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  1. M3A1 grease gun oiler

    Sounds good send me contact info
  2. M3A1 grease gun oiler

    WTB looking for complete oiler for m3a1

    Interested do you have more photos
  4. Thanks for the info on the op rod do you have bolts and carrier’s as well
  5. WTS M249 Op-Rod $600

    I want one give me payment information when you’re available thanks
  6. WTS M249 Op-Rod $600

    Still have any available
  7. WTS : M249 stuff

    I’ll want to purchase these parts contact me at so we can set up payment 07 SOT
  8. FN 249S $9100

    I have a customer for the gun let me know how you want to proceed definitely want it give me a contact number and I’ll call you
  9. Looking for 2 lot’s let me know how to order