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  1. WTS: NIB Sig 516 SBR $1,475.00

    Have a couple new in box Sig 516G2’s Short Barreled Rifles. These were PD trades that were never used or issued. $1,475.00 shipped to a FFL/SOT.
  2. WTS: H&K UMP45 Parts Kits $1,500.00

    I left you a voicemail, feel free to call back any time between 9pm and 5:30 Monday- friday
  3. WTS Used Benelli M2 SBS $799

    We have several.
  4. FN P90 Parts Kits, Good Condition, 1 Magazine, $1,600 Shipped
  5. UMP45 Parts Kits, Good Condition, 1 Magazine, $1,500.00 Shipped
  6. WTS Used Benelli M2 SBS $799

  7. WTS Used Bennelli M1 Super 90 14" Barrels

  8. More Used Wilson 9mm SBR's

    Have a few more used Wilson Combat AR9G 9mm SBR's arrive. These are in extremely good condition (95% plus). Takes standard Glock magazines (no mag included). A LAW Tactical folding stock adapter is installed. $1,500.00 shipped to your FFL/SOT.
  9. H&K G36 Parts Kit $1,800

    Police trade in cut for parts. Good condition, 1 magazine, Carry handle w/ dual optic. $1,800.00 shipped. - Sold Pending Funds -
  10. Used Wilson 9mm SBR

    Sold pending funds.
  11. Used Wilson 9mm SBR

    Used Wilson Combat AR9G Short Barreled Rifle that accepts Glock Mag's. Very good condition. Includes a Wilson case but NO MAGAZINES. $900.00 shipped.
  12. WTS Used Benelli M2 SBS $799

    Benelli M2 Entry Police Trade.. Ghost ring sights. Good condition. A few rack marks on the receiver. $799.00 shipped to an FFL/SOT.
  13. WTS Used Mossberg M590A1 12GA (Police Trades) 14" Barrel

  14. WTS Used Vang Comp Barrels - 870

    Used Vang Comp 14" 870 Barrels. Good condition. Four available. $100, shipped.
  15. WTS: Used Daniel Defense SBR's 300 Blk Out