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  1. Atwess device

    I have many of these devices, be careful because they are shock sensitive and they warn to handle carefully because of this.
  2. how many in the case?
  3. 9mm AR 15 barrel

    I will take the barrel. pm me with pay details.
  4. WTS: RPB Industries MAC 10 Semi Auto Open Bolt - 9mm

    are the mags metal? brand of mags ?
  5. WTS-SB Tactical Brace MP5. $175.00

    Ill take it. PM me for payment details..
  6. 40mm ammo

    PM me for info on 40mm rounds
  7. WTS- AK woden bullet blanks 250 plus 50.00 plus shipping

    OK their yours PM sent
  8. This is 2 mags HK 91 with mag pouches. 25.00 plus shipping