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  1. WTS- 3 LAW Tube Launchers 425.00 Shipped

    Price is for ALL three shipped. I can give you the source where I buy them.
  2. Thats what Clipped means--cut out to fit a semi receiver. No it has not been hogged out. Still stock-new.
  3. Yes factory german. Not clipped and pinned
  4. Personel check- paypal friends--postal MO- Doesn't matter to me your choice.
  5. These are AT4"s for sale. They were used for training so they have seen some use as you can see in pics. They cock and fire. Has been set up to fire 209n shotgun primers for effect. With slings. Price reflects their condition because they sell for MUCH more in pristine condition.
  6. Dug these up - to sell- 3 LAW tubes. 2 of them works, 1 is for parts. (has a slight dent in it so it wont close) One has all the end caps with sling and one has just one end cap with pull pin. They have been set up to fire bird bombs. Fires just like the originals. Very impressive when fired. Lots of noise and back blast and front blast. Selling out all the things I used for training over the years. 425.00 Shipped