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  1. Whats it worth.....

    Thank you , never thought of the VFW ! What a great idea! I tried walmart and academy but its is i guess Bulk packed? In cans??
  2. Whats it worth.....

    Ok so I am a new user here and I really need some solid advice. I have a few boxes of ammo, not even sure if it qualifies for your site , as they were my husbands. But he has decided the life of a crack head was more important than his kids, so I am selling them ammo (legally given to me n divorce) and I am LOST as to where or how to sell this stuff! Theres multiple types sizes , big boxes, small boxes....pawn shops around here low ball people and i think tried to take advantage of me. Is there a universal place that I can check how much this stuffs worth?
  3. Now If I can just figure out how to navigate this group!