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  1. Beretta 1938 parts to include stock with steel trap buttplate, trigger guard, magwell metal (incorrect screws.) Includes barrel with great bore, has a 'munch' to the last two threads of muzzle that will require chasing with a die or file. Includes bolt and firing pin. Extractor and spring work. Bolt and firing pin in Very Good condition. Includes short torch cut section of forward receiver and magwell. Stock is serviceable, only serious damage is gouges behind sling bar from sling hooks. No other parts available. Photos available upon request; for some reason I was not able to upload photos. $500 shipped
  2. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    Thank You very much for your time and insight!
  3. Value of Post-Sample MP-5's?

    What can I reasonably expect to sell several Post-Sample MP-5's for? Standard A2's, maybe an A3 in there as well. Good-Very Good condition, light surface scratches from average P.D. use, probably less than 5k rounds. Very little wear to internals, rollers within spec, not breaking roller plates excessively. Thanks for the advice!