNC and can add to my trade to make it even.