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  1. This is a VITAL 2 IR Laser aiming device that is in good working condition. It is made by "Night Vision Equipment Co". It has everything that is issued with it. Case, Re molt control button. kit to install on rifle that does not have rails,and Batteries. It uses AA battery. Easy to come by. It works just fine. This is the one that the military uses. Also has original papers and manuals with it which includes target to aim it at close range and letter that proves that it is NOT stolen from Military and is legal to own. It mounts on rail of forearm and is turned on when you lay your thumb on the switch pad or if you want it somewhere else like the grip then you plug in the extra switch and place the switch where you want it. Also has built in IR illumination. $500.00 is price and that includes shipping by USPS Priority mail. I am clearing out all my night vision equipment. Thanks for looking
  2. Was wondering how to get a item I am selling to get it bumped to top? It has been for sale for 3 weeks I think and has moved to 5 th page. Thanks anybody
  3. . This is the Info I have received from "Mike" NOTE------------------------------------------------------- DENNIS, A word of warning. please be advised that the ammo in the plain brown wrapper marked "7.62 LC" is in fact a CLANDESTINE PRODUCUCED VERY CORROSIVE PRIMED lot of ammo that was seized by customs agents off shore of the Philippines years ago. it was part of a large shipment destined for insurgents. an island based company managed to get hold of it and it hit our shores shortly following. there was a shortage of carbine ammo at the time and it was cobbled up quickly. once out of the package it looks exactly like U.S. produced ammo and in desperation , some vendors removed the boxes and sold it in plastic bags to the unwary. I cant tell you how many barrels I removed and thru away but it was a BUNCH. please make an attempt to warn anyone that may have bought already and put a warning in your add. we don't want to loose any more originals than we already have. cheers mike -------------I have been informed that the Lake City Ammo is corrosive so I am pulling the lake city ammo from the ad. If you want the other non corrosive ammo which is 171 rds and the mags I will take 100.00 shipped for the rest thats left. ---------Thanks for the information Mike. If anyone wants the 450 rds of the corrosive ammo then make me a offer.
  4. This is a M3A1 Guide Lamp Grease gun dummy made from a real gun at one time. It has the piece that was cut out that goes with it also. The gun has a steel tube slid inside of it and welded in place to make it a non-gun. The door still opens and stock pulls out as originality did.The barrel has a dummy barrel made from a steel rod that has been drilled for about two inches to make it look real. This is a very nice item for a display or wall hanger for that gun shop, office, or man cave.Of course a SOT holder could make it a firearm again if he wants.Anyway this is a non gun for display or for parts use.Like I said it is a Guide Lamp Made. Price is 1200.00 shipped to you. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking.
  5. This is a nice ATN Brand Aries 7700 Gen 3 night rifle scope for sale. Works perfect as designed. Comes with remolt control hard case and mounts to fit any rail system. Had it on AR to coyote hunt but don't do that anymore so selling it. Rifle is not for sale. It has the range finder red redical,built in IR etc. I am NOT interested in trades If you want a good night scope then here is the Gen 3 you have always wanted. I have killed coyotes at more than 150 yards with this scope. Any questions please ask It will be deleted when sold. Thanks also this scope has a feature that's nice,standby mode that cuts the scope on when you put it to your eye. Has a sensor that detects when you want to use it. That's saves battery power until you need it. Instant on when you want it.This scope has a ATN american made tube in it. Same tube as in PVS 14. $1100.00 is price I am asking. Thanks for looking. I have added some pics of the scope at night with a quarter moon or banana moon. The first pic is with the IR on.-- The second pic is with the IR off.-- The third is with the IR off again.-- The fourth pic is a pic with a smart phone with flash on to show how dark and overcast it was. The trailers in the far background is 140 yards away. Plus the scope was not adjusted for clarity like when you use it with your eye. The image is perfectly clear with no spots or blemishes in it. Great scope. Uses 2 CR123 Batteries.