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  1. This is a parts lot of AK firing control for full auto, several sets along with lots of rivet sets with center links and long rivets, grips, grip screws and a new SAW grip. Has wood stocks, etc. Look at pictures. $150.00 for all shipped. Also has screw build kits too.
  2. Ill take it then. PM sent.
  3. will you accept discrete paypal ?
  4. WTB unfinished Sten tube is where you can buy them. FYI
  5. RPB Open Bolts m-11 A-1 .380

    Price one .380 with one mag. ?
  6. Yes It will fit most all of the HK91 clones also.
  7. This is a new plastic lower for a HK 91 or G3 type rifle that is brand new. Full Auto 30,00 shipped to you. Re posted because of a buyer that did not follow thru.
  8. This is a batch of uzi parts for building a uzi 9mm. has what you see in pics. All pieces are there for receiver, trunion, ejector and rear piece, ratchet top, rear stock, and two sets of front grips, with stock screws and misc pins. 50.00 shipped to you. Descrete paypal friends or personel check for payment. Thanks for looking.
  9. This is a old new stock BFA for the M14. Never used or put on weapon. 25.00 shipped.
  10. M11 9mm Build

    You can also buy one of the side plates for selector hole placement. To mark the semi receiver. Good luck. You can do It!!