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  1. I'm a mfg/SOT. please let me know what you have. thanks in advance.
  2. HK MP5SD Pre-86 Dealer Sample, Keeper

    Still have this?
  3. Hi there. Looking to purchase a Beretta PX4 Special Duty pistol. Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  4. Sorry actually just sold
  5. Yes. Shipping and insurance will be extra.
  6. Yes it should eform form 3. It came to me from the estate on form 4 but is in my eform inventory as the FFL/SOT. Thanks.
  7. Excellent M3A1 Pre 86 Dealer Sample Guide Lamp Grease Gun. Just purchased from estate. $12,500 thanks for looking. -Tony
  8. Uzi sold pending funds
  9. The mini uzi is sold pending funds. The unfired full size uzi is still available. Thanks.
  10. I have had a few questions about these. The full size uzi is Group Industries marked only. The mini uzi is group industries and vector arms marked. thanks.
  11. Final price reduction. If these don’t sell at this price I will just keep them a while. $41K plus shipping for both or if split $23K for Mini Uzi and $18K for full size NIB uzi. Here we have a rare find. New never fired in box Group Ind Uzi with 8 sealed mags, vertical grip, manual and warranty card. In addition an excellent Group Vector Mini Uzi in box with mag, manual, warranty card and extra grip/lower. The mini uzi looks to be nearly new. Maybe fired not sure but certainly minimal if any use given condition. Both on Form 3 in Texas ready to eform transfer to another dealer or individual in state.
  12. WTS: COLT model "M4 Commando" 6933 New, SBR, Form 3

    Email sent. Interested.