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  1. WTB Romarm SAR 2 Rifle

    thank you. emailed you just now.
  2. Want a SAR-2 to complete a collection. thank you.
  3. WTB Romarm SAR 2

    looking for an excellent or NIB SAR 2 rifle to complete collection. thanks.
  4. New in box Gemtech Viper 9 suppressor for Mac 10 and Mac 11 subguns. 9mm. lightweight. Thread pattern for the MAC subguns. On form 3 in TX for immediate eform transfer to another dealer or Form 4 in Texas to individual. $600 plus $25 shipping
  5. Walther P4

    Would like excellent condition P4. prefer commercial with box ppwk etc. thank you.
  6. WTB P38k

    Interested in purchasing a P38K. Prefer excellent condition with box and ppwk etc. thank you.
  7. Title says it all. I think it’s called a Rotex II I’m a dealer and would prefer dealer to dealer transaction on eform form 3 if possible. Thanks.
  8. WTS: H&K MP7A1 (Law Letter Required)

    Per my PM I will take it. PM me thanks. I'm local to you.
  9. Looking for a nice matching example. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  10. Looking for a nice matching example. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
  11. Very nice Group Industries/Vector Mini Uzi for sale. Fully transferable. Test fired and it functions flawlessly. I am a dealer so this will transfer to another dealer on eform Form 3 as soon as payment posts or form 4 to individual within Texas. Feel free to email or post reply or direct message with any questions. $18K. Thank you.
  12. Pre-86 Dealer Sample IMI Galil SAR - price drop!

    PM and txt sent
  13. Fully transferable Group Industries Uzi for sale on Form 3 in Texas. Lots of accessories that I can throw in including barrels, bolts, trigger groups, fixed and folding stocks, other parts, mags, 22 conversion kit and even a 45 cal grease gun mag conversion if we come up with the right price for the entire package. I am shooting for 15k due to excellent condition with a good smattering of additional accessories and parts. If you want some of the other items we can discuss package deal. thanks. -Tony
  14. Hey everyone. Considering selling a couple of my early NFA items. They are two consecutive serial number Cobray/SWD Mac 11's i.e. M11's M11/9 in 9mm. I have the unfired original uppers for both of them. They both have Lage uppers for them installed but only test fired a mag or two each. One Lage is the Max 31 long upper that uses SUOMI mags. The other is the Max 11 MK2 upper that is more compact with telescoping stock. See attached pictures. Finish on everything near perfect/excellent. Reflection areas are oil. Both of them have 3 lug adapters installed on the Lage barrels for easy suppression. I got them early on but haven't fired them again since moving on to other things. I have numerous Suomi mags for them both coffin and drum styles. I also have multiple Zytel style mags. I don't have a picture of everything but took a couple quick pics of the lowers with lage uppers installed tonight. I would like to get 10k each for them with choice of Lage upper and appropriate accessories with everything negotiable or 20k total for entire package with tons of extras. I also have the original Cobray/SWD boxes for them. Let me know if interested. This is not a fire sale so no rush. These are on Form 3 in Dallas TX. Also keep in mind that Lage now makes an M16 upper for them. I am actually up for mine on the wait list with Lage so you can have mine if you want to purchase it. I have been notified that I have one available but haven't purchased yet. I will eform once payment clears. I also have a Viper 9 suppressor that we can negotiate if interested. It goes on the native M11/9 uppers. These are probably the most customizable and flexible NFA items for the money. So many options and upgrades. Thanks. -Tony