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  1. WTS: CZ-26 Parts Kit Saw Cut

    CZ 24 the 26 was folding stock. FYI
  2. WT Found one Not needed now..

    Wanting a sten loop stock found one so not needed now..
  3. Sten MKII Parts Set, Includes 2 Magazines $300.00

    PM sent on sten
  4. WTS--30.06 Black tip AP loaded ammo $150,00 shipped

    bump to top
  5. WTB Old style AR15 bolt carrier---- NOT M16

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  6. First one I have ever seen. A UZI subgun blank firing barrel that is a regular barrel when you screw out the Blank firing device from muzzle.This is a original IMI issued barrel for the Israeli military. It looks like its chrome lined and the rifling looks new as does the barrel. Very little use if any. Any questions just ask. I will try to put a link on info for it. SOLD
  7. Looking to buy a AR15 old style bolt carrier made for semi auto only not the M16 style. Would take a couple if available but need one for sure. Price is open. Thanks Would like to have the gas key already on them or it if possible but not necessary. Also don't want the exposed firing pin channel just the shorten tail please.
  8. Would you include one of the accessory kits with it for this price?? Thanks
  9. Freedom Ordnance FM-9- 6" Barrels

    I would like to get the bag and I need box of 1000 links, but can’t get your web site to work for a purchase.
  10. Here are two M1 Carbine blank firing adapters for sale that is in excellent condition. They just snap right on and off with the spring loaded latch. $25.00 each shipped. I have saw these threaded for a suppressor before with MAC threads.
  11. WTS--30.06 Black tip AP loaded ammo $150,00 shipped

    most are headstamped FN 69 There are a few that has LC 53 and LC 43 and DEN 44. The largest part are FN69
  12. Can you Idenfy This ammo- subgun ammo???

    I am going to chronograph this round and compare it to regular 115 grain ammo with same gun and see what it has.