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  1. WTS: M2 Parts

    Hi David email sent please contact me I’ll take them
  2. I will take it if still available e mail sent
  3. WTB: M2HB Parts

    I have dealt with H. H. tool many times in the past and I was found their products to be high-quality unfortunately I spoke to Miranda the other day they will not be producing any M2 parts for the next few months as their busy with other contracts. If anyone knows anything different please let me know I am also in need of top plates bottom plates in front trunnions
  4. WTB M2 top and bottom plates

    Looking for M 2 box parts top plates, bottom plates ,and front trunnions H H said 6 months if they startup production again . Also I have several M 2 buffer body’s new in box for sale or trade 175 plus shipping 13.00
  5. WTB: M2HB kit

    I have 2 .one set has a new m 2 trunnion and box parts with satilite barrel and all new in the wrapper parts top cover ,back plate , and all interals looking for 5300 . the second same as the first in all but a used m3 trunnion for 4900 . Plus shipping and Insurance . I have been building m2 for the last 12 years and with out a doubt these are 2 of my best sets ever perfect for a full auto or post sample . i will be listing on GB after holiday send me a # or email for pic
  6. WTB: M2HB kit

    The box is H &H left plate is KMP all other parts are new .I would be happy to send some pic as soon as I can figure it out on this site . A email or number would be easier .
  7. WTB: M2HB kit

    Are you still looking for a m2 kit ? I have a couple of kits both with all new parts . Let me know