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  1. I made a run of rails for Green Swamp Tactical out of Deland, FL but the owner of that business has refused to pay me for the rails and then decided it would be a good idea to shoot himself twice, get in a standoff with police and essentially become a prohibited person. Because of that and because I don't want to pay the legal costs of doing a small claims case, I am selling off the inventory of perfectly good MLOK and Keymod rails for a discounted price and as "blems" Keymod rails are $97.5 and MLOK rails are $105. Prices include shipping and if you buy 2 or more rails you get an additional 5 bucks off per rail. You get a sweet sticker too with your order! You can see my rails over at my website. You can add one of my adjustable gas blocks to your order if you want as well! Keymod rails: MLOK rails: