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  1. would like a couple. thank you in advance. -Tony
  2. French MAC 1950 pistol

    would like to purchase one. thanks.
  3. WTB WWII STG-44 MP44 mags

    thanks. PM me. appreciate the help. -Tony
  4. WTB MP40 magazines

    thanks in advance. would like 5 or so around 75 or 100 bucks each for nice ones. thanks in advance. direct message please.
  5. French MAC 1950 pistol

    PM sent. no pics received yet. thanks Schnellfurer.
  6. French MAC 1950 pistol

    Rare gun I know. Willing to pay premium for a reasonable quality pistol. Thanks. Please message me.
  7. WTS Russian AK-74 : SGL31 LNIB

    PM sent. thanks.