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  1. WTB: PVS-2 Scope(Non-Functional) & VN Flak Jacket

    Sorry it took so long to find them. Is this what you are looking for? Jacket has crotch protector and extra collar protector. All has a nice bag it fits in. Scope does not work. powers up and shows the rangefinder redical but tube does not work. Has two different mounts for it. Let me know if this is what your wanting. Thanks
  2. Selling my small collection of top break pistols. There are three .32s and two .38s Four of them are originally nickel and one is blue. They all fire. They do not have to have a ffl because of they are antiques and can be shipped direct to you if you are of age. Also comes with a couple of bags of parts and a barrel assembly for parts. The parts bag has a great set of spare grips in it. I have much more than I am asking in them. $450.00 Shipped to you. Most are H&R
  3. This is a new plastic lower for a HK 91 or G3 type rifle that is brand new. Full Auto 40,00 shipped to you.
  4. This is a New Metal lower with grip for a G3 full auto.
  5. I just bought this new handguard for 350.00 and it wont fit my rifle because of the fat target barrel so I am selling it to move it on at a deal. It is new as pictured and is everything it should be. $300.00 Shipped to you.
  6. Ill take it. Send payment info --possibly discrete paypal?
  7. found one

  8. Have a small collection to sell with extra parts. All fire. 3- .32s and 2 .38s everything for 500. shipped. No ffl required as these are antiques. Even has a real mother of pearl grips new that need a little drimmel to fit included.
  9. Do you still have one of these for sale?? Thanks
  10. WTS: HK 91 30 rd steel magazines

    Ill take one. PM me for details.