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  1. Colt parts kit still available, m14 bolt is someone else. Ok you said you want the parts kit, payment terms same as the other parts kit. To confirm please send me your shipping info.
  2. This is a Yankee Hill buffer for a 9mm AR rifle. Used for a trial for a few rounds. Like new. $25.00 shipped
  3. This is new 4 way fire control parts for AR that is not Colt, New parts not complete kit. Missing the selector and the two disconnectors. Great for replacement parts.
  4. Parts sell out from a class 2 dealer-- Original Colt 4 way fire control parts that is brand new, never installed just as it came from Colt. Has the selector that is rare to find. $400.00 shipped This does not make a rifle full auto unless it already is. SAFE--SINGLE--3 SHOT BURST--FULL AUTO.
  5. This is a .177 cal pellet conversion kit that is like new. Works very good. Made for a 4 inch barrel .38 special or .357 mag revolver. NOT a toy, fires the pellet with a pistol primer, regular or magnum primers. Comes with pellets and extra priming tubes and instructions. Fun to shoot indoors or sitting on the deck. $75.00 shipped to you. Pics are to show barrel installed in a .38 revolver, DOES NOT come with pistol.
  6. Thanks for the info. I googled it and found one at 359.00 that looked worse than this one , thats whet I was going by. Now we are in the ballpark. Thanks again
  7. Is that a front folding grip on it?
  8. This is a German MP 38/40 mag loader. Dont know anything about it may be a collector.Mag holder built in. My price may be off also. Please let me know if it is. Thanks for looking Done some checking on this and this is a rare original that is highly collectible.Was issued with the MP38/40 in the mag pouch.
  9. Have a new DSA handguard for a FAL for sale. Cost well over $125.00 but will sale for $75.00 Shipped. DOES NOT FIT Belgium style rifle, thats what I got and it would not fit.
  10. Cleaning out various mags I dont need anymore. See pics and price. >45 mags - 12 of them some marked Colt and others---$100.00 M14 Mag Military issue --$20.00 MP 5 Mag Good cond. 32 rd. I thinl $25.00 Short >45 Mags unknown Pistol ?? $40.00 Unknown mags 3 of them 2 different kinds---$15.00 If I am weigh off on my price then let me know. Thanks for looking.

    Have a bunch of mags