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  1. Thanks for the info. I googled it and found one at 359.00 that looked worse than this one , thats whet I was going by. Now we are in the ballpark. Thanks again
  2. Is that a front folding grip on it?
  3. This is a German MP 38/40 mag loader. Dont know anything about it may be a collector.Mag holder built in. My price may be off also. Please let me know if it is. Thanks for looking Done some checking on this and this is a rare original that is highly collectible.Was issued with the MP38/40 in the mag pouch.
  4. Have a new DSA handguard for a FAL for sale. Cost well over $125.00 but will sale for $75.00 Shipped. DOES NOT FIT Belgium style rifle, thats what I got and it would not fit.
  5. Cleaning out various mags I dont need anymore. See pics and price. >45 mags - 12 of them some marked Colt and others---$100.00 M14 Mag Military issue --$20.00 MP 5 Mag Good cond. 32 rd. I thinl $25.00 Short >45 Mags unknown Pistol ?? $40.00 Unknown mags 3 of them 2 different kinds---$15.00 If I am weigh off on my price then let me know. Thanks for looking.

    Have a bunch of mags
  7. WTB: M72 LAW TUBE

    How many do you want?
  8. Is this sold yet?? If not Ill take it>
  9. CZ 24 the 26 was folding stock. FYI
  10. WT Found one Not needed now..

    Wanting a sten loop stock found one so not needed now..