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  1. HK91 remarked G3 (host) w/ Heavy Bipod and wood furn - $3750

    Interested do you have more photos
  2. Thanks for the info on the op rod do you have bolts and carrier’s as well
  3. WTS M249 Op-Rod $600

    I want one give me payment information when you’re available thanks
  4. WTS M249 Op-Rod $600

    Still have any available
  5. WTS : M249 stuff

    I’ll want to purchase these parts contact me at so we can set up payment 07 SOT
  6. FN 249S $9100

    I have a customer for the gun let me know how you want to proceed definitely want it give me a contact number and I’ll call you
  7. Looking for 2 lot’s let me know how to order