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  1. PGT, You Win the gun !!! DING DING DING--Please send 625.00 for postage and handling to ....... LOL
  2. You are correct- Thats what it gets you for posting half asleep. !!! Thanks
  3. This is a beautiful Beretta M92A1 9mm with Silenceco threaded barrel with Trigicon suppressor sights that are night sights also. This is the decocker model. Has beautiful rosewood grips, comes with four extra 15 round mags. Like new condition. $625.00 shipped
  4. WTB..M3 M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor...

    I sold Rubin Mendiola one , you might check with him.
  5. WTB-HK MP5 mags

    Do they have to be HK brand or something that just works ??
  6. I can even fix the selector where you dont have to remove the stop to use. JYI
  7. This is all the parts to convert a Sten MK11 into semi auto. All brand new in package also has the semi auto receiver tube. Just add a few sten parts from parts kit and you will have a semi sten. 425.00 worth of parts. $325.00 shipped. will also throw in a pistol grip so you can use a original sten barrel to build as a pistol as I was going to do.
  8. Used M203 handguard for the M16A1 with sight. 40.00 shipped
  9. This is a Sten MK11 parts kit that is complete with everything needed and more. Comes with a loop stock, pistol grip, receiver tube, new barrel nuts,and mags. Much more than your moneys worts for what comes with this kit. Everything has already been cleaned up the right way and is ready to build.This one has the billet sear not the stamped one. good stuff. Will make a very nice sten package. $400.00 shipped.
  10. Here is a complete sten MK11 with a full auto receiver tube. New barrel nuts. Also comes with pistol grip also new. The sten kit has been already prepped for building with everything cleaned out and done right. not just chopped off.This one has the billet sear not the stamped one, good parts. This is a very good deal for someone. 325.00 shipped And it comes with mags too.