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  1. I have for sale a adapter to replace the front sight/ flash hider on a M14 or a M1A rifle to put on anything that has 5/8x24 threads. I sold rifle so he wanted the original flash hider. Took it off now I don't need it. Comes with the castle nut pliers and a castle nut as pictured. 60.00 shipped to you.
  2. These are 3006 blanks for sale. Have 46 boxes in can. 5.00 each box of 20 with a minimum of 10 boxes or 200.00 for all plus shipping.
  3. This is a nice 1965 model Colt python 4 inch Nickel revolver. Has box and all paperwork, letter and booklets that come with it. Has the dry fire plastic ring with it also. Even has the Colt screwdriver to adjust sights with it. Supposed to have been fired but I cant tell it. Grips are perfect as is the finish. $3000.00 for this great snake. If you want addition pictures just ask. Thanks for looking. Extra treat I will include a Colt medallion set of pearl grips. Pics can be seen on ad. Thanks
  4. WTK Price on 30.06 blanks worth? Large amount

    Well I guess they are only worth what someone will pay. Dang
  5. Anyone have a idea on what the 30.06 blanks for the Grand style blanks go for? The ones with red paper disc in mouth of case. Unopened boxes of 20 rds from lake city. Any help will be very appreciated Thanks in advance.
  6. This is a unopened box of 3006 Frangible ammo. Should be collectible. 40.00 shipped
  7. This is some .32 acp ammo I think made for the scorpion pistol. There are 186 rds in the little egg crate boxes.Made by FN. $40.00 shipped.
  8. This is the Mack daddy of sniper rifles. This has the 98 Mauser action, Shilen super match barrel -1.0 inch at muzzle. The stock alone sells for over 900.00 . It’s the military McMillan sniper stock. 22 inch barrel, threaded muzzle, bi pod, mono pod,Custom trigger assembly,internal mag, this rifle shoots one ragged hole at 100 and 200 yards. Less than MOA at all ranges. 6x24 side focus scope. Leopold two piece mount with Leopold rings. No trades are wanted. Thanks for looking. The first orange target was 8 shots at 150 yards with two scope adjustments. The second black target was shot at 200 yards with 8 shots and 2 clicks scope adjustment.
  9. This is a M14S Caliber- M21 7.62x51 (.308) rifle that has been highly tuned for accuracy and looks great with the desert style camouflage on the fiberglass stock. Has the flip-up buttplate replaced with the rubber sniper style pad. Has a lace-on cheek pad. 6x18 period correct scope with side focus. Steel scope mount that’s very sturdy. Holds moa very well. This is the forged receiver M14S pre-ban rifle. This thing is dead on accurate. Comes with 3 20 rd mags. Has Fulton Armory M14 fax selector switch kit on it for looks. Semi auto rifle.Has Surefire Flash Hider on it now but you have a choice of factory style flash hider or the surefire on it. Thanks for looking.

    I will take it. Send me payment address. Thanks. E mail sent
  11. This is a VITAL 2 IR Laser aiming device that is in good working condition. It is made by "Night Vision Equipment Co". It has everything that is issued with it. Case, Re molt control button. kit to install on rifle that does not have rails,and Batteries. It uses AA battery. Easy to come by. It works just fine. This is the one that the military uses. Also has original papers and manuals with it which includes target to aim it at close range and letter that proves that it is NOT stolen from Military and is legal to own. It mounts on rail of forearm and is turned on when you lay your thumb on the switch pad or if you want it somewhere else like the grip then you plug in the extra switch and place the switch where you want it. Also has built in IR illumination. $400.00 is price and that includes shipping by USPS Priority mail. I am clearing out all my night vision equipment. Thanks for looking