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  1. wts no law letter Mk46 fde 300 blackout

    What price are you at on the MK46?
  2. FN Mag58 (240)-No law letter

    It is sold sir. Thank you.
  3. FN Mag58 (240)-No law letter

    Post sample FN Mag58 (240) on form 3. Comes with three barrels, tripod, M13 and MG link feed trays. Runs great. No law letter required, closing out SOT. Email if you would like pictures. $12,000.
  4. Frigidaire M2 .50 BMG

    I have a Frigidaire M2 .50 BMG that was an aircraft gun converted to a ground gun. Date of manufacture was 1943. It is in great condition and comes with tripod and two barrels. One barrel is brand new. Serious inquiries only. $35,000.00. If interested I can email pictures.