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  1. Would you include one of the accessory kits with it for this price?? Thanks
  2. I would like to get the bag and I need box of 1000 links, but can’t get your web site to work for a purchase.
  3. Here are two M1 Carbine blank firing adapters for sale that is in excellent condition. They just snap right on and off with the spring loaded latch. $25.00 each shipped. I have saw these threaded for a suppressor before with MAC threads.
  4. WTS--30.06 Black tip AP loaded ammo $175,00 shipped

    most are headstamped FN 69 There are a few that has LC 53 and LC 43 and DEN 44. The largest part are FN69
  5. Can you Idenfy This ammo- subgun ammo???

    I am going to chronograph this round and compare it to regular 115 grain ammo with same gun and see what it has.
  6. Can you Idenfy This ammo- subgun ammo???

    Looks like it is military load-- cant read the language but I think it says 115 gr. is all it says about it. Thanks for the charts.
  7. Can anyone tell me what I have in this 9mm ammo? is this subgun ammo or what? Never saw 9mm with a sharp pointed bullet. Thanks for any help. Maybe Buddy can help. ??
  8. WTS: Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine style stock

    Will give 70.00 with paypal friends and family.
  9. Have 150 rounds of 30.06 AP black tip ammo for sale. 175.00 shipped to you. Can’t figure this out- some pulled bullets, AP- 150 of them sold for 180.00 plus shipping, these are loaded rounds and not sold yet for less money??? I guess I should pull them down!!!!
  10. WTS: 7.62x25 ammo(price lowered) All sold

    How much for the last spam can? Shipping to NC 27203
  11. I have for sale a adapter to replace the front sight/ flash hider on a M14 or a M1A rifle to put on anything that has 5/8x24 threads. I sold rifle so he wanted the original flash hider. Took it off now I don't need it. Comes with the castle nut pliers and a castle nut as pictured. 60.00 shipped to you.
  12. These are 3006 blanks for sale. Have 46 boxes in can. 5.00 each box of 20 with a minimum of 10 boxes or 200.00 for all plus shipping.
  13. This is a nice 1965 model Colt python 4 inch Nickel revolver. Has box and all paperwork, letter and booklets that come with it. Has the dry fire plastic ring with it also. Even has the Colt screwdriver to adjust sights with it. Supposed to have been fired but I cant tell it. Grips are perfect as is the finish. $3000.00 for this great snake. If you want addition pictures just ask. Thanks for looking. Extra treat I will include a Colt medallion set of pearl grips. Pics can be seen on ad. Thanks
  14. WTK Price on 30.06 blanks worth? Large amount

    Well I guess they are only worth what someone will pay. Dang